Saturday, June 29, 2019

A few more Pluses & Minuses

I had no intention of making another blog post tonight but I had a phone call this morning that lasted an hour and a half and I want to make a correction or two to what I posted last night.

Apparently the pool service people do drive into the park, stop and look at the pool and then leave. The word I have is that "the pool is a train wreck." Apparently it is absolutely filthy and you cannot see the bottom. It sounded as though the circulating pump may not be circulating but that is perhaps just a good guess. It's too bad it isn't winter and Pat Kent could take a look at it. That is his business but then, he is like the rest of us, just a tenant and no tenants should have to figure out how to keep the park running smoothly. If I were the owners or managers I would be quite worried that someone might get sick after being in the pool as I understand it is in pretty bad shape.

Apparently there is still a lot of "stuff" blowing around down there that was left from when the dumpster wasn't being dumped and several of the residents are going around and picking it up.

One thing that I have been trying to find the answer to is the fact that on the site where these units are listed for rent it says dogs welcome, cats prohibited. I have been told by a couple of people that all people who were residents and have cats, are grandfathered in. I did wonder about that because I know there are several winter texans who do have cats and also some of the "year around people" as we have always called them so apparently that is a non-issue.

They are going to have a 4th of July gathering up in Little Hall and everyone is invited. Bring a dish to pass and meet and greet your neighbors. It does sound like fun.

The positive things that I want to pass along concern the new residents. It has been reiterated over and over to me by several people now, that most of these folks are very nice hard working people who have jobs and actually, yes there are kids, but they do not seem to be a problem. There have been a few issues around the pool with people gathering there later in the evening and maybe being somewhat noisy. I think it's very clear from what people are telling me is that there are no community rules for the park and no one is actively out managing the park. There have always been community rules that we were to follow but either they no longer exist or people have not been made aware of them.

I came away from my conversation this morning with a somewhat positive feeling that it's entirely possible that things may not be as bad as we have all imagined they might be but that would entirely depend on what the owners or managers do in the next few months. One person has told me that it's possible 90% of the 55+ people will leave but that would be mostly due to the management or lack thereof.

Let's keep an open mind and see what develops in the next several months.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Pluses and Minuses

As I understand it Magnolia Village bears little resemblance to the park we all enjoyed last season as it has transitioned to a family park instead of a 55+ park.

There are some pluses as the dumpster is being emptied regularly, the pool is being maintained by a pool service which comes twice a week to service it and at least up to this point the lawns have been mowed. The office area and front of Allen Hall have been painted and the office modernized. Those are all good things for sure.

There are, however, more people with for sale signs in their yards and others who are thinking of moving their units out. Marge Soole and DA & Kathy Baustian have for sale signs in their yards and I imagine they will be going to the same place, wherever that might be as DA is Marge's son.

There are lots of kids in the pool which is only to be expected especially in the summer. Do keep in mind that when the Winter Texans return school will be back in session so that will be a somewhat different scenario.

I think that most of the people who have had health issues or surgeries are recovering and some are in rehab which I imagine could be a long process.

There was a heck of a storm Monday night and I believe the Donna/Weslaco area received around 8 inches of rain but the park did not flood as badly as it did last summer thank goodness.

If any of you have news or a "happening" you would like to share with your Magnolia friends, please let me know and I will be happy to post it on the blog.

Friday, June 21, 2019

A Sign of the Times

This is what the sign in front of the park used to look like.

This is what it looks like now. You will note that the 55+ is now missing. That should make it abundantly clear that Magnolia Village is now a family park.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Park Update

I have been getting a few updates from different folks in the park and also from the Winter Texans who are gone from the park at this time of the year.

First of all, we have several folks who have various and assorted health issues and I will mention the ones I know about and have permission to put on the blog. Cindy Peterson is doing well after her rotator cuff surgery and will soon start therapy. (I'm thinking, I know a few people who have gone through that and it may not be a whole lot of fun but it will surely help in the long run so she regains full use of her arm and shoulder.) I'm sorry to say that Bernie Nagle needs six more months of therapy before he can return to south Texas. I'm sure the Nagles might appreciate a friendly card just to remind them that they are in our thoughts and to wish Bernie well. Cindy Dziuk had a knee replacement and as usual the insurance told her how long she could stay. From the hospital she went to rehab for two weeks and had an allergic reaction to something in rehab but because of her insurance was sent home on Saturday. Sunday she was back in the ER and then in the hospital with an infection in her knee. She was hoping to go home yesterday. She said the knee itself is doing okay. Don Harper had knee replacement surgery today and Marty told me he had a few blood pressure issues but late this afternoon, he was sleeping and had a little food in him. As I understand it knees and shoulders are worse than hip replacement so I do wish all these people a speedy recovery.

I have also had park updates from several people and will just hit the highlights here. A lot of the units have been rented, there are kids now living in the park, the dumpster is being dumped on a regular basis, the office has been remodeled and looks quite nice as does Allen Hall which was painted.

As I understand it, however, there are other issues with the park. I think all any of us can do is just try to stay tuned in to the happenings as I put them on.

Please understand, I can't and won't put everything I hear from various and assorted people on the blog because some of the things I'm told kind of contradict each other. I believe there will be a couple of Winter Texans visiting south Texas in the month of August and I also expect to hear from them.

