Monday, November 30, 2009

Jean Scheurich

Jean Scheurich (# 10, Lime street) called me to say that she has just
returned from the Mayo Clinic at Rochester, Mn. She has a mass in her
head, behind her right ear / eye area. She goes back in 2 weeks to
find out what the treatment will be, if any. She has had a rough
summer, mostly spent in bed. She is dizzy and has pain most of the

Cards may be sent to 3549 NE Shafer Dr, Monticello, IN. 47960.
Please keep Jean in your prayers.
Kay Voss

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Breakfast in Allen Hall

We have been having breakfast by committee on Saturday mornings. A group of volunteers have been fixing pancakes, sausage, biscuits and gravy. Today, as an experiment, omelettes were added to the menu and they were warmly received so we will do them again soon. If omelettes are your breakfast of choice you might have to wait a little longer because cook time is 13 to 15 minutes but knowing that in advance should assist your patience.

Our recipe follows in case you want to do this at home.
Omelet in a bag

Who has time to wait for just one?
For parties, groups and fun breakfasts, try this "unique" way to make
several of your favorite omelettes all at once.
8 Eggs (makes 4 omelettes)
Cheese, grated
1 Tomato, chopped
1 Onion, chopped
Ham or Bacon, chopped
1 Bell pepper, chopped

1. 'Claim your bag.' Each person takes 1 quart size freezer bag
(other zip lock bags will melt so it must be a freezer bag) and writes
their name on it using a permanent marker.
2. Add two eggs to each freezer bag.
3. Add 1 tbsp of each of your desired omelette ingredients.
4. Seal the bag up tightly, making sure most of the air is out.
Shake the contents of the bag repeatedly until the eggs and
ingredients are well incorporated.

5. Add the bags to a large pot of boiling water.
Make sure the plastic is completely submerged and not touching
the hot metal on the sides.
6. Boil for 13-15 minutes.
7. Remove the bags and allow them to cool.
8.Slide the cooked omelette onto a plate.
Repeat as many times as necessary and enjoy!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Marinated Veggies

Anyone else willing to share their recipe can email it to me and I will post it.

Recipe: Marinated Veggies 11/26/2009

Linger at local farmers' markets to celebrate the green movement known
as locavore, or eating locally grown food. Marinate a big bag of vegetables
and you’ll have enough to last one or two people for up to a week.
Bring them out as a garnish, snack, relish or to add to salads.
Chop and drain them to serve on hot and cold sandwiches too.

1 ½ cups white vinegar
1 1/4 cups vegetable oil
2 tablespoons seasoned salt
2 tablespoons lemon pepper
2 tablespoons Italian seasoning
1 teaspoon garlic granules
Large cauliflower, trimmed and cut in bite size
Large green bell pepper, seeded and cut in squares
Large red sweet pepper, seeded and cut in squares
Large can pitted ripe olives, drained
2 large sweet onions, cut in bite size (I used 1)
2 large cans artichoke halves, drained and quartered (I used 1)
1 quart button mushrooms, trimmed (I used 1)
1 or 2 cucumbers, peeled, seeded and cut in chunks

In a two-gallon zip-top bag, combine marinade ingredients and tip bag to mix well.
Add vegetables, close and refrigerate 24 hours, turning occasionally. Use tongs to
remove vegetables as required or serve the entire batch at a big party. To serve
them all at once, use an ice pick to make holes in the bag, drain well then empty
bag of vegetables into a big serving bowl. Makes 2 quarts vegetables.

Thanksgiving Day

Don Soole, Don Howard and their helpful crew put together another wonderful meal today and the hall was packed with a thankful crowd to enjoy it all. I had my hands full of a marinaded salad to share and completely forgot to take my camera.
Our weather is a bit on the cool side for here but there are folks in the pool so it isn't too cool to some. The getting in isn't too bad but the getting out could be crisp!

