Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday at Magnolia

Well today is the last Sunday I will be able to write on the blog about Church for a while so don't get disturbed...If you didn't know I am going into surgery for the left knee tomorrow and will be in rehab for a while...Even after I get home I won't be able to get out and travel around in the car for a while so bare with me...

Today's lesson again came from the Book of Isaiah, chapter 30 with the theme of "Put your trust in the Lord, not in man".....I know that each of us has at some time put our trust in some other person and they have failed us for some reason or other.....The Lord is the only one we should put our trust in and to be our guide in life....The lesson sure hit home with us today as most of have had experience with some part of the lesson in our lives....Our little group is slowly growing as a few more people come in for the coming season so by the time I can come back we will have to have services in the big hall and not the little hall, and that will be nice.....

On another note I got in touch with Eva's daughter to find out how she and Floyd were doing....She said that Eva was doing much better but was still not fully recovered....They don't know when or if they will be able to come South....If they do the daughter will come and stay the winter with them....Till next time say a prayer for me if it comes to mind....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lena Illinois summer gathering

Don Brandt and Chet Johnson

Don Harper and Ron Pearce

Donna Brandt and Irma Johnson

Neil Houzenga and Les Alt

Harpers new motorhome

Mary caught cleaning

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Magnolia Sunday

Well today was the first Sunday for Church in Magnolia for the new season.....It surely seems like a long time since we had Church in the park....The attendance was small to start out as most of the Magnolia Family is still up NORTH and not cold enough to start south yet it seems....That's all right as it won't be too long till they start coming in.....

Pastor Stacy gave a great sermon today to start the season....The lesson today came from the Book of Isaiah ,  chapter 30, starting with verse 15....The theme was "Don't be Tempted to Return to the Old Ways"....This is talking about how the people were wanting to return to Egypt and the troubles that the Lord had just brought them out of....Pastor was telling us that as the Lord brings his people from troubles in their life, we shouldn't  be so ready to return to the past life....A great lesson to study and think on for sure....

As a foot note we were talking today about Eva and Floyd Foote and was wondering just how they were doing.... So if anyone knows please contact Barbara or me so we can let people know...I will be able to write about one more Sunday service before I go to sergery for my second knee....It will be on Monday the 26th...I would aprecciate a little prayer as I under take this....I had prayer for the first one and am doing very well....It has been 6 weeks so time to start again....

Monday, September 12, 2011

About Eva Foote-by Jackie Dobson

Just wanted to let you know that Eva Foote had a stroke 1 wk ago. Floyd and Eva are in the cresco care center so Eva can do rehab. She can now sip liq and get it down. She can walk, but has some problems with eating and her arm. Will let you know any further information when I visit with their children at a later date. I do not have everyone's address at my fingertips. No other news

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Drought Picture

I thought you might like to see a map of the drought situation. Interesting and horrifying. Click on Picture to enlarge.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Wildeman's 60th Anniversary is today!!

Art & Mary Ann Wildeman are having a 60th wedding Anniversary party this weekend. Even though it is short notice I am sure they would not mind if you dropped in  and if you would like to send a card their address is
Art & Mary Ann Wildeman,
 27808 300th Street 
Bigelow, MN,56117

Happy Anniversary Art and Mary!!!!

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