Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Night Feast

As promised we had a great feast this Thursday evening....The two Don's and their help did a great job providing the food again...I don't know how they can just do it every time...We had baked potatoes, barbecue pork for the potato or on a bun(how ever you wanted it), pea salad, watermelon, and all the trimmings that you could want for your baked potato...After the meal we had pie and ice cream for dessert....Boy o Boy was it all good...DON'T YOU WISH YOU WERE HERE FOR IT??...We did have 33 of the Magnolia Family here though and all had a great time and good food....I managed to take a few pictures of them so will put them on for all to see...I know that I may have not gotten one or two of them , but it is kind of hard in small quarters so I hope they will forgive me......The little hall was sure full and seemed to be happy about it....HA HA...More latter

Look at all the Great Food

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Line up for the Food

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Waiting to get in Line

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Some of the Magnolia Family

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Full Table

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu update

Sharon Hvam sent me this and it is all common sense. No need to panic but we can all take a bit more care.

The Pandemic flu planning group has been meeting frequently since Sunday to evaluate the information known about the cases of Swine flu (H1N1) in the U.S. and throughout the world and is in contact with the Department of Health. There are 50 cases confirmed in the U.S. at this time, with one person hospitalized and most cases very mild. No cases have been identified in SD, Minnesota, Iowa or Nebraska.

On Monday afternoon, April 27, the World Health Organization changed the Pandemic alert level from 3 to 4 (out of a possible 6) indicating that human-to-human spread has resulted in sustained "community level outbreaks. Level 4 indicates that the likelihood of a pandemic has increased but not that it is inevitable. The WHO levels guide the levels of emergency response throughout the U.S. and at Sanford. You may remain up to date with recommendations from CDC and WHO by accessing this web site:

Consider this as the start of another influenza season with newly heightened awareness for cases of influenza.

Travel precautions: At this time CDC recommends that U.S. travelers avoid all nonessential travel to Mexico.

Vaccination: There is no swine flu vaccine available at this time. It is not yet clear that the 2008-2009 seasonal influenza vaccine will protect against this H1N1 strain of influenza. Therefore hand hygiene, cough hygiene and compliance with contact/droplet precautions are essential prevention strategies.

Personal Preparations: Now is the time to begin thinking about how you will meet the needs of family and the needs of work should cases of the H1N1 flu occur nearby which could involve implementing additional measures to prevent spread.

Precautions when caring for patients suspected/known to have influenza A:

* Private room with standard, contact and droplet isolation to enter the room including gown, mask, and gloves.
* Frequent hand hygiene with either soap and water or waterless hand sanitizers – instruct visitors and patients
* Cough etiquette using tissue or sleeves to cough into, discard tissues, follow with hand hygiene – instruct visitors and patients
* Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth - that is how the virus can spread to you

Symptoms: Any of these can occur - Fever of 100ยบ F or more, headache/body aches, fatigue/malaise, cough, stuffy nose, sore throat, GI symptoms of nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, shortness of breath and altered mentation.

Transmission: Transmission is by droplet or contact with a coughing or sneezing person.

Incubation period: 1-4 days from exposure

Infectious period: From one day prior to the onset of symptoms until 7 days following onset.

Treatment: Those who are ill can be treated with anti-viral medications. Treatment guidelines have been distributed to physicians and mid-level practitioners and will be updated as needed.

Preventing Illness: If you get sick stay home from work, school and avoid contact with others.

This is a situation that can change in a moment. You will be updated as the information changes.

Sent on behalf of the Pandemic Planning Team

Sharon Rockman RN BA CIC

Sanford Health Infection Preventionist and Coordinator

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Just thought I would let you know that Tuesday Morning Coffee is going pretty good yet...I got some pictures that I thought you all might like to see also... We had 29 people at coffee , so not too bad for the time of year....We are going to have a dinner Thursday afternoon at 5:00 PM this week also...Don said that we will have a baked potato with Barbecue pork and some kind of desert, so you can't beat that can you....