The last week has seen many new arrivals but the park is far from full so grab your shorts and shades and point the car or MoHo south. We'll keep the light on and the gate open. Until 8:00 pm that is.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get a human

Many of us are making phone calls to various companies after arriving in the valley for the winter and we all want to talk to a human. More often than not we get the old runaround and button pushing game. This website will tell you how to bypass the buttons and talk to a living human being for all the different companies we do business with.
Get a Human

Monday, November 23, 2009

Farewell for Don and Barbara at the Blue Hall

Tonight the pool players had a little going away party for Don and Barbara Howard at the OLE BLUE Hall during the evening play time...Quite a few pool players showed up to wish Don and Barbara well in the coming days....Don was thanked for all the work he has done in the past years in the pool hall and he will be missed for sure....We all must do what we think is right for us and get on with our lives...I guess some would call that progress but sometimes we all must wonder if we are doing what is best for us....We just have to believe on it and go on....God Bless Don and Barbara in their endeavors....

Don and Barbara Howard

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Goodies being dished up

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Some of the well wishers

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Still Tasty

Thanks for this site, Sharon. It is indeed a great site.

How long can that bottle of ketchup stay in your fridge before it goes bad? This site lists all kind of foods and how to keep them fresh longer as well as when to get rid of them. If you have a question click on the particular picture, and a whole list of stuff appears..............WHAT A GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pecan Bill

Bill has had a challenging year with his health but you can't keep a good man down. He is once again getting pecans ready for the next garage sale.

Stuck on you

This very large cactus is in bloom. It appears the blooms are tacked on.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday at Magnolia

This morning at Magnolia was a time of joy and a little sadness as I will describe...The time of joy was the Church Service and the study of God's word...The theme for the service was "Beware of False Prophets", a great deal to think and study on...Pastor Stacey gave a great sermon on just what God says from the Bible about false prophets and how we should react to them....If you weren't there to hear, you should have been....

Now on the little sadness part, after the service coffee and cakes, cookies, fudge and other goodies were served in honor of Don and Barbara Howard...Don and Barbara are leaving to head north later in the week...They have sold their home in Magnolia and planning on staying in Indiana full time....I know that it was a decision that was hard for them to make but some times we just have to do what we think is right for us....We had 56 in attendance for church and several people came in for the farewell party after the service was over....I wasn't able to get an accurate count, but will guess about 70...Many people gave stories of memories of happenings of Don and Barbara in the past and a few tears were shed....They will be sorely missed....We just need to keep Don and Barbara in our prayers and may God bless them in their new paths....I apologize for not taking my camera and getting some pictures, because I am sure not happy with myself for not doing it...

Fruit Market

We went to the fruit and veggie market this morning. One of the things we like about our location is the close proximity to the fruit and veggie market and the Don -Wes Flea Market across the street. We bought some belts for sons Gary and Jason. At the fruit market??? Yes, they have a bit of everything there. Butch really likes the belt he bought there last year so we picked up some for them as well. They do not have holes in them. They adjust to your waistline whatever it might be within reason, of course.
Also picked up some bell peppers in red, green, orange and yellow. 50 cents a piece.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trash Can Turkey

Today is your lucky day! You can cook that Thanksgiving turkey without heating up the house. Or are you inviting so many guests that you need two turkeys and you only have one oven? Here is the answer for you!
Be sure to pre-treat your trash can first...see the additional tips at the bottom of the recipe for pre-treatment directions
Trash Can Turkey - a Gourmet Treat
Heavy duty aluminum foil
12x12 wood board - covered with foil
18" dowel - mounted vertically in the center of the board - covered with foil

up to a 13 pound turkey - tied if you desire

20 gallon galvanized steel trash can, treated (see below for treatment instructions)

2 10-pound bags of "matchlight" charcoal briquettes

Sturdy, heat-proof gloves

Lay a large piece of aluminum foil on a non-flamible spot on the ground.

Place the wood board/dowel in the center of the foil.

Place a cleaned turkey, legs down, over the dowel.

Place the trash can upside down over the turkey.

