Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter at Magnolia Park 2016

Bunny cookies by Kay Stilson

Clarence Cooke

Peggy Gordon, Dorral Guzman and Butch Brooker

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Latest Pics in the Park

Gene Rollins has a skunk coat for his little black dog. 
It gathers second looks from nearly everyone.

 Peggy was gifted a very large cabbage and I can attest to the fact that not only is it big, it is also dense. I am guessing it was in excess of 15 pounds. Those are two very large apples beside the big ol' head.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Recognition for Janet Rader

If you are a reader of this blog then you know that Janet Rader does rock pictures (see Show and Tell blogpost). We have recently learned that one of her works will be on permanent display.
From Janet,"I'm so proud to say that the Alamo Texas museum wanted one of my rock pictures for permanent display. It is of an angel watching over a little boy sitting on a rock."
Now we have a good reason to visit the museum.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Skin shedding season

Dick Nelson spotted this snakeskin beside his patio that had been recently discarded by a pet he didn't know he had. The skin measures  4 1/2 feet long.
Butch is holding the tail end.

Seasons End

The park is emptying quickly as many like to be back home by Easter. When we have the AC running and all the trees and flowers are in full bloom it can be hard to remember that the trees are still bare of leaves in the upper midwest the last snowstorm of the year could still be around the corner.
We who have mostly summer days in our lives have difficulty using words like summer and winter. We resort to seasons. "See you next season!" is more descriptive of reality for us.
Here are some blooming pictures taken around the park.
Peggy's Yellow Rose

Kay Stilson's Poinsettia bush

 Prairie rose behind the office

Carmen's bird of paradise.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Steakfry- March 2016

Mike Jordan and Leroy Misfeldt are the warmers. They keep them hot till time to serve.

Max and Bob are on standby ready to assist where needed.

Butch is the runner, while Dave Greening and Dave Bruun are the prep guys as well as the flippers when the time comes.

Chet is the Overseer. Don Ferrell is the firefighter

Myron is a flipper on the ready.

Nancy is refilling the ice bowl

Bill is getting ready for his steak

Here comes the runner Butch with the first batch of steaks

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Alfredo Gonzales Texas Veterans Home Visit

A group from Magnolia Park made another visit to the Veterans home.
 A reminder- any of the photos can be viewed closer by clicking on them.

 Lee and Margee Schwenio sharing their puppy, Bubber with a resident

George Meirhofer and his puppy, Teddie, sharing with one of the residents

 Marty Harper visiting with residents

Ron Herberholz giving one of the residents a stuffed "Bee"

Linda and Deral Rogers sharing with the residents

 Nancy Herberholz hugging one of the residents (and she is smiling!)

Homer, the birthday boy, that we sang Happy Birthday to.  He got a new patriot quilt from us.

Sue Greening holding the puppy, Bubber, in one of the outside gardens

Marlene showing our group one of the outside gardens

 Ron Herberholz giving one of the residents a quilt

 Marlene telling us about the dining hall and meals

Shirley Meirhofer having fun with Barbara (one of the residents that adopted our group)

Carlos and his new blanket that Marty Harper donated

Lee, Sue, Linda and Dave.  Dave Greening made sure each veteran got a handshake

Marty Harper talking with one of the residents

Barbara petting the puppy, Teddie

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Could you use a hug?

Magnolia Park Vipers Outing

Joe LaPoint with his Vipers Standing Sheet

  RGV Vipers playing the Oklahoma Blue
 Ron Herberholz being funny and sticking out his tongue

Pat Hahn and her friend enjoying the Vipers game

Honoring the veterans at the Vipers game

Kim Hodge getting ready for the game

 Vipers Cheerleaders leading us in a cheer

Nancy Herberholz having fun at the game ( Nancy's label for this picture is different from mine. I say Nancy takes selfie without a selfie stick and does not even resemble her usual smiling face.)

RGV Vipers and Oklahoma Blue playing at State Farm Arena

Ron Herberholz ready for the game.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Porch Kitty and her offspring

If you thought you didn't like cats, think again. These are the cutest little bundles of energy you've ever seen. Chet & Irma are hosting this family of mama and four youngsters. Mama cat has various names around the park but I call her Porch Kitty because that's where she has hung out most of the time. Her kittens are just as cute as can be and are the hit of the neighborhood.

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