Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interest in the Park

Sorry I haven't written any thing for the blog for a few days as I have been under the weather so to speak, but am better now so will try to catch up a little....

This past weekend Edna Nelson's niece (Sandra) and her daughter ( Nancy) were in the park looking at a possible home for Sandra to buy...They looked at several and very interested in a couple of them...I am sure that Sandra would be a great addition to our park...I know that she would be great company for Edna now that Charley is gone...I suspect that we would get to see Nancy once in a while also...They were only here for a couple of days...I got to take their picture Monday morning up at the office as they got keys and permission to look at some places...I started to feel sick in the afternoon and hear that they left sometime then, so don't know if anything was done for sure or not...Just have to wait and see.....

Raul got out of the hospital and is staying at his sister's house in San Bonita for recovery, but is coming along real well....Well that's a start, will try to do better....

Nancy and Sandra Williams

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Peach Crisp

Betty Crocker
Peach Crisp-Only 3 ingredients!
Honorable Mention - Contest Recipe 2009! Making fruit crisp has just become the easiest! With three ingredients and 10 minutes, you can have a cozy fruit crisp ready for the oven.
Prep Time: 10 min
Total Time: 40 min
Makes: 6 servings

1 pouch (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker® oatmeal cookie mix
1/2 cup cold butter
5 cups frozen sliced peaches, thawed and drained, or 1 can (29 oz) sliced peaches, drained

1. Heat oven to 375°F. In large bowl, place cookie mix. Cut in butter, using pastry blender or fork, until mixture looks like coarse crumbs.
2. In ungreased 8-inch square baking dish or 2-quart round casserole, place peaches. Sprinkle cookie mixture over peaches.
3. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until topping is golden brown. Serve warm or cool.

Why just use peaches? Experiment with other fruits or fruit combos.
Nutrition Information:
1 Serving: Calories 650 (Calories from Fat 170); Total Fat 19g (Saturated Fat 10g, Trans Fat 1/2g); Cholesterol 40mg; Sodium 440mg; Total Carbohydrate 113g (Dietary Fiber 5g, Sugars 77g); Protein 7g Percent Daily Value*: Vitamin A 20%; Vitamin C 160%; Calcium 0%; Iron 10% Exchanges: 2 Starch; 1 Fruit; 4 1/2 Other Carbohydrate; 0 Vegetable; 3 1/2 Fat Carbohydrate Choices: 7 1/2
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

From Kay & Jim Voss

Hello to all....

well, we made it down to Arkansas for peaches! We left Thurs AM,
picked Friday AM, and left for home after here Sat at
230 AM. Whew. Maybe getting too old for such long hours, plus
picking peaches in heat and humidity??? We only got 908 pounds---the
orchard really suffered from the weather this year, 50% of the trees
have died. The farmer does not know if he will replace the trees or
not. It was hard to find the peaches, we had to check out many
trees--usually the trees are loaded with fruit, not this year! The
fruit is good, we hope to sell the remaining at the Tuesday Farmer's

When we got up Sat morning---we had to pick our own raspberries (6
pounds) plus 12 pounds of peas. Boy the gardens missed us! We had
people coming during the day and evening to pick up peaches---no time
for any naps!! ha

Well, time to get ready for church, Jim is out picking peas again....I
get the job of the raspberries after church while he goes to a trap
shoot. Hope all are well, visit soon.
Kay and Jim

-- It's not what you gather, but what you scatter, that tells what kind of life you have lived.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Magnolia News

On our ride around the park we saw that Jerry and Joan Keyser are in...We haven't talked to them yet to find out how they are but will as soon as we can....

We also found out that some time ago Irene Paulson was working in the garden and fell and injured her pelvis (either broke it or cracked it) and was in the hospital for a while....She is now home recovering and doing well...She is up and walking with a walker but never the less walking around...You might add her to your prayers even if she is doing well....

Lois Terryn told us tonight that Bonnie Petersen was out of the hospital and in a nursing home in Westlaco....She will be there until she is able to walk again...That maybe some time as it will be a slow process...She doesn't have a phone in her room to be able to call her and at this time I don't have her address to be able to write her...I will try to get that as soon as I can and post it....She also needs our prayers

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dry and Hot

Was listening to the news this evening and another record was set again today in McAllen...It was 106 and the old record was 102, so it was hot....But as hot as it is we sure need some rain, most of the Texas rain is all at least 3 to 4 hundred miles north of us...I think that the only thing the plants are living on is the humidity in the air...HA HA...Some of the plants still aren't going to make it though...They say that we only have had about 5 inches of rain the whole year...That makes us about 8 or 9 inches short...Well I guess it will start some time soon, just as long as we don't get a hurricane I will be satisfied...