Pour 1 bag of charcoal on top of trash can. Pour the other bag of charcoal around
the base of the trash can. Make sure all of the charcoal is on the large piece of foil covering the ground. Using a stick lighter, light the charcoal in several places (do not use lighter fluid!).

Allowing the charcoal to flame, cook the turkey for 90 minutes.

Rake the coals off the top and from around the base. Carefully remove the trash
can (use gloves - it's hot) and viola' - there's your browned, crispy turkey!

Additional Tips

The first time you use the trash can for Gourmet Trash Can Turkey you must
"season" it using a water/white vinegar mix. This removes any metallic taste.

In the trash can add 1 gallon of white vinegar. Fill the can half way up with cool,
clean water. Wash the sides and allow to sit for 6 hours. Swish the water/vinegar
on to the sides every 30 minutes or so.

Rinse well and prepare to wow your friends and family!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rainy Day in Texas

We had a bit of a downpour this afternoon. Rained really hard for a short period of time. I happened to be at Kay Stilson's place when it started and she said, "You are going to get wet!" I said, "No I am not because I am not going anywhere!"

Computer class was this morning and we had 4 students. That is 3 more than we had last week. We spent most of the time getting anti-virus protection on 3 computers and getting it updated. First things first.

We are having a few more arrivals every day or so. It is fun to go for a walk and see who has arrived.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blooming Cactus

The gigantic cactus on Texas street, near Vera's place is in bloom. I am not quite tall enough to get the best picture.

This flowering vine is blooming on Lime street. It has the most beautiful magenta seed pods on it as well as the delicate blossoms.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chet walks Chico...

Or is it Chico walks Chet!

We have had a few arrivals in the park so folks are slowly trickling in but attendance so far is behind the same time as last year. We ended up being a very full park last season so we would like to assume the same will be true this year. So far there is plenty of space so come on down and beat the rush.

Monday, November 16, 2009

From Kay Voss

Hello to all....

We finally completed the 1400 mile trip to Texas, with no problems!
PTL that is over. Now to get unpacked and get some cleaning done.
The only problems so far---phone didn't work, (new battery needed)
and mouse on computer had to be replaced. So far so good. We have
most of van unpacked, and boxes all over the house. Tomorrow is
another day. We are really tired. The parks looks like normal--a few
of our friends are here, so nice to visit for awhile. Visit

-- Age & Treachery will over come Youth and Enthusiasm

Feathered Friends

The parrots seem to be more abundant and visit the park more frequently than in years past. They are a unique and colorful part of being here. As are...

the grackles. Sometimes we dismiss them as a noisy pest of a bird but they are so graceful and also a unique part of being here.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Service

Here it is Sunday again....How the time flies as we get older and have more to do than when we were working it seems....All I know is we need to enjoy every minute of the time the Lord gives us to share with our family and friends...

The Sunday Service we had this morning was great as usual...There is a few more each Sunday as more of the Magnolia Family comes in for the coming season...This mornings service was on the theme of "The King is coming, draw closer to him"...Scriptures from Zechariah Chapter 12 were read and studied...It you aren't here to come to the service, you are missing out on a blessing, so come on down and join in...I know that in most of the NORTHERN areas it is a lot colder than down here in the DEEP SOUTH TEXAS and we don't have any threat of SNOW...Just a little thought for you....Till next time...

Early to rise

The cat woke me early this morning so instead of giving her a kick I got up, fed her and then sat down at the computer. I looked towards the pool and there were waves happening. I thought the wind might be blowing but couldn't hear it, finally I could discern someone swimming! It is dark at 5:30 AM and I couldn't identify who it was but someone else sure gets up early too.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Breakfast by Committee

A group of eager volunteers are putting together a tasty breakfast on Saturday mornings. Below are Jon and Edy Larson and Ron and Chris Pearce headed for Allen Hall and breakfast.

Tasty breakfast and good conversation. What better way to start the day!

Char and Carol work on food prep.