As always, feel free to contact me and I hope you are enjoying your summer. We went on a short road trip today and saw fields with corn up about 2 inches and other fields about 6 inches. The old saying is knee-high by the 4th of July. It's going to have to grow some to reach that I'm afraid!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

LeRoy and Elaine's Birthday Bash

LeRoy and Elaine Misfeldt celebrated a combined 165 years of birthdays and from the looks of the pictures it was a great party. Thanks to Jan Panos and Pat Jordon (for those of you who don't know, these two talented ladies are sisters) for allowing me to share their photos on the blog. Lots and lots of familiar faces, some of whom we haven't seen for a few years and it was great fun looking at all these photos.

The Birthday Couple, LeRoy and Elaine

Yorgo (George Panos) and LeRoy

Mary Pierce and Bonnie Froseth
Deral & Linda Rogers

Elaine's son Blaine & wife Jennifer

Mabel Zoet and Max Pierce

Max Pierce

Wayne Bruun (looks just like his brother Dave who is off square dancing)

Susan Van Houweling had just tossed Max some popcorn and he was trying to catch it in his mouth.

 Susan Van Houweling and Lil Droogsma

Susan and Elaine

Max & Mary

Pat Jordan and Larry Ergen

Lil Droogsma and Tom Rietveld

Larry Ergen and Bonnie and son Terry Froseth

Elaine & LeRoy

Don Kiel and Mike Jordan

Erv Hagen

Mary Pierce and Nelson Zoet

 Elaine and her kids, Blaine and Vickie

 Mabel & Nelson

 Terry and LeRoy

 LeRoy and sister Leota

 Pat & Mike Jordan

Lil & Ray Droogsma

Don Schmaltz, Tom Rietveld and Margaret Schmaltz 

Susan & Myron

Jan & George Panos

Joyce Rietveld and Noreen Ergen

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

This and That

I am sitting here in chilly Central Wisconsin where the current temperature is around 60. I think to myself, a little bit of that Texas heat would feel good and then I think, don't be stupid - 110 degrees is MUCH too hot for me. I know it's been hot, very hot down there and I know that today it rained. I do hope it won't be a repeat of last summer when there was flooding down there but as far as I know it was just an ordinary rain.

A couple of the streets in the park have been blacktopped, Allen Hall has been painted and as I understand it, there is some work being done on the office, or should I say, in the office. I have no idea what. There was a problem with getting the dumpster dumped in a timely fashion (some things never change) but I believe it was dumped twice today and supposedly will be dumped again tomorrow. It would be prudent of the management to get the dumpster dumping on a regular basis. I know there were problems in the spring before we all left and apparently it still exists. Time will tell. I have looked on Craigslist where the new mobiles are being advertised and the rents have been dropped to $649 whereas they had started around $850 or thereabouts in the beginning. I'm guessing at that price they will rent rather easily.

I have not talked with anyone to see how Anita Nelson is doing but I hope she is doing well and recovering from her surgery. Cindy Peterson had rotator cuff surgery (Cindy, I hope I have that right) and I suspect that will put her out of commission for a while as I know that can be kind of wicked. I think the key is not to overdo and let Walt take care of her for a while. I believe I read he is going to make her hot dogs! I saw that Bernie Nagle commented on Cindy's facebook page and I hope he too is doing well. It's been a very long winter/spring and now almost summer for the Nagles. I am not sure if he is back home yet or not. Perhaps someone can let me know.

Kay Stilson tells me that so far Pecan Bill is doing well. That's great news and I believe they live not too far from their son so I know that is helpful.

After a year of retiring from the bee business Jim couldn't stand it so as we were driving home from Texas this spring, he said "I think I'll get a hive of bees." What?? I thought he was retired. Well, now he has three colonies of bees and he is happy as a clam taking care of them, as the old saying goes (whatever that means).

As always, please feel to contact me if you have something you'd like on the blog.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Pat Hahn Hineman Passed

I noticed on Facebook that Pat Hahn Hineman had passed away on June 2. Pat was a longtime resident of Magnolia Village along with her first husband Clay and also her mother.

The memorial service for 
Patricia Hineman
will be at 11:00 am on Saturday, June 8 at
First Christian Church
1201 Fern Ave.
McAllen, TX. 78501

Monday, June 03, 2019

165th Birthday for the Misfeldts

 Just imagine, 165 years between the two of them, that's pretty impressive! Happy Birthday LeRoy and Elaine and I hope you have a great celebration with friends and family.

You’re invited to a 165th birthday for the Misfeldts! That’s 80 years for Elaine and 85 years for LeRoy!

Saturday, June 15
1-4 p.m.

Hiawatha Lodge
805 3rd Avenue Northwest
Pipestone, MN 56164

Cards can be mailed to 612 NE 7th St. #1, Pipestone, MN 56164

More info & RSVP at

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Magnolia Update

Here is a little more information on the current happenings in Magnolia. There is an outside crew working on leveling,  blocking, tying down and skirting the new mobiles and I have been told that they are doing a beautiful job.

There are also outside electricians working on the electric and they have replaced wiring and wooden poles on some of the lots and also installed new meters.

It appears that the streets will be black-sprayed the same as the first one by the office was done.

A painting crew is working on painting the outside of the office and Allen Hall.

There was a wood chipper in down by the dumpster area and thus far they have removed about half of the enormous pile of brush and debris which had grown considerably since we all left.

I think perhaps Lot 40 or maybe 41 on Magnolia has been rented and also Lot 237 has been rented or sold. Of the new mobiles, either 214 or 215 has been rented - not quite sure which.

As of yet, no website which does seem a bit odd.

As I find out information, I will try to keep you informed. As always, you can contact me by email.

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