Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday at Magnolia

This mornings service at Magnolia just happened to be the last day of October and I'm sure the attendance will be picking up quite a bit in the next couple of weeks...We had a nice crowd this morning with a few new ones coming in for the season...

The lesson this morning was from the book of Second Samuel chapter 23 , starting with verse 8...The theme was " God's superpower people"...Pastor Stacey has a great way to bring the word of God to the people in a way we can understand....He makes the word understandable and interesting to say the least...It's quite nice to bring things in a different light or presentation to get the meaning across to the people...We are so blessed to have him bring us the word each week...Thank God for sending him to Magnolia for the people...Remember to continue to pray for all those that are sick and on the road traveling to be with us in the Valley...It might be good to remember those that can no longer come south for the winter for what ever reason...God Bless All....

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Larson update

I just talked to Edy and she is making progress! She has 3 hours of therapy every day, which she reports is lots of work. She is in an assisted living home, she said she has a walking path with a pond just outside her window. Jon is still in the hospital. He is getting his therapy there, and when he gets better, he will join her at the assisted living home. They still plan on coming to the Valley when they are better, perhaps in 3 months or so. They thank everyone for all the cards and prayers! Kay

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Service at Magnolia

Several more people have come in during this week so the attendance is going up at service on Sunday...It was nice to talk to several folks that just came in and to kind of catch up on some of the news of the summer...I still didn't take a count so please forgive me...I was too busy talking to the folks that just came in for the new season....I promise I will do a better job next week....

The lesson today was a continuation of Ephesians Chapter 6 with the theme of "We have the Power through Christ Jesus"...With the power of Christ in Christians they will be able to face any and all forms of evil with the armour of God....Continue to study this chapter as it has much to teach us all....Remember to continue to pray for those that are ill and those that are on the road...It seems to be very dangerous on the roads this year for some reason as any thing can happen if we aren't careful....God Bless All....

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Service

This morning we were blessed to have several more people to attend services at Magnolia...We also had to move the service over to Allen Hall as the little hall just wasn't going to be able to contain the number of people that we had...I was sure glad that Don and Marge Soole had the fore sight to have the big hall ready for service...I forgot to count just how many there were until after we had left, but I would say that some where around 30 wouldn't be too far off...I will try to remember next week and be accurate...

The lesson this morning was a continuation of the study of the Book of Ephesians, chapter 6 with the theme of "Putting on the Whole Armour of God"....We take up the defense weapons that are available from the Lord so we will be able to withstand the evils and temptations that confront us every day...A great study that will prepare us for a great life and for those around us...Remember to pray for all that are sick and for those that are on the road....If you think of some one they may need prayer to help them though something in their walk in life....God Bless All....

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Larson's

I just talked to the Larson's daughter, Debbie. Jon will have surgery tomorrow, and Edy is doing better. They will be in back braces for about 3 months. Debbie said they went off the road 4 miles from home and dropped down a "gully" so that is why they have broken backs. Edy was pinned in the car, but Jon and the dog got out ok. His new hip is ok, just 2 broken bones in his back.


St Joseph Hospital
611 St. Joseph Ave.
Marshfield, WI. 54449

Edy is in room # 512, Jon is across the hall #523

phone number of the hospital is 1-715-3871713

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jon and Edy Larson...

The latest I have heard is that Edy may be able to get by with a back brace. Jon will have surgery tomorrow--he needs to get rid of some of his blood thinners first. He has 2 broken bones in his back, I don't know how the new hip replacement fared in the accident. Their children have all made it to the hospital to be with their parents.

Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. If you are so inclined, add them to your local church prayer line. Kay

Sad news

Edy and Jon Larson were in a car accident yesterday. They both have broken backs.....Jon was airlifted to a hospital; he just had hip replacement surgery last Friday. Pray for their healing! I will post more as we get info.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Service

This morning was beautiful weather for a Sunday in deep south Texas as the new season begins...We were bless to have Mabel and Milo Swanger to attend service with us this morning...It is nice to have people coming in for the new season...I'm sure soon the rush will begin and then we won't be able to keep up with just who is here each week....But that will be nice change for we will have to move to the Allen Hall for service...

The lesson this morning was from the Book of Ephesians chapter 6, with the theme of "Under the Power of God"...We need to remember that all our strength comes from God and through his power that the battle can and will be won...A great lesson and learning for preparation for the battles of every day living are there for the seeker of knowledge....

After the service a light breakfast was served for all that wished to partake with much fellowship sharing...Life is so good when we can depend on each other and with God leading the way....Continue to pray for all that are sick and those that are on the road...God Bless All..

Banana Split in a Jar

This is so good! I used bananas, pineapple,
cherries, and fresh raspberries. I also put some
rum in there.....I just had to try it out, the
topping was hot from the pan, so the chocolate
and whipped topping melted for the picture. I
ate all the evidence!!!
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Friday, October 08, 2010

Visit with Naoma & Eugene

We stopped for a visit with Naoma & Eugene in their little piece of heaven and after spending the summer in Northern Michigan I can say it and really mean it. Upper Michigan in the summer and fall truly is a piece of heaven.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Magnolia Service

Well the weather is beautiful this Sunday and is a perfect day for Church Service and start the week out...We had a good group this morning again in the little hall....Until more of the Magnolia family comes in and we have to move to Allen Hall we will continue right where we are...It's really nice to be able to set around the tables and share the teaching of the word...We also had Don and Barbara Howard with us again today...They were going to start home to Indiana after the service...We will miss them in the coming services...

Today the theme on the lesson was "Building a good foundation" from the Book of Isaiah chapter 33...We need to build a good foundation of faith for us to be able to serve the Lord well...There is much to consider in this chapter and study...At the end of the service Communion was served and it was welcomed to be refreshed in the Lord's supper...Remember to continue to pray for all those on the road and those that are ill...We have also lost some of the Magnolia family that have passed away...They will be missed and their family's need prayer at this time....May God Bless All....

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