Eugene, Bill and Tuffy on the cooking end of things.

Friday, November 13, 2009


One of the really great benefits of being here is the ability to go for a walk anytime the spirit moves you. We have been here since Oct. 28th and not once have we been stopped by weather. Exercise is important to a great many of the residence. Some people bike, some walk and some get their exercise in the pool.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


The activities are revving up as the chairman of those activities arrive. They have continued the potlucks throughout the summer so they are active on Thursday nights as we enter the season.
I know that cribbage has started.
The first computer class will be this Friday in the little hall.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Thank You

To veterans alive and those who have left us, to those who have served
in other parts of the world and those who have served here at home, to
those who have served in time of war and those who served during the too
precious times of peace, and to those who died doing their duty: I
thank you and honor you all not just this, but every day.

Forecast and stuff

I took a peek at the 10 day forecast and it is the same-80's-sunshine-0% chance of precipitation-every day! The weatherman sure has an easy time of it here.

The pool is working now and getting used.

The pool hall is getting used too. They are playing a round robin most nights.

And I am certain you would not need to look far to find a card game.

Most of the people here now are homeowners. We Rvers are definitely in the minority. I think there are two of us. But once it gets colder up north they will all skedaddle on down.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

George Morgan Returns

This from Carl Morgan:
"WATCH OUT! After several months and over 10,000 miles on the road George Morgan and his four legged traveling partner Molly are on their way back to the Park. And once again when George lets Molly behind the wheel of that beautiful golf cart of his no yards will be safe."

Thanks Carl!

Eye on Ida

I have been keeping an eye on Ida because our good friends Lum & Donna live at Pass Christian Mississippi. It looks as though Ida will be a fairly mild experience. BUT we who are in the Rio Grande Valley may want to mosey on down to South Padre just to see the 6 to 10 foot waves that are expected. Since we were just there on Sunday I don't suppose I will go again. Heavy sigh...

Sunday, November 08, 2009

South Padre

Dirty Al's cooler. I had shrimp and Butch had a hamburger. We were both very happy with our choices. DEE-LISH-US

There was heavy surf today and it was cloudy with periods of rain. It was still a beautiful day on the island.

We traveled to the end of the road. It is about 7 miles of sand still left to develop.

The leaning tower is being slowly dismantled but it looks like it will take a long time.

This is a plastic wrapped hi-rise. I do not know the purpose of it.

Sunday Service

Sunday Service at Magnolia Park is always a treat and today was no exception...The group is slowly growing with the addition of the Magnolia Family coming in for the season..Today the theme of the lesson was from Zechariah chapter 11" The Power of Rejection"...Pastor Stacey gave a powerful message that sure fits the time we are in...Much to think about and study...Afterwards the chief cooks and bottle washers served breakfast to all that wanted...It was a very good meal and much camaraderie was had by all....Don't you wish you were here to join us....The weather's great and the pool is warm and wet...

Small but growing crowd

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Lineing up for Breakfast

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Pool Work Crew

Noticed a busy work crew cleaning the pool chairs. They appeared to be well balanced in their duties and finished up in short order. The pool has warmed up now and is getting steady use.

This is a seed pod off one of the tropical trees. Looks like something from a sci-fi or Dr. Seuse book

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Friday, November 06, 2009

Garage Sale Day is tomorrow

I stopped by Allen Hall this morning and it is shaping up to be a very good sale tomorrow. Lots of neat stuff. The contents of one whole mobile home was donated so that makes it really fun to go look.
The pool has not been working, much to the consternation of many park residents. A new heater has been installed but after checking the water temperature a few times I assure you it still isn't working. 76 degrees is still much too chilly to dip my toes much less any further up. I have been seeing a steady stream of sunbathers however. Oh My!!! I just looked at the pool and there is someone in it. I think it is Chet. I should think he will be one very large goosepimple! Jerry and Diana Burton are getting some rays so they should be warm enough with outdoor temps at a balmy 83 degrees.

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