Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From the Truxtons

Hi All   Thot I'd better send an update.  Got Earl home from the hospital Friday afternoon late.  He has been getting back to normal each day since and we are all packed up and headed out in the morning for the Escapee Park in Livingston TX for Easter.  Will spend a week there and then sitesee our way back to SD by the 1st week of May.

thanks for all your concern and e mails.   Some may of already heard from Earl, but had a  bunch in this group so am sending this update.   Friends  Sandy & Earl

Pool Hall Painting

Click on any picture for a larger view.

Painting the Pool Hall Floor

A short video with the painters in action. There were also some behind the scenes helpers. Painters and helpers are:
Tuffy and Char Wolfrom
Karl and Carol Kapke
Dick and Leslie Cleaveland
Dale Cooklin
Gordon Woodhall
Florentino Cortezon
Jim Rader
Bill Sager
If these people start behaving a little silly today it may be because of the fumes. That epoxy paint is some strong and powerful stuff.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

From the Spanglers

We just thought we would let you know that we are back home in Wisconsin. We left Magnolia a week ago today (Monday) and from there went to visit our son in Alamogordo, NM. We saw beautiful wild flowers for most of the way in Texas (something we had not seen in previous years), so all that rain we endured for a lot of the winter must have made for lots of flowers. We spent the night in a truck stop in Ft. Stockton and got to Alamogordo about lunch time on Tuesday.
We left Alamogordo last Friday morning and quite early in the day encountered horrible winds. We had planned to go as far as Yukon, OK but that didn't happen. We did manage to go as far as Elk City, OK and found a RV park where we spent the night, along with quite a few others heading the same direction we were. Friday night after listening to the weather we thought we might have to spend another whole day there. Sitting parked with the jacks down it felt as though we were going to blow over. That's how hard it was blowing. The highway (US 70) we were on was closed shortly after we went through Friday morning. On 54 in the El Paso area there was at least one tractor trailer blown over on its side. Very NASTY!
By Saturday morning it had calmed down somewhat so we thought we would give it a try. It again became very windy but it actually was nothing compared to Friday. There was light rain later on in the day but we got as far as Osceola, IA to Terrible's RV Park. We had stayed there before so knew the lay of the land but some poor fellow drove in the wrong way with a big class A. The road was blocked off, he couldn't back because he was towing a pickup, so he disconnected and his wife backed the truck up with her headlights directing him to see where to go. There are no lights in the park, all the big spots are in the front couple of rows which fill first, and it was very muddy. We left there yesterday morning (Sunday), again windy but nothing compared to Friday. We ran into a detour in Austin, MN which ended up being on VERY bumpy roads. I don't know who plans detours but we wouldn't have picked those roads to go on. They were dreadful for part of the way.
We were back in Neillsville about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. We finally have gotten the motorhome unloaded and cleaned out. It looks good but the house has become a disaster area as we have "stuff" sitting everywhere.
In Central Wisconsin the tulips are up but it is very dry. We hadn't realized that there has been no snow or rain since February. We had seen some patches of snow in Iowa but there isn't any here. The robins are back in full force. By the end of the week it is supposed to be in the 70s.
The most expensive fuel is right here in Neillsville. Diesel is $2.99 here and regular unleaded $2.89. Along the road most unleaded was around $2.69 and diesel ranged from $2.89 to $2.92. Quite different from last year that's for sure.
We enjoyed our winter in Texas but it is good to be back home.
Jim & Deon Spangler

Stay tuned

Today at Craft meeting we were discussing recipes and many that I had put on here and on the   blog. I may just gather them all together for a blog recipe book. I might enlist some help with that project and the beauty of the Internet is that we would not have to wait for next season to begin. Send me your recipes cooks ( Men and Women) of Magnolia Park!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


We still are having a good crowd in the services on Sunday at Magnolia...It's always great to see so many come to hear the word of God being taught...Pastor Stacey gave a great sermon this morning on the theme of "The Changing of people's thinking"...It gives us something to study on just how we think and feel about the circumstances of our own lives....Of course prayers were given for those that are traveling and about to travel...Just remember to continue to pray for all the Magnolia family...We never know just who may be needing it...

Quiet is deafening

It is very calm and quiet in the park as more and more people pull out the gate to head north. So I went looking through my pictures to see what I could post here that had been overlooked before. This was taken on one of the two bingo nights per week we have here at Magnolia. Edna is our caller and you are looking at the back of  Bob and Rose Hendry.