Poor Thing

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well today I don't have any new news to report in the park, but I will make an observation for your thoughts...A couple of weeks ago something went wrong with the pool system and it had to be shut down...Everyone thought how long is this going to take to get it fixed, but in a couple of days they had someone out here and soon had it running again....Last week the hot tub broke down and sure enough in a couple of days they had someone in to fix it...Both are running just fine now....The grass is all mowed and the park looks just great with nothing broken that I know of....I know that I am well satisfied with what's happening in the park so far....The future looks bright as I see it....I just hope and pray that it keeps on the same track.....

Oh by the way the Valley has broken heat records for 20 times in the last month or so...Some thing to think of...HA HA

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Morning Coffee

I just want you to know that just because there aren't too many people in the park, we are still having Tuesday coffee....There weren't too many of us but it was good just the same...Herb Jones bought the rolls today...We kind of take turns getting the rolls or donuts...Who ever buys gets the choice...HA HA

On another note when we were taking our nightly cart ride we talked to Tony as he was mowing the yards that he takes care of....He said that he is doing OK and we were glad to hear that...He was all smiles just like always..He is doing a great job on the lawns he has..

On a sad note Pat Jones told us that Francisco Covarrubias (467 Pecos) has bone cancer and prostrate cancer...She said that its kind of hard to communicate with him(language) but that he is home and has a visiting nurse coming to see almost every day....He sure needs our prayers....

Monday, July 20, 2009

News and a Reminder

Just thought I might remind you about Harold Shelden's birthday card shower and open house on August 1st...I originally wrote about it before we went on vacation cause I didn't know just how long we were going to be gone...If you need the address, look in the archives in the blog for June...

We talked to Christina Saldivar (Rauls sister-in-law) tonight about Raul...She said that he had some surgery, was in the hospital , but is suppose to be able to come home tomorrow if the Dr. releases him...That was good to hear, so will be able to find out more when I see him...

I talked to Manuel and he told me that he had scrapped the paint and stencils off of the sign over the door of the Blue Hall and repainted it completely...He said that it took him the whole day to scrape it and then paint it...He is kind of proud of the job that he did....I went over with him and took some pictures of it and reaffirmed that he did an excellent job...It had needed to be done for a long time...See what you think when you look at the pictures...

Redone Sign for the Blue Hall

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Blue Hall looking better

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

News for the Park

Hi Everyone I have been trying to catch up with things around here before I got to much started on the blog...Sorry...I will try to do better..While we were up NORTH on vacation we saw the Cleavelands and had a meal with them at Avoca, Iowa at the Embers Cafe...We always try to eat there at least once when we are back...It was so good to be able to see Mom and Pop Cleaveland and visit....They both look and act like they are 30 years younger than they are...They said that they were both feeling good and were looking forward to coming down to the valley this fall...

In the park Marie and Dale Flood have some family visiting for a few days so they is some activity in the park...Also Bill Saubert has his brother Richard from Florida visiting him for a few days....Richard told me that he was trying to talk Bill into going with him up north to visit some of their relation, but was unsure if Bill would go...I hope he does cause he needs some get away time...I guess we all do once in a while...I have a couple of more things I am going to share but haven't gotten the picture or all the info yet so you will have to wait for it next time...

Meal with the Cleavelands

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Back in the Park

I guess it means that I can't leave the park without all kinds of things happening...Two days after we left on Tuesday June 30th , Bonnie Petersen fell and broke her hip...We were told that she fell over her foot stool...She had surgery on it on Friday the third...She is in McAllen hospital and will be there for another week before going to rehab...She sure needs our prayers at this time....Her daughters have been here for for a few days, but plan on leaving in a day or so....

I also heard that Raul Saldivar was in the hospital also... I don't know any particulars on that at this time, so will have to find out more and get back to you....

We are glad to be back home but don't like the heat as usual, but we can't do any thing about it....The park looks great with the grass all mowed...The only thing is it is sure dry...We could use some of the moisture that has been falling up north...More later...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Oh My

Don was buzzing right along with posts about Magnolia but now we have had a long dry spell. I imagine Don the blog poster is in the Midwest seeking cooler temperatures. Hurry back Don so we can all find out what is happening in Magnolia park!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bill & Kay Stilson

I just got Bill home last night, June 30th at 6 PM. Bill has been in the hospital ever since we got home May 26th. It has been a long long struggle for him. He still needs 4 more weeks of antibiotics. Two weeks as a liquid in his pick line and 2 in pill form. After 2 more weeks we should be free and clear to do as we please. It is very clear that we will not be making our annual trip to Iowa this year. Our main goal is to see to it that Bill will never have to go through this again. We will see you all in November in Texas and I will tell you, he will be doing his pecans as usual. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.
Bill and Kay Stilson

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