Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Info for you

I received this E-mail and will share it with you all...

Hello to all--

I just talked to Bernice Moritz , and she has been in the hospital for 2 weeks!,,, This time it apparently was a bad reaction to her meds,started out with a whole body rash and got worse from there.,,,,She was transfered to McKennen in Sioux Falls on Sunday.,,,,I am sure prayers and cards from her friends would help her a lot.,,

Kay Voss

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

About Shirley Benner

I had an e-mail from Mabel Zoet and she said Shirley and Roy had been to visit them and said Shirley was waiting for breast cancer surgery in the next 2 weeks. I hope everyone remembers her with thoughts and prayers while she has the surgery and probably treatment.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Service

Here it is Sunday again and the start of a new week at Magnolia...We have had a few more members of the Magnolia family come in this week and trying to get settled for the coming season...It takes a little while for every one to get every thing cleaned and working like you want it after the summer...

Of course we had Bible Study this morning with 17 in attendance in the little hall...It won't be too much longer before we will have to have services in Allen Hall...All we need is a few more to fill the little hall and we will have to move...I hope the cool weather shows up as the attendance grows....This morning the Study was from Zechariah again on "Gods Messengers to the Church"...A great study...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coffee Day

Tuesday Morning is always coffee time at Magnolia and we have had good attendance for as few people that there is in the park...We are always wanting to catch up on what's going on in the park or if anyone has heard from up NORTH family....This morning it was brought up that we will have the first garage sale the 3rd of October...Don Howard is going to fix up his famous Bar-b-cue sandwiches to add to the sale...It looks like the new season is beginning to start...We hear of several members of the Magnolia family that are thinking of coming in the next few weeks, so if you have a mind to ----come on down and join in the fun...We are looking for you....

Coffee Time at Magnolia

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Spreading the News

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Jerry & Butch

Butch and I played in a golf tournament in Atlantic IA yesterday. We happened to see Jerry and Edna Walker and enjoyed a nice visit. Here Jerry and Butch are catching up on news. Jerry & Edna have several family events to attend this fall as well. Hang in there, we will all get there ASAP!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday at Magnolia

This morning at Bible Study we had 16 in attendance so we are gaining slowly...The lesson this morning was a continuation of the Book of Zechariah, ( Chapter 4 ) with God's in Control...A most needed lesson to be heard at this time of life...

This afternoon the card players were in the little hall playing their hearts out and having fun...It won't be too much longer before I'm sure that the hall will be more crowded with laughter as more of the family comes in for the winter....We are hearing rumors of a few that are planing on coming earlier than usual...HINT HINT....

Friday, September 18, 2009

People Update

From time to time we of the Magnolia Family get to wondering about some of the people that are or were part of the Family and just how they are or what they are doing...I recieved this E-mail and will share it with you....I know I have wondered several times just how various friends that are no longer coming to the park are doing and it is nice to hear from them...

Don, this is Judith and Don, former work campers....and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate the Magnolia blog....we check in every week or so, and so enjoy hearing how everyone is doing....although we are not RV'ing right now, we still love staying in touch with the folks who were such a big part of our journey's...and Magnolia Park was one of our great hearing about everyone...and wanted to let you know that we are doing very well....Don is still painting away, has work in 2 galleries....and other than some minor health issues (growing old isn't for sissies) I am doing well...we are really happy to be settled down, but still do some traveling to the Midwest, and home state Arkansas when we in Florida, of course we have lots of visitors and that is cool too! All our good wishes to everyone, the Magnolia family is always in our thoughts and prayers...

The Raglin's

Thursday, September 17, 2009

From Butch and Barb

We would usually be at Magnolia around the 1st of November but this year may be different. Our youngest son (46) is getting married for the first time in October. And now I am helping to get my step-father situated in a nursing home. So these two family happenings may delay us a bit.
It has been great to read all the news about our magnolia family. You have done a great job keeping us all informed, Don. Keep on keeping on!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

News from up North

I received this E-mail that I thought I would share with you just as I got it...