There are many Ropa treasure hunters in the park and this was taken at one of the ropa excursions. You never know what you might find!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Joe

Jan surprised Joe with a surprise birthday bash after the steak fry on Thursday. He really was surprised and everyone had a really good time helping him celebrate
Jan & Joe Stinchfield

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Earl update

Hi All  Just came back from the hospital  3:00 PM  here.  Earl is doing better,  took till 10am for his heart to return to the correct rhythm.  He was still in ICU and after the Dr shows up he should be moved to a room on the floor.  I'm going to take a nap and then go back up after supper.  He was feeling a lot better,  the xray showed there was still pneumonia in the lungs so they are still treating for that.  One of the head nurses showed me his records and there was no damage to the heart and all in all he is doing good, so with lots of rest he should be good to go.  Thanks for all your concern and e mails phone calls etc.  Love to all  Sandy

Earl Again

Hi all  Well Earl is back in the hospital.  Coughed all night and his heart was racing so said I need to go back.  So We have been in the ER from 10AM to 8PM.  His heart was in A Fib at 150 beats so they put the monitor on him with medicine to bring down the HR  and blood thinner so no clots would form and move to the head, lungs or legs.  The Dr was in and at 8:30 he was moved to ICU for the nite to keep him monitored He was resting when I left at 9:30 but still very anxious about all this happening to him so that doesn't help the heart rate,  Will keep you all in the loop.  Thanks for your e Mails and well wishes.  love Sandy

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Wendts and Sheldens

Hi, we are back in South Dakota and no major problems on the way home
this year.  We did encounter 10 inches of snow on March 20 in Missouri
while we were there but survived that , so now just hoping no snow will
come to South Dakota.  Vern, Dorothy and Sheldens

Bernie Houle Contribution

Scouching - Winter Activity

Boy those folks in Sask sure know how to have fun!!!

Truxton update

Earl is home,  pretty tired as I went to the hospital at 10:am and we finally got checked out after 5:pm   Stopped to get prescriptions filled at wal mart and are now back to the camper..  Long day to say the least, Love to all  Sandy

Monday, March 22, 2010

From Earl & Sandy Truxton

Just a quick note for those I haven't sent notice too.  We are in Rockport TX at the Ancient oaks RV park.  have been here since March 1.  Has been cooler than last year at this time with plenty of Rain.  Have had a few wonderful days by the Pool, but not many.  This last week Earl had bronchitis that turned into pneumonia and so after 6 hr in the emergency room at Aransas Pass on Friday the 12th he was admitted and we are hoping he can get home tomorrow.  The reason they have kept him so long is because a sputum culture from Friday when he was in the ER showed Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection  (not good).  so when they got that test back they hit him with a stronger antibiotic, along with the breathing treatments he had been getting.  Wed he was really sick but since they changed his medicine he has slowly been getting better.  A lot of coughing to get the crap off his chest and not much rest has not helped him get well.  So I have been back and forth a lot as  it is only 12 miles to the hospital from our campground and not a bad drive.  Feels like he couldn't punch his way out of a paper bag.  So we have changed our plans of going over to FL and TN before heading for SD.  Will go back to Livingston TX Escapee park to spend Easter with dear friends there and probably stay a week or 2 and then over to a state park in LA we want to check out before a slow drive back to SD.  The Dr has said Earl probably has COPD  from all the years he smoked, even tho he quit when he was 48.  I'm doing good.  Am caught up on having my space.  Get's pretty quiet around here.  Hope this find everyone well and I'll keep in touch.  Love Sandy

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Update

We were almost late for Church this morning...I just can't seem to get use to this day light saving time for some reason, but I'm sure there must be some more people in the same condition...HA HA

Well any way the service was just great as usual....The congregation was just a little smaller as a few more have departed to the NORTH for the summer,but those that were left were eager for the word to be taught...The theme for the lesson was "Gods Promise and Love for Us"...Pastor sure surprised us with some of the illustrations of his sermon...I didn't know that he played saxophone but he did a great job...He sure makes the Word come alive and teaches that God loves us all no matter what...Just what a loving Father does for his children...If you are able, come and join us in the Sunday Service any Sunday...As always continue to pray for the sick and those on the road for we all need prayer...It also keeps the Family together...

A Thank You Note

I recieved this in an E-mail and thought I must share it with the Magnolia Family...

The family of the late Max L. Weeks of Creston wishes to express their sincere thanks to all relatives, friends and neighbors for their kindness, floral tributes, food, cards, letters, email messages, telephone calls, personal visits, distance travelled, memorial contributions, and expressions of sympathy received during our bereavement and devastating loss of Max... A special thank you to all who attended the celebration of his life at Powers Funeral Home... A very special thank you to Reverend Daniel J. Moore for a personal and comforting service and for providing spiritual comfort.... A special thanks to singer Lyle Edwards who so enhanced the service... A heartfelt thanks to Theodore J. Martens VFW Post #1797 for flag presentation... A genuine thank you to Eagles Lodge #1398 and all of the ladies at St. John's United Church of Christ for providing the catering services for the fellowship luncheon... A sincere thank you to the family doctors and all the medical staff and healthcare professionals at Greater Regional Hospice Center of Creston and Mercy Medical Center of Des Moines for their extraordinary care and kindness shown to both Max and to us... We are particularly grateful to Powers Funeral Home and Crematory of Creston for their guidance and dignified funeral arrangements..... Although we lost a good part of the joy and radiance of our family, your embracing us helped us to contend with our loss.... Please accept this acknowledgement as a token of our sincere appreciation.... He will live forever in our hearts..... ~ Ramona Weeks and Family

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peggy's Crockpot Corn

After tasting this recipe I was sure it would be one you would like me to share. Peggy and her husband Donn are friends of ours and have been staying in Magnolia Park the past 2 weeks. We have had some fantastic meals from Peggy's talented hands.

