Friday, April 28, 2006

From the Pratts

We got home in Green Bay,Wi. last Saturday and I am nearly unpacked and have found places for most of my knick knacks I brought home to a "too full house".
We are enjoying the family get togethers (there were 34 at Sunday welcome home meal).
Glad you are enjoying your trip and tell any Magnolia friends hello for us.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Enjoying the pool

Well not all folks are ready to leave and go north.... Clyde and Barbara Hancock are just enjoying the peace and quite at the pool.. The water looks just great and it's not so crowded now that most folks have gone north.. They think that they still need the name tags just to be safe.... HA HA These pictures were given to me by Bill Sager. He thought this might make the northern folk kind of jealous of the great weather..... He might be right... More later..
Still showing their name tags...
Barbara Hancock drifting along...
Clyde Hancock in the pool..

Monday, April 24, 2006

Happenings in the Park

Well I said that I would try to keep you informed as some of the happenings in the park... So will post a few pictures.. As you can see it looks kind of bare in the RV. section as you might expect..... There is suppose to be some changes made in this section in the coming weeks so will try to keep you informed.... Also Loe's mobile at 311 Cottonwood was moved out today..... It sure looks like a nice spot for a new mobile to move into, is anyone possibly thinking about a new spot for a mobile??...We still have a few people that haven't gone up north as they are sure it's still too cool for them yet... It's just getting nice here and the roads aren't as crowded as they were....We are sure dry though so send a little rain if you can... HA HA ... More later....
Looks like something is going to happen..
Where did it go...
Corner of Center and Cherry
Looking from Corner of Rose and Center

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday Dinner at Magnolia Park..

Well folks I have been a little lax on starting the new posting since Barbara left, guess I have been a little lazy or is it that I can't believe that the winter season is over and most of the Winter Texans have left.. We still have a few that haven't gone yet. There will be a few leaving Monday morning (tomorrow) and then it will just be the usual summer crowd.. We will pickup a few new ones and lose a few of the others.. We just finished with Easter Sunday Dinner and had about 50 in attendence according to Don Howard's count.. Every thing was so good and all were stuffed when we went home.. Don and Barbara Howard and their helpers did a fantastic job with the dinner and are to be commended....We wish every one a happy and fantastic Easter.... Pray for all those that are traveling and for a healty summer for all..... I will be posting some more news as it happens in the park.... I hear that there will be some changes coming so look for it on the Blog..That will keep you coming back.. HA HA
The Chief Cook and Bottle Washers....
Folks that are enjoying the day....
Folks ready to eat and chat...
Easter Dinner at Magnolia.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

This from Bernie Houle:
Don't know if you have heard but George Salmon (Vera) passed away this last Monday. Strangely after all the mini heart attacks he has had and the diabetes and loss of limbs, his kidneys shut down when he refused dialysis treatment. He died peacefully with his family at his side two days later. We will be going to the funeral on Saturday. Will represent his friends from Magnolia Park. Should you wish to send condolences her email is

Failed to deliver

Okay, I am getting failed to deliver notices from some of you fine Magnolia folks when I send to your email address and my only way to get in touch with you is through this blog. If you are switching back and forth between two email address I can only say STOP THAT!! If you get an email address such as Yahoo, Hotmail or my personal recommedation, Gmail you can have the convenience of not having to make the switch every Spring and Fall/Winter. Yes it is a pain to make the initial switch but at least you are only pained once rather than twice a year. Gmail is free and relatively easy to set up but it works best to get an invitaion from a current user so if you want to set up a Gmail account for ALL your email get a message to me and I will send you one.

From Kay Voss

Hi All.

Well, Jim did it again. he brought home 100 POUNDS of carrots for me to can. We started this morning, he scraped, and I juiced. I have 12 waterbottles of juice in freezer, and am on 2nd canner load of carrots. We have almost all in jars waiting their turn in pressure cooker. We have some to bring home raw, have given a few to a neighbor, otherwise the rest are or will be "under a lid" by tonight. WHEW thank the Lord for AC. haha We have at least 450 pounds of onions sacked up to go, and 2 bushels of grapefruit ready. Jim may think he has "plenty of room" but he is due for a surprise when we start to load up!!!! haha

Time to duck out to the pool. love, Kay

Saturday, April 01, 2006

For the past two weeks I have made my way to the Little Hall to connect to the
office WiFi. At least three times a day I have thought of something I needed to
check on the Internet, only to forget it or run out of time before I get it done
while at the Little hall. How quickly we get spoiled! Actually, it is a learning
process for a new way of doing things. For instance, I have learned that if I want
to write something for the blog I had best do it at home and then copy and paste
when I get connected.
The changing of the main poster (Don Loring) to this site will happen at the end of this day. I will stick my two cents worth in now and then but for the most part you will need to visit to see what is happening with the ol' guy and I. Sure hope you check in with us.

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