Friday, April 30, 2010

Weyland Update

Thank you for your concerns and phone calls while Weyland was in the hospital, we really appreciate it. He was discharged this afternoon to our daughters home. We go to the wound care center tomorrow a.m. and then plan to go home until Sunday afternoon when we will return for 2 appointments a week. He still has the wound vac on and don't know when that will come off. He is a little tired of it all, but that is life. He can be up to the bathroom and to walk, but cannot sit in a chair, only lie down with legs elevated. Hope all is well with all of you.
Weyland and Sharon

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Party Time at Magnolia

This evening was enjoyed by lots of Magnolia Family at the home of Darlene and Philip Jansen...The food was super and as always there was an abundance of it...The occasion was several more of the Magnolia family was leaving in the next few days to travel up NORTH for the summer....As you can see there is still quite a few in the park but will be getting smaller very quickly...Keep your thoughts and prayers for those traveling....

Ready to Eat and Visit

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Good Crowd

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Out of room at the tables

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Hi All from the Truxtons

Just a quick note to say we are back in SD in Highmore at my Sister's.  Will head for Rapid City on Sunday.  Had a nice visit with friends in Sioux Falls & Brookings before coming to Highmore Monday in rain, sleet and almost snow.  Today the wind is blowing 60 miles an hr or more, so the camper is rocking here in Nancy's side yard.  Should of stayed south longer I guess.  Hope to get to Pierre one day this week maybe Friday.  And then to Rapid City to see the girls and get working on building an RV cover and attached 12x28 room with extra living room, bath and bedroom on the land we purchased south of Hot Springs SD.  Will keep in touch   Love Sandy & Earl

Monday, April 26, 2010


-----Berwyn was in the hospital again last week for 3 days. He went in with chest pains but it wasn't a heart attack and they didn't see any more damage to his heart. The heart muscle is just not working very good anymore. He is glad to be back home but isn't feeling very good. It will just take time to bounce back. I know they would love to hear from people; he's kind of down in the dumps.

Sunday Update

The Sunday Service was enjoyed by a good number of worshipers again with the little hall coming alive with singing and teaching of the Word of God...For your information even Don and Barbara Howard were back for a few days and to attend Services...It was good to see them both looking so good and smiling...The lesson was a continuation of last weeks theme on "For All Have Sinned and Come Short of The Glory of God"...Pastor Stacey is bringing new meaning to the lessons for all to consider....The Word of God in the Bible is there , we just need to study it....Prayer does wonders for the soul, try it....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Worth Pondering

"He who foresees calamities suffers them twice over." --Beilby Porteous


Just a note to let you know I admitted Weyland to the hospital this afternoon in Sioux
Falls. He has been going to wound care for his leg ulcers here in Sioux Falls and he had some kind of reaction to what they were using and doctor admitted him. I don't expect him to be in more than a few days. He's pretty disappointed because our grandaughter is being confirmed in Huron on Sunday and we really wanted to go for it. Otherwise his legs have really been improving. Will keep you updated.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

From the Kapkes

Just a short note to let you all know we got home safely Sunday afternoon..
Thie weather is real nice but we sure could use some rain up here.
Have lots of yard work to do.
take care  Karl and Carol

Monday, April 19, 2010

For those that used to go to Vicky's Cafe---we finally found the place, it is located on Business 83, east of the Park. Mondo is still an entertaining fellow, and we were so happy to find him again.
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This was taken when Urbonovic's wisteria tree was in bloom. Kay V. put a picture of the same tree recently and now it has seed pods. It is a beauty when it is n bloom.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday at Magnolia

The service was held again this morning in the little hall and will continue to be for the rest of the summer as it has air conditioning... We had a nice size gathering with a few members from other parks joining us for service...It's nice to have others come and support Pastor Stacey and learn from the teaching of the bible...The theme was "For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God"... The teaching of the Bible is a wonder to behold when you can understand what it is saying to YOU...Please continue to pray for each other and those on the road....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

McAllen's Earth Day

Today the Larson's and Jim and I went to Vida Verde by McAllen. (Quinta Mazatlan) It was a day mainly for families with little children, but really interesting for us. They showed snakes (ish), several tents with recycling ideas, live birds of prey, various stages of butterflies, yoga classes, demos on "how to plant a tree and design a wildlife garden. They had lots of classes for children on recycling ..... Edy and I loved the recycled jewelry ! A lady used various lids and caps from bottles, filled with glitter and very small toys, then covered with Epoxy. We saw demos on making paper! We went on a nature trail, also watched an Elvis impersonator......Quite a day.

