Saturday, September 22, 2007

From Kay V.

We were guests of Mary and Dave for a few days.....We had a great time visiting with them and seeing the historic sights of President Lincoln in the area.

From Kay Voss

HI to all---
We went to see our former neighbors from the Park this week! Eileen and Jerald Lowrance, now at home in Farber, Mo. They are doing well, and send greetings to all old friends! Kay

I must say Kay, they do not look all that happy about leaving Magnolia Park.;-)
Barb B.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Potluck for the new season

We had a great first potluck for the new season with a nice size crowd.. Twenty-nine people were fed a great meal.. Don and Marj Soole and Don Howard provided and cooked the meal for the first one of the season....They said that something special was going to come about and it sure did.. We had lasagna , scalloped potatoes, baked beans with pie, brownies, and ice cream cups for dessert... You can't beat that can you?? Eddie and Doris Culpepper and their girls showed up just in time for potluck supper, can you beat that for timing???? A lot of catching up on stories and plans for the coming year were talked about by all with many ideas for sure.. We are all looking forward to many more of the Magnolia family coming down in the days and weeks to follow..

The providers and cooks for the meal

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A Great crowd for the first Potluck

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See anyone you know??

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Nice size group

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Coffee on Tuesdays

Well folks you are missing it.. I mean that you are missing the coffee on Tuesday mornings and all the news for the week... This morning we had 19 people attend so the count is going up little by little....We still have a few that don't attend every week so we could have more but we all have things to do once in a while that have to be done.. This morning we found out that the pot luck was going to start on the 13th of this month as a few more are expected in by then.. Don Soole said that Don Howard and he were going to plan something special for the first pot luck so that is something to look forward to.. Don't you wish you could be here to attend????? Come to think of it you could if you just will start on down as you have enough time to get here before then.. Will try to fill you in on some of the happening as they happen so bare with me.. More later!!!!!!!!

Tuesday Coffee

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