Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Latest Happenings

I had a phone call this evening from Marty and Don Harper and we talked quite a while. Among other things Marty said that Little Hall had been remodeled and to quote her "it's beautiful." But the real reason they called was to tell me to put on the blog the fact that they will be moving their unit out (Fred's which they had bought last season when Fred went back by his daughter.) They will be moving over to Trail's End which is located on Texas 88, the main street in downtown Weslaco. Trail's End is almost diagonally across from the Neighborhood Walmart which is located on 18th Street. I believe there is also a Dollar General within walking distance of that park which might prove to be quite handy so all in all it's a very convenient location. Marty also told me that Mike Reddick, Marie Flood and I believe also Natalia Poprawski will be moving over to Trail's End. As I understand it, they were working on getting Marie's mobile ready to move today but it has been pouring rain and it's supposed to rain the rest of the week so I'm not quite sure how that will affect the planned moves. Andy Harper has chosen to stay at Magnolia as he has friends in the park.

They also said there will be lots more mobiles coming in and from what they have heard the plan is to fill up the entire center section with some of these new mobiles. I'm guessing the rest will go back on Cummings as there are still empty spots back there.Also, with these units moving out that will open up some more spots for new mobiles to move in. I do think from the pictures I have posted previously these new units are finished very nicely. I like the white skirting and they all seem to have nice entry steps and landing to get into the homes. The one that Bea is living in is especially nice looking with a porch across the front. That is back on Willow where David Helton's unit was previously.

Lots of changes in the park and I would imagine there will be more to come. As always, if you have something you'd like to share please do let me know.

I meant to mention this before but I asked Connie a few days ago how her knee is doing and she told me she believes the infection is finally gone. That is very good news, for sure!

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