Owls in tree cage...
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Brave little girl......
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pretty owl!
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This man showed us many birds of prey today. Very interesting.
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From the Misfeldts

Hi Magnolia Family----We arrived home on Wednesday the 14th. We did stop
in Dallas and Des Moines to see relatives. Spend a couple of days with
the Van Houweling's        We managed to play some hand and foot.
LeRoy did go out and do some farm work with Myron. We have all the
things back in order including laundry. Weather has been beautiful. Love
to all.   Elaine and LeRoy           Kay loved your pictures keep up the
good work.

Friday, April 16, 2010

From Irma, Chet & Chico

Had a good trip home, not too much traffic except for the semis.  Chico was good, slept on the console between us most of the time.  He is very happy to be back here!  

From Dorothy and Dick Hannewald

Hello Magnolia Friends.....We arrived in Ohio on Wed. April 14. We had excellent driving weather and the flowers along the way were beautiful. Lots of bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush. Took a trip to West Va. yesterday....which was also a beautiful ride. Leaving for Michigan this Sunday ( 18 th )...and will be home on the Betsie River by Monday. Will miss seeing you all , and look forward to returning in the fall. Love, Dorothy and Dick Hannewald

From Nelson & Mabel Zoet

We got home on the 15th. Ran into a lot of rain on the way to Laredo.
They said they got 3" in one hour. It rained all the way from Donna to Laredo.
but the rest of the way it was nice all the way home.
Nelson & Mabel Zoet

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A walk around the Park

This morning we took a few pictures of some of the flowers around the park. This is really a lovely time to be here!

The cannas are blooming by the laundry......also the camper at # 242 is gone, so we can enjoy the flowers!!
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The big Magnolia tree by the mailboxes is ready to bloom.
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The bushes in front of the park are now in full bloom! I can tell you they last 5 days in a vase of water.....
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Remember the beautiful tree in front of #340 Willow? It had liac colored blossoms earlier in the year that smelled like "bubble gum". Now it has "pods" ......
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# 320 Cottonwood
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Isn't this interesting--how a palm tree grows!
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close up of the pretty flowers by #324 Cottonwood
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#324 Cottonwood
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#212 E Pecos
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A pretty bush with yellow blossoms.....#210
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This is part of an interesting wild flower garden! So pretty and natural looking. # 204
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My Cactus bloomed!!

There is one more bud yet to open. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Service

Well here it is Sunday again at Magnolia...We had service this Sunday in the little hall this morning...It was kind of crowded as we had nearly 30 in attendance...I guess we didn't expect so many with people heading NORTH for the summer, but we got along just great and it made for a great service....The theme for the lesson was "I must tell Jesus"...How many times when we have troubles we seem to tell everyone we see to seek help in some way....Pastor Stacey taught us that the first one we should tell is Jesus and turn things over to him....What a great lesson....Continue to pray for all those traveling and just the whole Magnolia family in general for we all have troubles one time or the other....

Barb & Butch

We are stopped in Duson LA at the Frog City RV Park so Butch can watch the Masters. Will arrive in Pass Christian MS tomorrow and will be there for a week or two. We travel slow but enjoy the process. Smileycons!

From the Cooklins

Well we are in Omaha and had good trip, weather great.
Already been shopping.
Will go on home Mon morning.
Norma and her Dale

From the Kapkes

Hi to all
Just a short note that we will be leaving TX on Tues morn. the 13th.
Plan to get to Pelican Lake on th 18th.  If all goes well.  I will not be back on my computer until the 19th.
The park is getting very empty as many have already left.  Hope all is fine with all
Carol and Karl

Saturday, April 10, 2010

From Linda Smith

Gary and I and the kids made it home Thursday night around 6:30. Was two long days in the car.
Spent first night in Oklahoma City, next day home. Had good weather except very windy both days, not good when pulling a trailer. Animals did wonderful, they are much better riders than I.

