Friday, September 06, 2019


I am the administrator of this blog. I created it and ever since its creation in 2004 I have controlled what was on it. That is still true. The circumstances of the park have drastically changed in the last few years and thus the blog reflects those changes.

We become family after spending in some cases 30 years of winters with people. We're still family. We will always be family. So if you have something you would like Magnolia family members to know you can still contact me or Deon .

We both take care of knowing what we post is true and appropriate and we will continue to do so. I check for accuracy. Keep it simple and to the point, please. As always, a matter of opinion entries will be scrutinized but not necessarily accepted.
I hope you all know I love and appreciate all of you. Each of us brings a special part of ourselves to the Magnolia family and that will never change. Please continue to fill us in if you know a bit of news that we all would appreciate knowing.
Best Wishes Always,
Barb Brooker

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