Enjoyed your messages all summer Don-----Just to let the "park" know that Elaine did recover from the spider bit but then had problems with rotator cuff which was operated on last Monday the 14th....The doctor thought he only needed to have three entries but ended up with seven.... It will take about 6 to 8 weeks of slings and therapy.... So guess who is going to be the chief cook and bottle washer.... We will be stopping in Branson, Mo but hope to arrive in Donna about the 13th of November...

LeRoy & Elaine Misfeldt

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Morning Coffee

This morning at coffee we had 18 in attendance so the little hall had quite a crowd...Yesterday was Dale Flood's birthday so he supplied the donuts for the bunch....Thanks Dale and Happy Birthday!!!..He said that he was 85 years young...Sandra Williams and her family attended for the first time at coffee as a new resident...Welcome to the park Sandra....Things are looking up it seems....

For all us seniors citizens

Link of the Day:

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Monday, September 14, 2009


I forgot to tell you that Ken Defries (228 Cummings) managed to sneak in the park a day or so ago while with out any one noticing, but I caught him and managed to get a report on his summer...He is doing well and was glad to get back to the Valley....He did say that Marjorie Scott had her hip replaced and is doing very well...She should be down later on in the fall...It's good to see that the Magnolia Family is slowly coming back....

I also received this E-mail and will share it with you...

Hi Magnolia Family,

We have had another get together here in Iowa...This time it was at Mary and Larry Lamb's home....We were celebrating Larry's 70th birthday....We all had a great time....Of course we also had our annual IOWA/IOWA STATE football party at our home in Prairie City, Ia. in which the Magnolia family was there too....GO IOWA!!!!



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday at Magnolia

Here it is Sunday again at Magnolia....I just don't know where the time goes and it 's not that we are so busy, but it just flies bye....OH well...This morning we had Bible Study again in the little hall with 13 in attendance...Pastor Stacey taught on Zechariah again with the theme of "Vines and Branches and God's Protection"....A very good lesson indeed...I know that soon we will have more in the park and more happenings so bare with us....Keep well...

Friday, September 11, 2009

More News

Yesterday Sandra Williams and her family came in to move in to her new home that she bought from Milo and Mable Swanger (203 Pecos)...You remember that I put the pictures of their new home that they put next to John and Joan Kent...Sandra said that some more of her family will be here in a day or so to help her get settled in...Some of her furniture will be coming in next week....Welcome to the Park Sandra....

I did get this E-mail that I will share with you also...

Hello to Magnolia Park;
We are just now getting summer weather, nice and warm and sunny....Had so much rain this past summer that my tomatoes are just starting to ripen....Swimming is a little cool in Georgian Bay, can't wait to get in the pool at Magnolia....Tom and I have kept up on the Magnolia news and look up people in the Park Book when we can't quite put a face to the names.....Tom and our son-in-laws put a new shower in the cottage, took out the tub which I could not get into with my arthritic knees and put in a glorious shower stall with tempered glass walls and doors.....Oh my it is really nice and no pain when I get into it....Such a treat...We have finished the kitchen at the cottage so we are kicking back now for the rest of the fall....There are a lot of cottages that have been boarded up for the winter but we will stay here until after our Thanksgiving which is October 11th week-end....All the family will be here for Thanksgiving and we will have Christmas complete with tree, turkey and stuffing and gifts with Christmas Carols and Christmas Crackers....Everyone looks forward to it and Tom and I close the cottage and go back to our condo in Brampton....We will leave for Texas on November 27th and head down to "our" park....Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones....Can't wait to start practising pool and start swimming laps in the pool in the morning....Until then stay well everyone, we'll see you in a little while.

Judy & Tom Hunt

At the Fair

We arrived yesterday, early afternoon. The fair does not start till Saturday but we come early to get a good campsite and party with friends. Dale and Norma Cooklin and Dick and Leslie Cleaveland are here too. Last night we went for a walk,picked up our fair tickets and then went out to eat. Excellent Chinese restaurant.
We were pleased to learn that the fair has free wifi. So we should be able to post freely as well...with pictures asap!
We had hoped to bring the car this year but we are not geared up yet to tow so left it in Jefferson. That is for all you folks in the area of Spencer that were expecting a visit from us.
Oh yes, we had two new tires put on the MoHo yesterday and after getting a closer look at the remaining ones we ordered four more. They looked much worse than we could see at first. We are warned repeatedly with RV's that the miles are not the important part with tires. It is the age. And five years is old. A blowout on an RV usually includes serious damage to the RV so we want to be as safe from that occurring as possible.
More later...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday Morning Coffee

We had coffee time at Magnolia Park this morning in the little hall again....We won't use the big hall (Allen Hall) until more of the Magnolia Family comes back from their summer vacation up in cool country..(NORTH)...This morning we celebrated Elmer Anderson's birthday and was treated by him with fresh donuts...Thanks Elmer and Happy Birthday...We had a nice group , but I forgot to count just how many did attend so forgive me...