Recipe:    Crockpot Corn        3/20/2010
Author:   Peggy Gordon

2 16 OZ Frozen Corn (thawed)
2 T. Sugar
1 8OZ Cream Cheese
1 stick Butter
1/4 C. Water
Salt & Pepper

Mix....Cook on Low...4 hours. Stir 2-3 times

Another one from Ambrose

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From Ambrose

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For Bird Watchers

It might be weeks in between running across great websites and then sometimes you run across several in one day. Enjoy the abundance.
Barb B
Link of the Day:
Andrew Zuckerman: Bird
"I cannot begin to tell you how awesome this site is. I think it
quantifies beyond words. But I can tell you how to navigate it, and see
for yourself how amazing it is!
Start by clicking the OK button at the bottom of the page, this will
take you into the site proper. The navigation menu consists of the
following categories:
Photographs – here you will find a listing of each individual bird that
was photographed for the book Bird. Not only can you see them
individually, you can hear them too! If there is a little speaker next
to the numbers for the individual photos click it to hear what that bird
sounds like. You can also click the words Bird Information and learn
about that bird specifically.
Films – I watched all the films here, and I would recommend that you
start with the film entitled Aviary, and then watch the rest of the
videos. I would start with Aviary because it explains how the photo
shoot came together, and how they achieved such glorious images.
Book – here you can look at the actual book, cover to cover. Use the
numbers along the top to navigate through the book’s pages.
Info – here you can find all sorts of information, including how to get
to Andrew Zuckerman’s site where you can see more of his work.
So what happens when Andrew Zuckerman visits the National Aviary? Pure
magic! Check out these amazing images today!"

Friday, March 19, 2010

10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Link of the Day:
10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor
  1.  What is the test for?
  2.  How many times have you done this?
  3.  When will I get the results?
  4.  Why do I need this surgery?
  5.  Are there any alternatives to surgery?
  6.  What are the possible complications?
  7.  Which hospital is best for my needs?
  8.  How do you spell the name of that drug?
  9.  Are there any side effects?
10.  Will this medicine interact with medicines that I'm already taking?
How to Build Your Own Set of Questions

Wherever we go...

we see someone from Magnolia Park! The other day we were eating lunch at Furr's in McAllen and Eugene and Naoma Pratt came in and sat at the table next to us. Then we went to Riverside Club in Mission for a pork tenderloin and we saw Bill and Suzy Kreitz and the Wingerts and Lebers. Today we went to Nuevo Progresso and saw Dave Bruun on the other side of the street.
Here is part of the group at Riverside.

Dave looks as though he is looking for someone. Mary, perhaps?

Sheldon's mobile

Edy Larson got some snaps of Sheldon's mobile being pulled out of the park.....

Away we go, out the back gate!
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Show and Tell 2010

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The exodus from the park is in full force this week. Some are headed north while some are going to tour the southern tier of states before taking on the northern climes. In talking to a former resident of the park he said we wait 8 months for the 4 months you all are here. So it is a sad thing-this exodus. But it is also a happy thing because it also means many people are returning to their 'other life'. That is truly how it feels to many of us. So happy trails to those on the road- our prayers are with you and we hope to see you safe and sound with all your parts intact next season.

Leprechaun sighting

There was a leprechaun sighting in the park this morning. Found that pot of gold yet, Kenny?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Magnolia Sunday

I heard several folks talking about traveling up NORTH for the summer already...It seems that whether we realize it or not it's that time of year coming up fast...We all need to pray for the safe traveling of our Magnolia family as they make for the highways north....

For the service this morning the sermon sure fit the time of the season...The theme of the lesson was "Do you know the direction you are going?"...I know that sometimes we all can get confused with things and don't know just where we seem to be going...The lesson taught that when in doubt go to the road map for life and study it...The Bible...It seems that the answers to all our questions are some where in the Bible if we just study and look for them..Be sure and try to help some one in need this week it you can, if only a kind word...

Erv Hagen's Photos

Green Jay at Atascosa Wildlife Refuge
Butterfly Plant

Green Jay's and Red Wing Blackbird


This is a close-up view of a wisteria bloom. Urbonivics, on Willow Street have a wisteria tree in their yard that was abundantly blooming this past week. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Never mind that it was 84 degrees!!! A Mexican man thought he was going to grab this beautiful coat from Mary while her back was truned.....NO WAY.....ha He learned that most moms have "eyes in the back of their heads". We had many giggles on this trip, plus a bonus of fresh carrots.
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Mary is the "life of the party" !
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Ropa Day

What can I say....we had to stop and glean carrots fresh from the field before we went to ropa! The car smelled wonderful!!
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This is the first load of canned carrots---several more to come.
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Crafter's lunch...
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The crafter's lunch on March 8th
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Barb's Ropa Style show pictures

Here are the pictures I took. It is a big album. I have more to put on later so stay tuned.

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