Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ladies Pool League Starting the Season

You can sure tell the season is starting as the Ladies started the Pool League today.. All the teams came and all had fun competing and visiting about the summer happenings. They all got to see the Pool Hall after all the work was done painting and cleaning. It sure looks nice and bright now. It will sure get a lot of use this winter with all the pool players and cards that will be played.. It has been rearranged late last spring and gives everyone more room it seems now... Also new shades were put up to keep the sun from shining in and blinding people during the day (helps protect the tables and chairs also)...When you folks that are still up NORTH do come down you need to stop in the Pool Hall right away and see the change..
Char and Carol waiting their turn to play..
Some of the Ladies Pool Teams.
The Hall's nice and bright now..

Monday, November 27, 2006

Butch and his $4.00 haircut and yes, he did request it that short.
Mexican Fisherman
Rio Grande River
The Mexican Border- They are being more careful at the border checking ID's and asking questions thus it is taking longer to come back to the USA no matter if you drive or on foot.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Shufflers Ed, Bonnie and Esther.

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Water Feature

A water feature at Jim & Kay's.

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Landed again

The parrots landed again last night. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and they were properly posed in the top of a tree. This photo is the best I could do. I had to try!

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Big Fire

There was a big fire about a quarter block east of the park on business highway 83. It was an abandoned mosaic tile company building. It took a very long time for them to get it under control. Fortunately the wind was out of the south so the smoke didn't come our way.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Parrots

The parrots fly over morning and night. Rarely do they land but they did last evening. Even so it is difficult to get good pictures of them without some high dollar photographic equipment so I did the next best thing and purloined a good picture from Google images. Yup, this is what they look like and I would say there were several hundred here for their brief visit. Also, you can hear them coming from a long way off.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Feast

The Magnolia Park Association put on our delicious Thanksgiving feast. Don & Barbara Howard spearheaded the preparation of the meal with help from able and willing volunteers. The result was truly magnificent. Pictured here is Dorothy H. dishing up the pies.
Barbara Howard makes gravy.
Don Soole, our fearless leader, cleans up.
Marj stirs the dressing
Thanksgiving Feast- The Dessert Table

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lots of things are happening in the park. Trees being trimmed and cut down, cement being poured, painting in various places in preparation for the big rush to the valley after the holidays. So come on down!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I am reading "One of Ours" by Willa Cather. I am reading it online from this website and it is free. It is one of many places to get free books on the Internet. Once I went to the website I browsed a bit and stumbled on to this Willa Cather book. Let me know what you stumble onto.;-)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ain't we got fun!!

The Magnolia Park Association is in charge of activities in the park. Many volunteers make this a pleasant part of our winter stay. Not all of the activities listed below are in full swing. As friends who are still in the north venture this way all of the activities will be happening.

8:45 AM Church (Non-Denominational)

1:00 PM Hand & Foot

4:00 PM Bean Bags & Darts

5:30 PM Ice Cream Social (Bring bowls and spoon-35 cents a scoop)

6:00 PM Entertainment $2.00 per person


8:30 AM Exercise

9:00 AM Shuffleboard Scramble

9:30 AM Choir

9:30 AM Business Meeting- 1st Monday of the month for members only

11:00 AM Warblers

1:00 PM Hobby & Craft

7:00 PM Pitch- Euchre


9:30 AM Happy Hour-Coffee and donuts (35cents) Bring your cup

11:00 AM Peter Piper Pizza, Weslaco

11:30 AM Golf at Village Executive Course

1:00 PM Jam Session –Entertainers and listeners welcome

7:00 PM 500 card game


8:00 AM Bikers

8:30 AM Exercise

12:45 PM Bowling

7:00 PM Whist

7:00 PM Bingo* 50 cents a card


8:00 AM Paint Class

9:00 AM Shuffleboard Scramble

1:30 PM Cribbage

5:00 PM Potluck (Bring own table service and large covered dish, coffee furnished)


8:30 AM Exercise

9:00 AM Computer Class (Little Hall)

11:00 AM Bible Study

1:00 PM Bridge
1:00 PM Ladies Pool

7:00 PM Pinochle- Euchre

Saturday** -

8:30 AM Breakfast-Bring own table service

Biscuits & Gravy $1.75-Pancakes $1:75

Sausage Patties 35 cents each- Coffee furnished

9:30 AM Shuffleboard Scramble

7:00 PM Bingo* 50 cents a card

Plus many Special events- Watch the bulletin board in Allen Hall and listen for announcements on Tuesday mornings at Happy Hour

Magnolia Senior Citizens Association Membership fee is $2.00 per person. Association membership is required to participate in activities run by the association and fees go towards paying for coffee and other kitchen supplies. Pool Players are asked for a $ 5.00 donation each and the fee goes towards pool supplies and upkeep of tables.

*Bingo is for park members and overnight guests only, coffee/cookies served at intermission.Texas law requires a park badge on every person.

**Garage/Craft Sale –1st Saturday of every month, BBQ Lunch available for purchase (No Breakfast served on Garage Sale Saturdays)

Mexico's symbol

I haven't been too active with my camera lately so went back in time to last year and randomly chose this photo. Mexico's symbol is an eagle sitting on a cactus eating a snake. Wherever you see this symbol you will know it is related to Mexico. Our guide on the trip to Monterrey last year made sure we were all aware of this bit of trivia.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Bertha's Burgers

Butch and I went to Bertha's Burgers the other day for lunch. Cost for this cheeseburger that would easily feed two was $3.25. And it was mighty tasty too.
Located on Silver street in Donna Texas.
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Superior Carpet Cleaners

We had our carpet in the motorhome cleaned this morning. We have lived in it full time now for two years so I know it needed it. I try to stay on top of it with spot cleaning because living in a small area gets things dirty in a hurry. I think they did a good job but it isn't dry yet so it is a little hard to tell. On the plus side for them, they were prompt on the time set. Five minutes early even. And when I called for an appointment the girl who answered the phone spoke perfect English and that was reassuring as I had faith that she understood the transaction. It was $40 for cleaning the motorhome. They offer free estimates and their number is 956 787 7472

Friday, November 03, 2006

Calling all Fans

We have friends coming to the valley in March and they have never been here before. They have six days to visit. We have been coming down many years and have many places we would like to take them but in the thinking about it I was curious about what others would say are 'Must Sees'. So please email me at with where you would take first timers.
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Panchos at Garcia's above the Canada store in Nuevo Progreso Mexico are worth the trip. They were so good!!
The traffic out of Progreso was as crowded as I have ever seen it. Cars were lined up past the casino. We asked a fellow in Garcia's about it and he said there was a festival further south and that all the cars were headed back from the festival.
The casino, for those interested, is waaaay down the main street past the school. I have seen it once and that is enough for me.;-)
This handsome fellow greets all who are headed to Progreso. The misses is nearby but she is much smaller than this guy.
Shuffleboard has begun and all you shufflers will recognize this shot.
He is a little hard to spot but one of our little green lizard friends wanted to be a part of the soup supper but he could not find a way inside. Thank goodness!
Pat Jones put together these cute little witches and shared them at the Halloween soup supper.

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