Sunday, December 30, 2018

Change of Plans for Tomorrow

Because there is going to be a dance here on Thursday evening the Christmas trees will be left up. There will still be crafts tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 and don't forget Coffee, Donuts, & Announcements on Tuesday morning.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Christmas Decorations Coming Down

On Monday afternoon at the normal craft time (1:00) we will take down the Christmas decorations in Allen Hall. And, if you have any craft ideas for future projects, please bring them to Gail.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Fred's Afghan

One last picture from Christmas in Magnolia Village. Today we celebrated together with a meal in Allen Hall. Fred was presented with an afghan to keep him warm as he moves a bit further north and we hope when he wraps himself up in it, he will remember all of his friends in Magnolia Village.

Merry Christmas

Dave and Mary's Nativity Scene along with a Merry Christmas from all of us in Magnolia Village to our present and past residents and our wishes to all of you for a Happy, Healthy New Year. If you are soon to be on the road, travel safely and we look forward to seeing you.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve in Magnolia Village

Tonight was finger food with a short program afterward up in Allen Hall.  Below are those who helped out and below this post is another about helping. Make sure you scroll down and see what happens when one of our residents has trouble and others jump in to help. That is the true spirit of Christmas.

12 volunteers getting ready to sing The Twelve Days of Christmas.

These two are part of Larry's family visiting for Christmas.

Those who participated in the song were Dave Greening, Darlene Jansen, Mary Bruun,
Elaine Misfeldt, Susan Van Howling, Donna Bruun, Larry's granddaughter and great granddaughter, 
Kenton Salmon, Larry Josie, Cathy Toms, and Pat Kent

Don Harper introduced Fred Rabe who will be leaving the park at the end of the month and invited the ladies up to dance with Fred because Fred does love to dance.

Fred Rabe and Cynthia Daigle

Magnolia Family

This is what it looks like when Magnolia family helps out Magnolia family. Myron and Susan came to visit us in Trophy Gardens and when it came time for them to go their truck would not start and after much investigation, it was discovered the truck needed a new starter. O'Reilly's being a quarter mile away the part was purchased but a jack was needed to get the job completed. We took them back to Magnolia and today the Magnolia Cavalry came to the rescue in the form of the Bruun brothers, Wayne and Dave and Leroy Misfeldt. Myron has his truck back with its new starter installed. This little mishap could have been much worse as it had not been many days ago when they went to Mexico.
Barb B.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas Lighting Contest

Last evening the winners of the Christmas Lighting Contest were announced.

In first place were DA and Kathy Baustian.

In 2nd place were Joe and Linda Bleess who had lights on both the front and back of their mobile.

And, coming in 3rd were Kenton Salmon and Polly Pruitt

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Christmas Parade

Today was the Christmas Parade and here are some pictures for you to enjoy. If I have missed someone, please let me know as I'm sure I have at least one picture of everyone who participated and probably more than one!

 Peggy leading the parade

 Dave & Mary

Gail escorting Fred

Dick & Anita

Deral & Linda (and Santa too)

Duane & Reggie and somewhere they found a youngster

Larry & Crew

Joe & Linda Bleess

Mike & Patti Reddick

Pecan Bill & Marge

Roy & Shirley

Ron & Cynthia and  Mira & Myra

Chet & "friend"



 A closeup of the sleigh and the reindeer

And, last but certainly not least, how many of you noticed this greeting as you walked in the parade??

Today's Happenings

Today at four o'clock this afternoon is the Christmas Parade. Please gather with your golf carts, bicycles, or whatever, at the pool hall to line up. After the parade, for those of you who siged up there will be sub sandwiches up in Allen Hall and after that the winners of the Christmas Lighting Contest will be announced.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ugly Sweater Contest

We had some fun this morning at coffee and donuts and here are a few pictures from the morning.

 This was the entire group and you can see that they were pretty creative.

These were the five finalists

Elaine Misfeldt won third

Polly was voted most creative and Kenton won 2nd

 Kathy Baustian won 1st place

Here a couple more just for good measure. Mary had a big smile on her face and who can resist Dick with his beautiful bow!

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