Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday at Magnolia

Another beautiful day in deep south Texas and a great one to go to Church at Magnolia....Our group is slowly growing with each Sunday and that's great as the Magnolia Family gathers for the winter season....Again we had service in Allen Hall as we have out grown the little hall so we have room for all the rest of the congregation when they get here....On a different note I called Eva Foote this afternoon to check on just how she and Floyd were  doing.....She said that she is coming along but still has a long way to go to get to 100%....She also said that it looks like she and Floyd may not get to come down to Magnolia this year, but is looking to the future....I told her that we all loved them and missed them very much....She said that they missed all of us too....We all need to say a prayer for her and Floyd as they are sure good people and I'm sure could use a little prayer....

Todays lesson was taken from the Book of Ephesians, chapter 6.  starting with verse one through verse ten.....The theme of the lesson was "Instruction for the Family"...Pastor Stacey gave a great sermon as usual, bringing out some really good ideas to study on.....The subject came up of "They don't have a book on how to bring up children", but Pastor Stacey showed us that yes there is one written that tells us all just how we should act and live....This was a great lesson with much to study and learn from....Continue to pray for one another and for those that are on the road...Remember the sick in your prayers also.....See you in Church next week.......

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Church at Magnolia

Well today was a beautiful day to have Church and hear the Word of God being taught....Today we had services in the big hall (Allen Hall) as the group has slowly grown with the coming family from up NORTH gets here for the winter season....It's nice to see old friends and to talk about the past summer and of the things to come this season....

Today's lesson was taught by Pastor Stacey from the Book of Ephesians , chapter 5 with the theme of "Submitting our selves unto the Lord"....This was a great lesson that is very relevant in todays world with all the trials and troubles that are in everyones lives...Many things would take care of themselves if we would just call on the Lord and submit ourselves to him....If we did many things in our lives would change for the better....I know that it's not easy to put into practice as most of our lives we have tried to take care of things ourselves....Sometimes it works and a lot of the time it doesn't, but in the Word of God it tells us just what to do to take care of it.....We just have to try it and submit to one another as unto the Lord....A great lesson for us to study and put into practice.....

Come on down and join us as the weather is great this time of year.....See you in Church next week.....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

house auction

Today we went to a house auction at Del Rapids SD.....It was a 14 bedroom , turn of the century home!!!

They allowed 5 or 6 people for a guided tour at a time, and we stood in a long line for over an hour waiting for our turn. The home was built in 2 sections; in 1901 and 1902...they had 21 children, 17 that lived. There were 10 hired men and ladies--they slept in 7 bedrooms on the 3rd floor. The family slept on 2nd floor.....they farmed 1700 acres with 60 horses! The hired ladies were a full time seamstress and 2 cooks! If those wall could talk---imagine the laughter in the home! Every Sunday after church, they opened up the parlors downstairs and invited all to come.....drinking lemonade out on the lawn, and children running everywhere!

The house was to be sold to move or sold to take it apart....lots of beautiful stairs and woodwork, wood floors, original wallpaper. Needless to say, we really enjoyed looking. Kay
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Back in Church

Well we managed to be  back in Church this morning at Magnolia....I realize that it's only been two weeks that we missed but it seemed like two months....Of course it's still being held in the little hall until Allen Hall has been cleaned and we have a few more of the Magnolia Family come in from up NORTH, but we are getting there...

Pastor Stacey gave a good message this morning that I feel the Lord was wanting us to hear...The theme of the message was " Call out to the Lord".....We need to call on the Lord to have his way in all things in our lives.....This includes our family, our jobs, out friends, and especially in our government....We have allowed to much of God to be taken from us in our everyday life....We need to allow God to have his way, we just need to learn to pray and ask God for the things that God would have in our lives for our own good....

Our numbers are slowly growing but we would have more if you just came and joined us....Till next time pray for one another and if you can't think of any one else , pray for me as I always need a prayer and would welcome one any time.....

Friday, October 14, 2011

From Jefferson Iowa

Butch is doing fine. We are getting our walks in . They are shorter and slower than usual. All there is to do is heal and wait till we get the okay to head south.
I did hear some news from the park. Manuel is no longer a park worker and his replacement is Tony who we all know and love. I am sure this is welcome news to many of you.
It will be awhile before I can give first hand reports of park activities but time flies. So see you all soon!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Butch having back surgery

Butch is having back surgery next Tuesday. This will result in a delay for us getting to Texas. I know Karl will do a fine job in my absence. I have tried to reach him without success so I am beginning to think he is headed to Texas. After talking to the surgeon he says if all goes as planned he will be removing the stitches in two weeks (the 26th) then a week of therapy and if all is okay at that point we can head out. We do plan to take it slow getting there as we always do. Butch loves to drive the motorhome but too many hours of it would not be wise after surgery. We are anxious to get there.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

canned potatoes

For those that have asked what I have canned lately---today it was potatoes! I tried something new to me; after looking at all those dusty potatoes that Jim brought in from the garden, I decided to try washing them in my top-loader automatic washer! Such fun and what a time saver! It sounded like I had tennis shoes in there, but I let the load of potatoes run the entire cycle including rinse. Such clean a very short time. Then I tried out my new french fry machine that fits on the mixer. The result is 23 quarts ---- and they work as french fries do when deep fried---also can be chopped again as hash browns---or boiled and mashed! Ultra handy! Tomorrow I have 2 more big containers to do, perhaps will just chunk them and can as usual. Hope to see you all in another month, Kay
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Sunday, October 02, 2011

It is time!

I heard the other day that it was cool enough that Pecan Bill had to put on his long pants. Pecan Bill says that is a surefire sign it is time to head to Texas. Smileycons!

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