Wednesday, July 25, 2007

News from our own

First of all, let me say that I have been sooo busy that getting any kind of blogging done is a challenge so this entry from Kay V. is a bit late but better late than not at all!
Barb B
And now from Kay...and thanks Kay!
Hi to all---
Well, we have had a fun and busy week so far....Mary and Dave came to visit us on Friday. Sat the men went to an auction--Mary and I went to garage sales. We did pretty good, then "hit the jackpot". Just like "ropa"---a FREE box. Heads down---____ in the air. The lady quickly brought us some bags. We did good, 2 coats (with zippers and liners) with mittens and jewelry in the pockets.....a nice big backpack, Tupperware, and some baby clothes. We got a knit blouse for Mary---25 cents.....I got another dehydrator. (I have a total of 5 now)
We have been to Walnut Grove for an outdoor play. That was very interesting! lived in the area all our lives and never had been there. It was a play about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Sunday we went to see Bernice at Spirit Lake, she wined and dined us (2 meals) and gave us a tour of the Lakes and all the pretty homes. Jim and I have been down there many times, but Bernice showed us many places new to us...we popped in to surprise Shirley and Delbert. All in all, a great Sunday!
Today we rested (HOT) We did the laundry, hung it on the line to "sizzle" while the men visited Jim's coffee fellas.....we picked raspberries also. Tonite we went to the HiLo restaurant to meet up with the "East Side Texans" for a fish buffet. We had a group of 29 people. (couldn't hear yourself think)
Tomorrow we plan on heading up to Brookings to see Dorothy and Vern Wendt. We will see if we can find others in the area also. We will go to Pipestone on the way---there is a Buffalo Ridge area that is real pretty, also the area is covered with those big wind generators....Mary can count them for Jim!
Wed. is unplanned as yet. Thurs. Mary and Dave are heading down to see Dorothy Brandes and the people in her area. So it has been a fun time for all. Love to all, Kay

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