Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Little Info

Well for the last few days we have had a little rain on and off during the night...It has amounted to little more than an inch so far...Last night we had some hail about the size of a dime to a quarter...Talk about noisy on the metal roof....We sure have needed the rain though as the grass had just about all turned brown, now it will grow like mad...We had about 10 this morning for coffee...It's at least getting to the point that not many more are leaving so that's good....Well just though you might like to know that we are still alive and well in Magnolia Park....The card playing is still going on on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons so there is something to do....Keep well.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Marylu's Service

The Memorial Service tonight for Marylu was a "Celebration of Life" for her....Pastor Stacey Proctor did an awesome service for Marylu....I know that she would have smiled and loved it...Her favorite songs (Amazing Grace and In The Garden) were sung....Pastor also sang some specials that were uplifting for all in attendance...As you may know Marylu was a resident of Magnolia Park for nearly 30 years, so she will be missed by all that knew her...She had many of her family here at the service, seems that they came in from all over to be with Marji and Don at this time....After the service all were invited to come back from the Church to Marji and Don's for a late lunch...The company and the food were great with much reminiscing about Marylu and times with the family....Please continue to pray for the whole family and for each other as we all need it at times like this....

Marylu's Family

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This morning at coffee Don and Marji shared some info on Marylu's passing...Sunday night after a great day at Church and playing cards in the afternoon, Marylu said that she had been eating too much sweet stuff and was not feeling well...Marji and Don told her she should go to the ER at the hospital for a checkup...At the hospital they gave her some tests and they all came back good except that her sugar count was up quite high and that they wanted to keep her for observation overnight...She was in good spirits and settled in a room for the night...A little after 2 PM the hospital called Don and Marji that Marylu had passed away in her sleep....What a shock for everyone...The blessing is she passed very peacefully in her sleep...
Don and Marji told me that Marylu will be cremated on Wednesday and there will be a memorial service for Marylu at the Baptist Church in Donna at 6:00 PM on Thursday of this week....Pastor Stacey Proctor has agreed to do the service, as he is the Pastor for Magnolia Park...All are invited to attend..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sad News

I just found out this morning from Don Howard that Marylu Scholl passed away last night....I don't know all the particulars at this time so won't guess at any....We just saw Marylu yesterday at Church and she looked great with a big smile for everyone....I am in still in shock from being told....She will be greatly missed....Please pray for Don, Marji and the family as I'm sure they need it now....More when I find out something.....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Service

Alas today was the last Sunday Service at Magnolia Park for this season.....We had 22 in attendance for today so that wasn't too bad for this time of year....With a few more leaving shortly and with Allen Hall becoming very warm, services will be discontinued until next fall when all the Magnolia Family comes back from vacation...Today was also Pastor Stacey's birthday so coffee and rolls were served after the service...He did promise to come back this fall and be our Pastor again next season, so that is very good...He and his family are a joy and blessing for sure...Keep healthy , more later....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good News and Bad News

The Good News ....Today Pecan Bill and Don Soole had Dr's appointments and were told that they were doing great and were given the OK to do some traveling if they wanted to...The Bad News....Bill and Kay are planing on going up NORTH to their summer home some time next week....Don and Marji are planning on going on a trip some time in the next month or so.....We are so glad that they are doing well for sure but will hate to see them leave the park for the summer....It almost makes you want to take a vacation or something (that's not a bad idea, may have to think more about that)...Well that's about all the news that I have at this time....We are all doing well, just missing all our Magnolia Family....Every one keep well and healthy...

Friday, May 08, 2009

Cooklins Goose

I think this goose at the Cooklin residence in Spirit Lake IA has issues. Maybe Dale will give him counseling?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Magnolia News

We had 28 in attendance Tuesday Morning for coffee in the little hall, so not too bad still...Of course several said that they were leaving some time this week to go up NORTH for the summer, so next Tuesday it might be less crowded... HA HA....It is almost like we are going to get the EMPTY NEST SYNDROME around here....Well they are still playing cards on Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, and on Sunday afternoon...At least we still have some activities going on(just need some more participants) but that will come again in the fall when all the Family comes back from vacation....Keep in touch and keep healthy......

Empty Nest????

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday at Magnolia Park

Well we had Church this morning at Magnolia Park again ( you thought we were done for the year???)....We had 26 for service this morning...We also had Communion as it was the first Sunday of the month, with breakfast following the service...The two Don's had prepared a great meal as usual, although I think Marji did all the hard work(planning, preparing, cleaning and numerous other jobs I can't even think of)....They did a wonderful job and was appreciated by all....We will have a few more leaving and on the road again this week so don't forget to keep praying for those on the road and for us that are left here... We all miss all of the Magnolia Family that have gone NORTH for the summer...May GOD bless us all...

Enjoying Breadfast

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