Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Managers Letter: June 23, 2006
Summer is here! We have received our 90 day forecast. It will be in the 90's for 90 days!! Thank God for the shade trees, breeze, pool and AC. There are not many of us left here during the summer, but we do try to keep things going.
We have not had much rain, a quick shower yesterday that lasted about 10 minutes. I heard on May 15th we had a good rain and quite a blow. Raul (#31) lost his carport and didn't even hear it. We have lost a few of our good friends and residents these past few months. The ones I know about are: George Salmon (Apr.), Lester Risch (Apr. 6), Jack Williams (May 6), and Shirley Stinchfield (May 26). Our hearts & prayers go out to all the families.
On a good note, Mary Ann Raleigh sent me a note & said she is doing very well & they plan to be back home ( Evansville, IN) in July. Wonderful news! I also hear that about 40 of our park residents are getting together July 17. Hope you all have a great time. We want to say bye to Maggie Gibbons #223 who has moved her unit out. She says she will still be around. We also want to welcome two new residents, Dale Holo #226 and Becky Chatham #223.
Dennis & I had the pleasure of leaving in late April for a months break with family and friends in Kansas. Our daughter, Denise, gave birth to her first child & our first granddaughter on April 27th. Her name is Rachel Shay Sullivan. A bit Irish don't you think?! Had a great time with them and our daughter Dawns family. Our grandsons Tommy & Timmy sure had grown & changed since we last saw them in September. Dennis was unable to find any mushrooms (too dry), but he did get some fishing in. We want to thank Rusty & Susan, Alfredo & Simon for holding down the fort for us here. They did a fabulous job. Simons wife had some surgery & Simon spent some time himself in the hospital while we were gone. Alfredo was in the hospital just last weekend with a mild stroke. He is home this week recovering & hoping to be able to return to work Monday. Our prayers for all of them.
Weslaco is really growing. The road construction is still a pain but I am hoping it will be much better by Fall. A Walgreens will be open on Westgate in Spring 2007 & a Target & Starbucks is in the plans too.
We have the bathhouses stripped down, inside & out, ready for new paint & tile floors. Work should be completed next month. There will be a new back gate code that will be changed August 1, 2006. I am sure you also noticed the new rate sheets. I held them off for 7 months!! Those of you that have left checks with me, they will be treated as monthly payments & the new rate will take effect on August 1, 2006. I encourage those that can to send the annual amount. New rates for the RVers will apply August 1. Your deposit will be subtracted from total months rate & that amount will be due upon arrival. I will be glad to answer any questions, but please don't shoot the messenger.

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