Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Owner

Marie Flood says:
"We have a new Owner of both Magnolia and Shady Acres . The new owners names are Chris and Dorthy (Dolly) Howard. They live in Victoria, B.C.  Chris is in his thirtys. He has plans for improving the park. He has already made arrangements for trees to be put around the front and sides of the park. There will be more improvements made as he goes along.  There will be no raise in rent.  Here are a few pictures taken today at coffee."

Saturday, June 18, 2016


We are picking 3 pounds at least every day!   I freeze bags every few days and have a storehouse of the veggie in the freezer.  We give bags away and still have more than enough;  I just can't stop picking it.....some stalks grow a foot in 24 hours.   We are also busy with strawberries.   Nothing better than a fresh strawberry from the patch!

Bad WiFi in RV parks and a solution.

I have told many of you that WiFi is bad in most RV parks and here is verification of that fact. He offers a solution and I agree with it. It involves taking the problem into your own hands. It would be wonderful to have park-wide WiFi, but even if we did it would not be a satisfactory solution and Chuck Woodbury does a great job of explaining why.


Monday, June 06, 2016

Kitty Foster passed

I was told that Kitty died this morning at 8:45 AM of a massive heart attack. She will be cremated and there are no services planned. If an obituary can be located in the future I will post it.
I do not have an address yet where condolences may be sent however I am sure they will get to the right place if sent to her Magnolia address.

Kitty Foster Family
318 Cottonwood
Donna Texas 78537
Joseph and Linda Blees
513 4th Avenue SW
Long Prairie MN 56347

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