Marty remeber all winter I was telling you I wanted your cat, guess I won't be doing that next year as I might get one. I know what you are going through couple years had one just like that, drove me nuts, so he went back to farm!
Everyone have good summer and we will see you all next winter!!!!
Linda, Gary
Casey & Pucker


From Marty Harper:

  immediate home for one unruly cat.
1.  broken ceramic lamb
2. antique jug
3. flower pot
and many sleepless nights due to playfulness.
she hides everything that she can pick up  and put into her
mouth. jewelry, lip ice , pencils .etc.
she is into everything. my roll top desk. Every small hole
there is to hide in or explore. Heaven forbid you should
leave a drawer open.
  She even sits on the wire shelf ( it has to be
uncomfortable) I have next to me in my computer room.  And
watches me.
She absolutely terrorizes my sons cat when she comes to
visit. Endless snarling and hissing and running through
the house . Pour Ava tries to find the highest spot there
is to hide and still can't get away from her.
And of course there are the dogs to terrorize. If they
aren't after her she lays in wait for them.  WAITS , heck
she attacks them. Her hair stands up on her back , her
tails as big as a coons and she's on her toes. Attack
  She is an instigator.
Any takers? I need some rest.
I hope you all are having a good spring. Not a dull moment

Friday, April 09, 2010

From the Cleavelands

Dear Barb- We made it home Wednesday afternoon about 5:00. We were all exhausted but glad to be home. Berwyn and Erma did as well as could be expected but it was hard on them. His blood pressure was very low which made him not feel very good. He is better today. We made it to Denton, Texas the first day. We had great weather to travel in; just a bit of rain in Missouri but sunshine when we got home. We thought about you and Cooklins and envied the slow leisurely drive. Hope all is good with you. Can you post a message on your blog that we made it okay? Thanks, Leslie

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tom & Judy Hunt say...

Hi Everyone at our Magnolia Family;

Tom and I made it home on Sunday afternoon at 3:30 pm.  It was a good drive home, with lots to see and appreciate.  The wildflowers in Texas were gorgeous, wish I could have stopped to take pictures but the truck was in gear and the wheels turning. 

We didn't go to the Blue Ridge Parkway to ride motorcycles due to my knee, it was really sore and not conducive to safe riding.  We stopped in Nacogdoches, Jackson and then Findley for the nights on the road but the best stay of all was in our own bed on Sunday.

We are all unpacked and most of the laundry is done so have a minute to say hello.  Hope everyone is well and enjoying your warm weather down there.  We have a little rain today and lovely mild weather.  Apparently, winter here wasn't all that snowy but it was quite cold.  I do miss painting class, will get around to painting on my own shortly. 

Love to all

Judy and Tom Hunt

New features

I have added two new "gadgets" to this blog. One is a search feature so if you are hunting for an entry that you want to see again it will aid you in finding it.
Also a followers gadget. So many people tell me  they are faithful followers of the blog. This gadget may make it easier.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Carl Carpenter

I received this from Myrtle today:


• –––––SPRINGDALE — Carl David Carpenter, 77, of Springdale, Ark., passed away Friday, April 2, 2010, in Jane, Mo.

Carl was born on July 7, 1932, in Flint, Mich., a son of Plez Carpenter and Mary Evelyn Warr Carpenter. He owned and operated Sunray Sanitation in Springdale for many years. After selling the business he founded Central States Manufacturing in Lowell. He was a Naval veteran, having served his country during the Korean era. He graduated the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture engineering. He had supported and started various children’s homes and schools in Mexico and Honduras, having a great concern for the Hispanic Community.

Survivors include: wife Una Fay Carpenter, Springdale, Ark.; one son, Rick Carpenter, Fayetteville, Ark.; one daughter, Shelia Taylor, Springdale, Ark.; one brother, Jerry Carpenter, Columbia, Mo.; one sister, Virginia Walker, Mountain Home, Ark.; five grandchildren.