I took a picture of Pecan Bill and his bride so you can see that he looks great for all his surgery, also took a picture of Don Soole so you could see that he is looking better with each passing day....

Bill and Kay Stilson

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Don Soole Looking Better All the Time

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Pecan Bill is home

Kay sent me a note telling me she brought Bill home this afternoon. They won't be able to head north till after some follow up appointments but all is well.
We just arrived in Anita Iowa this afternoon. It is cold (42) and rainy!!!
Barb & Butch

Update For Pecan Bill

Well you will never guess who I just talked to......Pecan Bill....and he's home from the hospital.....He sure looks good and says he feels good also....He says now he knows how the pecan's feel when he cracks them open as he laughs when he tells you about it...It is sure good to see him in such good spirits...He plans on going to Coffee in the morning(Tuesday) and tell everyone Thanks for all the cards and prayers...I told him I was going home and put it on the Blog and he said thanks so people will know he is doing great....More later..

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pecan Bill update

Hi to all----

Jim and I just returned from visiting "Pecan Bill" in the hospital.
He looks just great, he walks a little and is in good spirits! He is
the same Bill---loves to visit! Kay thinks he can come back to the
park early next week. Jim teased him about going fishing, Bill was
all smiles. We will be heading for home tomorrow---hope it is warm by
now! Goodby to all, hope you each have a good summer. Kay Voss

From Barb B
Well Kay, it is warm (81) but the trees are just
now getting their leaves. We are in Oklahoma where the wind blows swiftly on the plain and it sure is! Tomorrow we are headed further north.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Note from The Hannewald's

Hello to our Magnolia Family....We arrived back on the "Betsie River" in Michigan on Monday, April 20...We only had a little rain and it was a good trip to Ohio to visit our Daughter...The highlight of our trip was attending a Bill Gaither "Homecoming"concert in Cleveland...We hope you all have a wonderful summer..and we'll see you in the fall....Dorothy and Dick

I thought everyone would like to see this as it's always good to hear of any of our Magnolia family getting home up NORTH safely...

"Pecan Bill" Updated again

Hi to all

Good news!!! "Pecan Bill" has finally had his triple bypass and Thurs
will have a pacemaker put in place! After 4 days of delay due to his
blood thinner, they finally operated today. Kay is very relieved and
thankful that the surgery is over. She hopes to be able to go back to
Ohio by June 1st. She can only see him for a few minutes at a time,
so she is home in the park----resting. This has been hard on her, of
course. That is about it as I know it.....Kay Voss

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pecan Bill

Bill was suppose to have surgery today but for some reason something wasn't right so he is to have it first thing tomorrow (Tuesday) and two days later have the pacemaker put in...We just need to keep Bill and Kay in our prayers...More later as it develops...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update's for the Park

I just talked to Kay Stilson and she said that they didn't do any surgery on Bill today as his blood was just too thin...They did some further tests and also found out he had two more blockages...They are going to try to do the surgery tomorrow ( Monday) , they are thinking now that it will be a four way bypass and with also a pacemaker at the same time...We need to keep Bill and Kay in our prayers....Will let you know any more when I find out anything...Also I promised I would get you a picture of Dale and Marie's new Home when it was all set up, so here it is.... I have also gotten a picture of Arleen and Ken's home with the widened driveway and new awning....They both look very nice as I'm sure you will agree..

Dale and Marie Flood's New Home

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Arleen B. and Ken's New Awning

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Pecan Bill"

Another report on Bill....

We just talked to Kay, and Bill is having a 2-bypass surgery tomorrow.
(Sunday) They are treating him to thicken up his blood; after being
on Blood thinner for 12 yrs, they dare not do surgery yet. They have
2 sons that are coming to be with them. This whole thing sounds very
serious---let's all pray for him and the family. Kay Voss

Another Illness....

