Thursday, December 29, 2005


The mail arrival has been erratic. The mailman who has our route on a regular basis broke his legs so we have been assigned to whoever they can find to fill in. Sometimes it will be 7 pm or later when the mail arrives. On Tuesday it arrived at 7:00 pm and on Wednesday it was here at 9:00 am. So keep your expectations at a minimum and go with the flow... Smile! Posted by Picasa


The past three mornings have been cool and foggy. My geraniums are covered with foggy dew. Posted by Picasa

From the Reed's

Harold and Iola Wilson stopped by tonight. We enjoyed ALL the pictures and articles from Magnolia Park. Happy to see everyone looking so good. Harold is doing well; Iola also.
Our Best Wishes to Tony and Jo. Sorry to hear about Auggie Becker's passing.
Interesting seeing Ray Thompson's articles. They live one and a half blocks from us here in Atlantic.
Sure miss Magnolia Park and the People !! Have a GREAT winter. Lloyd and Wanda Reed

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Auggie Becker passed away this evening. His long struggle has ended but his spirit will remain at Magnolia Park. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday Ladies 8 Ball League

Magnolia Park hosted the Ladies 8 Ball League today. There are 8 Parks in the League and take turns hosting, so the ladies get to go to different parks each week to play.. Char and Carol were the team representing Magnolia Park today... All the ladies seem to enjoy each others company and fellowship.. A good time was had by all...

Char and Carol

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How can I make this shot?

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Bertha's Burgers

There is no sign on the building at the SW corner of S. 14th street and Silver Ave. in Donna TX but if you ask inside they will tell you the name of the place. It started out as a meat market and the family owners began making burgers at lunch for friends. Word spread and now when you go there during their hours of 10:45- 3:00 pm you may have to wait awhile for a seat. A cheeseburger is $3.25 and will easily feed two people. To top it off they are mighty tasty. The place is a little hard to find but well worth the search. Take a friend. Posted by Picasa

Owner Mando serves coffee

Six of us rode 9.67 miles today and then stopped at Vicky's in Donna for breakfast. Some of us enjoyed the special which was two breakfast tacos for $1.99. Next week the plan is to go to Bentsen State Park so get your bike all polished up and join us. Posted by Picasa

Bikers at Vicky's

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Some came to meet us at Vicky's for breakfast. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Nice crowd for Christmas Dinner

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Milling around waiting to eat..

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Mervin and Darlene Kearney

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Berwyn and Erma Cleaveland

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Floyd and Eva Foote

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Christmas Dinner at Magnolia

Well today we had Christmas Dinner at Magnolia and a great time was had by all.. There was so much food that there was no way you could eat it all so they came back at 5:00 pm and tried again.. The cooks did a great job as usual and the food, prayer and fellowship was just great.. Much laughter and good cheer for all.. May everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..

Derwood and Bernice

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Rambo's Mom and Dad--Floyd & Fran

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Magnolia Christmas Day 2004!!

What a difference a year makes! Posted by Picasa

Christmas Day 2005

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Smile! Christmas Eve at Magnolia Park. The following pictures are those who performed at the Christmas eve program. It was followed by a tremendous variety of finger foods. If one had partaken of all that was offered one could be very ill from overindulgence! Small kitchens in winter residences does not slow down the wonderful cooks of Magnolia Park.
Ben R., our keyboard guy . Posted by Picasa
Char & Joan Posted by Picasa

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