Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

RV backing?

A Lesson for us all...Rvers that is. But could be useful for anyone who needs to guide someone into a parking space.
RV backing? Get on same signal "wavelength.": 'via Blog this'

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Illinois picnic

This is our group from the Illinois Summer Reunion taken Saturday,
Aug. 19, 2011, at Le Qua Na State Park just north of Lena IL. I know
Marty Harper was going to send you some pictures also, so post the
best ones....

Bill and Dory were there, and looking good.

Names to go with faces will be forthcoming so check back later.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Link of the Day: Still Tasty

Although we don't want to endanger anyone with food that is not safe,
some food is safer longer than we realize. At StillTasty, you can learn
the difference between 'sell by,' 'best before.' and 'expires on' dates
and how long something will keep in your fridge or freezer along with
tips for food safety and extending food life spans. The site also has a
large database and a Q&A section.

The ultimate shelf life guide

News to be announced (old)

The Christmas parade is scheduled for Wednesday the 16th at 4:30. Line up the carts at 4:00 with the parade commencing at 4:30. Supper and entertainment to follow in Allen Hall. Rain is scheduled but we hope they are wrong this time.

H.E.B.'s Feast of Sharing is next Saturday the 19th from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM Location is at 200 S Illinois Street in Weslaco. H.E.B. does a fine job of feeding a huge number of their customers every holiday. There will be many of us going from Magnolia park. There always is!!

PS: Old drafts can even be amusing!!

Cock Fighting

We went to a cock fighting area, located behind the street. Many pens of pretty roosters, also some hens with chicks. The man raises the roosters to fight. He sells the roosters for $200! This rooster was swinging on a swing in his pen. The area where they fight was an enclosed ring that looked like a small grain bin. For $200, you better hope your bird lasts longer than a few minutes!!! We did not see them fight, which was fine with most of us!

Kay Voss wrote the above paragraph and I thought it was interesting even without the pictures.

Lois is transported!!

There is a video of Lois Terryn on Facebook. VERY funny. You can find it here.
Unfortunately you have to be a Facebook user and sign in to see it.

Blue Hall Ladies

These women can be can be found in the Blue Hall nearly every evening playing cards. Pictured from the left seated are Erma Cleaveland,Vera Salmon,Vivi Piche, Kitti Toomire,Eula Henderson and Charlotte Nigh
Standing Leslie Cleaveland, Norma Cooklin, May Gehman
The game sometimes changes but the ladies stay the same.

From Kay Voss drafts

"Mission Accomplished"................George Bush, his foot on Saddam
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I found a bunch of posts in "drafts". What that means is they did not make it into the blog. Could be many reasons for that; I was interrupted and then forgot, the Internet was not working right for me, I didn't like the looks of it etc. Anyway, I plan to wade through all 40 of them and see if any are worthy of posting. So if you see something and it seems out of context that would be because it was hanging around in drafts.

Ergen's 50th

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The parakeet

Last winter Susan and Myron Van Houweling had a parakeet  in the tree outside their motorhome. It stayed in the vicinity for several days. Leroy Misfeldt was able to get this picture of the pretty little bird.

From the Hannewalds

 Friends and Family.....Thank-you all so very much for the wonderful birthday cards you  sent. We were so surprised ! We could hardly wait to get to the post office each day to collect our stack of cards and then return home and enjoy reading them together. 
We received over 50 cards ! You all made our birthday even more special by your thoughtfulness.....Thanks from the bottom of our hearts...
Dorothy and Dick Hannewald   
(P.S. Here is a picture of us at one of our favorite places )

Monday, August 08, 2011

Joe and Cheryl Raleigh

Cheryl and Joe Raleigh have been dealing with many health related issues this summer and can sure use our prayers. And being the Magnolia family that we are I know we will do so.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jeanie Blunk has passed away from a stroke. Reported to me by Russell Swygman; Jeanie was his cousin. She used to own the mobile that Karl and Carol Kapke now live in.

Herb Jones

Please keep Herb Jones in your prayers.  He is in the hospital with an infection and had a reaction to some antibotics.  Thanks to all the Magnolia family.  Marie

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