Saturday, October 31, 2009


Butch and I have arrived at Magnolia and as most of you know it takes a while to settle in for a 5 month stint. We often times think we may get here too soon, especially on those oh so hot and humid days. But then we hear of the weather up north and think otherwise. It is quiet in the park but that is okay as it is much easier to slide into the frenzy of activity than it is to hit the ground running when you arrive later in the season.
There was a soup supper at Allen Hall tonight but we had other plans and didn't attend.

But I will try to keep this updated in a timely manner. And later in the season I plan to enlist some additional help.
Till next time...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Morning Breakfast

This morning we were treated to breakfast by Herb and Pat Jones....They were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary and were wanting to share with the Magnolia Family the event...I and several others tried to get an accurate count, but were having trouble as some just came in with well wishes for the couple...As near as we can figure we had around 75 for the event....A nice crowd for sure...The only thing was some of the Magnolia Family wasn't here....Were you???...I tried to get everyone in the pictures some place but may have missed some one so please forgive me....Happy Anniversary Herb and Pat....

The Happy Couple

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Time to Eat and Talk

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New Faces?

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Another View

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Nice Crowd

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Chief Cooks and Bottle Washers

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coffee Day

Well I promised more pictures so here goes....I tried to get everyone, but someone might have been missed....Could it have been you????..It certainly was if you weren't at the coffee time for rolls provided by Herb and Pat Jones...They are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary and also Herbs 85 birthday...They also announced that they were going to have a breakfast to be served Saturday morning to celebrate the event also....Thanks Herb and Pat...If you aren't here to eat breakfast with us you are going to miss out for sure....I also won't be able to get your picture if you aren't here...

Some folks have said that they can't quite make out some of the people in the pictures on the blog...I have a solution for you...Just double click on what ever picture you want to make clearer and it will blow up in windows viewer and you can magnify it as large as you need...You can really zoom in on who ever you want to see plainly...Have fun with it and just take your time....You might even see yourself it you are here....It's great weather down here at this time and NOT COLD...Hint Hint....

Tuesday Morning Coffee Bunch

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Trying to get everyone

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Another View

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday at Magnolia

Hello, here it is Sunday again, how the time flies...At Bible study this morning we studied again in Zechariah with the theme of "God's in Control"....Pastor Stacey has told us before that he was learning so much by studying the book of Zechariah and hoped we were also...I know that there is a great lesson for all that are willing to learn....

To night as I was going to the pool hall for a game, I was stopped by Don Soole and was told that Herb and Pat Jones were going to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on October 25th...He said wouldn't it be nice if all the NORTHERN Family were to come in and surprise them...I said well maybe it would be nice if they at least got a lot of cards to read from every one...Well it's up to you as to what you can do, but the weather is warm here and no snow or ice...HA HA....Herb is also going to celebrate his 85th birthday tomorrow on the 19th...Happy Birthday Herb.....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Morning Coffee

Well I promised you some pictures so here goes...I am just wondering if you are in them yet....If not you need to get here and get in on the fun of catching up on all the news (or gossip )....We had a nice group for coffee this morning...It was a bee hive of activity...I tried to count just how many were there but gave up cause there were people going and coming all the time...Some of them had hair appointments and other commitments that they had made....They just wanted to at least show up for a short time and say hi to all...I know that I missed some in the pictures as they had left or weren't there yet....At least every one had a good time and lots of laughter to be had...It's one of the benefits of being in our age group...Life's good...I will try to get more pictures later for you as more folks come in...

Nice Group

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Catching up on the News

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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Here it is Sunday again so soon...It just seems like the time flies by any more...Of course we had Bible study again this morning, but this time we had it in Allen Hall....The weather is nice today and very cool...The study this morning was from Zechariah again with the theme of"God is talking to his Church, are we listening ?"...This study is very interesting with something to think about...After the lesson we had Communion which was very good as we haven't had it for quite a while...

We have had a few more of the Magnolia Family come in for the coming season...I won't name them cause I would forget some one...Just keep looking for new ones in the pictures that I will be adding in the coming days...If you hurry you can get in the pictures quicker...HA HA...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesday Morning Coffee

The little hall was full this morning at coffee time...There was people coming in every few minutes or so...A couple even stayed standing....I messed up by not remembering to bring my camera to catch it all...I tried counting a couple of times by never did get an accurate count...There were close to 30 at least with much laughter and catching up on all the news from up NORTH and when they thought some one else would be coming in...It was nice to see more of the Magnolia Family coming home for the winter...Some were suffering with the heat here and were not use to it yet....I said that at least they won't freeze for sure....We may have to move over to Allen Hall next week whither we want to or not....I will try to take my camera next week and get a few shots for the blog....

Monday, October 05, 2009

News from up North

I recieved this E-mail and will share it with you...I love to get this kind...

Hi Don & Marilyn,

Hope things are good in Magnolia Park..... It is cool here in Upper Michigan-----about normal temps for this time of year.....We are starting to think about the trip back to our Texas home.....I hope the Dr. releases me soon so I can start packing.

I'd like to say thank you to all of the people from Magnolia who sent me get well cards, e-mailed me, and called me after ( and before) I had my heart bypass surgery.....We knew we had a lot of good people there and how kind they were to me proved we were right.....Sometimes we don't know what a small gesture like a card or a quick phone call means to someone.....But believe me it means a LOT.....It was greatly appreciated......We are anxious to get back and see everyone.

See you in Magnolia.
Love, Naoma Pratt

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday at Magnolia

The weather is continuing to be rather warm here in deep south Texas and today is no different...I think it got down to 80 degrees last night and will be in the 90s today....Just what do you think of that when you are freezing up NORTH Magnolia family???..You know that you want to come on down and enjoy the warmth with us...HA HAl..

Of course we had Bible study this morning in the little hall...The air-conditioner was trying to keep us cool and almost was succeeding....The lesson this morning was from Zechariah and "God's plan for the Church" a great study...After Bible study there was breakfast to be had by all that desired it....They brought every thing over from Allen Hall to the little hall because it was too hot over there...I guess it will cool off sooner or later...

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday Sale at Magnolia

This was the kickoff of the first of the month garage sales for Magnolia for the coming season....It was a small sale but a very successful one...Lots of articles were sold and lots of laughter was had from all...Don Howard made pork bar-b-cue sandwiches served with chips and a big piece of cake and coffee for all that were hungry...It was a nice start for the new season and will only get bigger when all the family comes in from their up NORTH vacation...We are having a few come in slowly...I won't name them all cause I would forget some one , I just know that if you are still up NORTH you are missing the warmth of the weather down here...HA HA...We're looking for you....

Don and Suzy dishing up Food

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Garage Sale

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

People Update

Late this afternoon Don Howard told me that he had taken Barbara to the Dr. about noon....The Dr. saw her and put her in Knapp Hospital in Weslaco...Her blood pressure was very high and they needed to get it down quickly...Don said that by late afternoon when he talked to me that it had come down a little be was still very high...I just know that she needs the Magnolia Family to pray for her at this time....I will let you know more when I find out something more....

I also received this E-mail that I will share with you...I think this is good news..

Hello to all--

Barney Thompson just called to say that Bernice was on her way home!!!..Yippee, so glad she is better....We sure hope she gets better now..Thought you would like to know.

Kay Voss

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