Good morning to all--

"Pecan Bill" was taken to the hospital during the night with a heart
problem. He needs a pace maker, but will have to be off his blood
thinner for 2 weeks first. Dick Nelson reported the news to us.
Kay Voss

Sure hope this means we can all stay healthy NEXT season.
Barb B

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fishing results

Jim V. and Larry E. went fishing today....2 sharks and 8 Red Snapper! The 2
sharks had 12 babies between them.

Hvam's Granddaughter

Tiffany is pretty in pink. Love those prom pics

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update from Kay V

Hi to all!

Good news--Harold Sheldon is now home and going to rehab! Dorothy
said they got home at noon today. Kay

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Mobile in the Park

We had a little excitement in the park today as Dale and Marie Flood were getting a new mobile home....The men had to take out the old one and set the new one in... They had quite a time as they had to keep taking more awning down as they went...Well I guess nothing is a simple as it should be...They sure did a lot of work in a short time though and got most of the moving done in one day....They still have to put up the awning, redo the screen room and of course the skirting plus lots of small things...It sure looks nice and will be a welcome addition to the park...Will let you know more and take more pictures when they get it all done....

How Are We Going to Do This??

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Lots of Work Trying to get it out

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The New Home is Set In Place

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Lot of Work to be done here

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday at Magnolia Park

Hi Folks ... Guess it's time that I get to work and start putting stuff on the Blog now that Barb and Butch have left the park.....Soooo here goesss....

We had another great meal this Easter Sunday at Magnolia Park prepared with Don Howard in charge....He had some great help that I won't name cause I would not get them all, and don't want to slite anyone...We had 89 people in attendance ( 89 where did they all come from???) to celebrate Easter Dinner.....Pastor Stacey and his family were guest at the meal as they are now part of the Magnolia Family as he is our Pastor on Sunday Mornings....We had another great service this morning with 59 in attendance....Not bad being so many have already gone up NORTH to their SUMMER HOMES...We have several people that are getting ready to leave this week so will have more on the road to pray for.....We all need to keep in touch as much as possible when we are apart so we know how our family is doing, so don't forget it....More later

Chief Cook and Bottle Washers

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Ladies setting up the GOODY table

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Magnolia Family on Easter Sunday

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Good Crowd for Easter Sunday

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Pastor Stacey Proctor and Family

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Bloomin' Magnolia

That Bloomin' Magnolia tree always blooms right after we all leave. It is truly beautiful though. Thanks Kay

Friday, April 10, 2009

On the road again...

Butch and I are in Mississippi so any postings from now till November have been either posted by Don Loring or sent to me and then I post from afar. The three below are from Kay Voss, a frequent and welcome contributor. We do like to keep track of our Magnolia family. Thanks Kay and keep those posts coming

Tree hole

A flicker is constantly pecking at this tree across the street from
us. I finally took a picture of the hole the bird has made. The
tree must be full of bugs! I will try to catch the bird in the
act--sounds like someone hammering! The bird works at it for hours at
a time.

Baby Sharks

Surprise to all!!! Dave's shark had 5 babies, you can see by the
measure they were 11 inches long!! Big babies for a 38 inch shark!!!


Dave caught this shark on one of the men's many fishing trips!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Larry E

From Kay V:
Good news! Larry is coming home from the hospital today. Apparently
he does not have a heart problem. Kay

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

From Kay Voss

Hi to all---

Well, here we go again. Now Larry Ergen is in hospital with chest
pains. Noreen took him in after lunch, no word yet on how he is
doing. Will keep you posted if we hear anything. Kay

From the Wendt's

Hi, Just a quick note to let you know we did NOT get home. Dad fell
on the steps of our motor home and broke his hip. So we are sitting
in Baartlesville, OK. He had surgery yesterday and all went well, but
don't know how long we will be here. They said they could let him go
and he'll do his therapy at home. It is COLD here too. Have a safe
trip home. Dorothy

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