Don Soole said that he had gotten a message that Bill Stilson was still in the hospital with pain in his back caused by staff infection again...He is on antibiotics and will be at least until the last of the month or longer depending on just how well the antibiotics work...I am sure he might like some phone calls from any of the Magnolia Family that might like to call him...Don said that Bill's room phone number was 419-381-3912 and the best time to call would be around 10 AM central time...Just remember to keep Bill and any other of the Magnolia Family that you think of in prayer....Heaven knows we all need it at some time...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Delbert and Shirley Wiese

I got this E-mail and thought I would share it with you all..

Hi Don

Thanks for the email and the picture of our bougainvillea....With all the hot weather I'm surprised to see how pretty it is....Glad to hear that you have gotten some rain....We could use a nice shower but nothing is really suffering (maybe the hills on the golf course!!!) The crops are lush and beautiful but could use some more heat units to complete the bean crop.

We are both fine and have had a very busy summer....The fishing here this spring was just"fair" but hopefully this fall will be better.....We have done a lot of golfing, enjoyed lots of anniversaries and special birthday parties, and sad to say we have lost several close friends.

Last Friday we traveled to Sioux Falls for our monthly brunch meeting at the "Frying Pan" with our Magnolia friends....I didn't count but around 30 people gathered.....We talked fast and furious and of course the questions,..."Where did the summer go??" and "When are you planning to head south?"

Hope this finds you both well....Again thanks for the nice picture and also for the news.

Delbert and Shirley

Sunday, September 06, 2009

About Ed and Eleanor

This message is from Ed and Eleanor's daughter

Ed and Eleanor Piche have just left Northern Ontario to go further north. They are treating themselves to an Alaskan cruise in celebration of their 50th Anniversary and are planning to head back to beautiful Magnolia Park in mid November. Hopefully they will have a lot of pictures of their latest adventure to share with you when they get back to Texas. We have had a rainy, cool summer here and I know they are looking forward to returning to the sunny, drier south.

Regards, keep movin on!

Donna-Rae Stevens

Friday, September 04, 2009

Magnolia Update

I know I know I haven't written any thing for a few days, but you have to know that not too much happens when 98 % of the Magnolia Family is still up NORTH...So I will just let you know when something goes on...

Yesterday morning Herb Jones went to the hospital and had cataract surgery on his eyes as an out patient....He is doing OK today but his eyes are sore and red Pat says...So keep him in your prayers....I can't seem to find any one who knows any thing about Francisco Covarrubias or what hospital they took him to...I don't know how to get a hold of his family so will just keep listening for some word....

Saturday morning Marie Flood is going to have a small garage sale in the little hall..I guess that will start the garage sales for the coming year...Don't know how good it will go over without Don Howard's Barbecue sandwiches though...HA HA...Well at least something is starting to happen in the park anyway...Till next time...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Coffee and rolls were had by the 14 residents that were at the little hall this morning...As usual there was much talk about any thing new in the park and catch up on what any one had heard from up NORTH family members...Also we celebrated two birthdays at coffee, Don Howard and JoAnne Keyser...Happy birthday was sang and well wishes were given...

On another note the ambulance came in this afternoon and picked up Francisco Covarrubias...I don't know just where they took him at this time but will post it when I do...I know that he sure needs our prayers as he has cancer problems and that isn't good at all...

We did get some rain finally over the last few days, I have taken out of my rain gage at total of 3 inches and 2 tenths so far...It sure is nice to take the dust out of the air...You can almost hear the grass thanking MOTHER NATURE for the moisture...Let's hope that the dry season is over for a while and the rain continues....

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