Services will be held at the Fellowship Bible Church in Lowell, Ark., at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, April 7, 2010. Pastors Robert Culp, Jim Hall and Hugo Fruehauf will officiate the services under the direction of the Backstrom-Pyeatte Funeral Home of Springdale, Ark.

Visitation will be held at the funeral home on Tuesday, April 6, 2010, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

In lieu of flowers memorials may be made to the St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

From-Susan and Myron Van Houweling

Hi Magnolia Family,
We have made it home on Saturday, just in time to spend Easter Sunday with my sons and my brother's family.
We spent a week at Port Lavaca, Tx.  It is a Free beach and was a lot of fun.  We met a lot of Winter Texans going home.
We traveled to Baten Rouge and followed the Natchez Trace Parkway home for a while.  No commercial  vehicles are permitted on this road.  We traveled a total of 3110 miles since we left home in December. 

With a Smile,
Susan and Myron

Easter Dinner

We had a delicious dinner on Easter Sunday. Don Soole and his crew of helpers put together the basic meal while the other cooks throughout the park added side dishes and desserts. We did not have the traditional ham but we had BBQ ribs instead and they were indeed a special treat. Kay Stilson made table favors appropriate to the season. Cute little ice cream cone "baskets" with red licorice handles; jellybeans and a chocolate bunny peeked out from inside.The crowd was a crowd with more than a few attending but today and tomorrow will see many more  headed out the front gate and it will be getting even more quiet on the streets of Magnolia Park.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday at Magnolia Park

Today was Easter Sunday at Magnolia Park with a great Easter message given by Pastor Stacey....The sermon taught how Christ gave his life for all of us and rose on the third day to defeat the devil and sin in the world....We need to consider just what all Christ went through just for us....After the service , Communion was given also...It was very special today because of it being Easter...I am sure it touched many hearts....Remember to pray for all those on the road and any one else that comes to your mind...You never know just when it is needed most....

Hvams-Home for Easter

 Left Texas at noon Good Friday and arrived home at 9:30 Saturday night. Our kids had the house cleaned, carpets shampooed,refrigerators and freezer well stocked, and all but oldest daughter was here for Easter dinner.  I had to laugh, they had clean sheets on, towels out for a bath and beds opened. They said they knew we would be really tired, especially their dad. Just like the Holiday Inn. They had a carrier for the pick up made for Weyland's new wheelchair so we could transport it wherever we go. We have the best children and grandchildren you could ask for in this world. There were 3 of them here to greet us and unload the pick up and they had everything put in it's place in no time.We had a safe trip with no problems. Today was a lazy family day that we enjoyed immensely with wonderful food and lots of visiting.
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too. More later!
Weyland and Sharon

Saturday, April 03, 2010

From Judith Raglin

For those of you who do not know her, She and her husband Don were workkampers in the park and we were all glad they were. They did an excellent job and were fun to boot.

I am home at last...what a journey this has been....went in hospital March 12 for surgery...expected to go home next day...and 3 weeks later finally home!!!!   Complications from the anesthetic....and then some real problems developed...was transferred to a rehab on the 16th and finally got home on Thursday....with a little stop at the infectious diseases office for a pump....unfortunately ended up with an infection...but they are vigorously fighting it...and I am getting stronger everyday...walking again and will be back to full capacity soon...truth is...I have been ill for a very long time, just didn't know it...only knew I was "tired" all the time....this has been a blessing in that the problems have been identified and the solutions are on the way...thank you for your love, your prayers, cards....and most of all, the prayers for the doctors, nurses, techs and all others who were lifted up in spirit to heal me....I love you so much....God bless....Judith..
.p.s.  Don sends his love and gratitude...he has been so wonderful and is taking such good care of me....

A gratitude-heart
Is a heavenly miracle
That is visible
Here on earth.

Friday, April 02, 2010

A Day at the Beach

I think the kids in the video put on a demonstration just for me...Enjoy!

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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Today I waded through 3 years of posts on the Magnolia blog looking for recipes. I found over 20 and have them saved for a future publication. If any of you have recipes that are favorites or ones you are always asked for, send them to me and I will post it on the blog AND  save it for a future publication.
Thank you very much!!
It is getting quite quiet around here...

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