Monday, May 22, 2006

There is still a few of us left....

Sorry about not putting something on the blog , but not much is happening here.. HA HA We did have a little excitement last Sunday night ( the 14th). We had some strong winds for a while about midnight and it tore off Raul's awning.. He lives across the street from me so we saw it almost when it happened as we were keeping an eye on the storm.. It was kind of funny as it didn't even wake Raul up and he didn't know about it till the morning when he got up... It didn't do any more damage in the park, just a few small limbs on the ground and the boys had them cleaned up before I could get around to take pictures of them. We only had about 1 and 1/2 inches of rain with the wind and it didn't take long for that to soak in as the ground is really dry..
My good friend Bernice Pratt E-mailed me and wanted some news or pictures on the blog... It's kind of hard to try to put something new on when there isn't much happening.. HA HA It sure has been rather warm during the days , but it cools off nice in the evening. I did find a story that kind of goes with that.
Life is like a Hot Bath
The longer you stay in it,
The more wrinkled you get..
That is some thing to think about anyway.. More later (if something happens)
Raul trying to get his van out...

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