Saturday, April 28, 2012

Update on Dorothy H

A little update on Dorothy......she is resting and doing well in the husband and I are heading there and will be with them for a while.....if the tests are good and she continues to improve...she will be going home on Tuesday.....thanks for your prayers.....and I will continue to keep you updated....Judie Mathews

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dorothy Hannewald- Health issue

Just a note to tell you my Mom, Dorothy Hannewald had a heart attack this morning.....they put a stent in....she had a blocked artery...and is resting in the hospital. She will be there at least a week....and I will keep you we find out more. I will let you know when phone calls can be the meantime...I ask for your prayers for both Mom and Dad as they deal with this situation. Would someone please let Pat Jones know as I know she doesn't have a computer?.....Thanks so much...Judie Mathews ( daughter )

Monday, April 23, 2012

From the Hannewald's Son

Just a little note to tell you that my parents, Dorothy and Dick Hannewald, made it back to their home on the Betsie River in Northern Michigan on Friday, April 20. They were so fortunate to miss all the bad weather on their journey north. Our family spent several days welcoming them back before they headed to their final destination. They love their " Magnolia Family" and not returning in the fall will a big change for them....but we are so thankful to have them closer. I will continue to check this website daily.....and I'm sure they will pass on news from time to time. Enjoy the summer !

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Service

Another beautiful day in deep south Texas to come together and worship the Lord at Magnolia Park.....We had a small group of 16 but the service was wonderful....Of course we had it in the little hall so it was nice to come together for the lesson...Pastor Stacey said that we would have two more weeks of study before we would adjourn for the summer and start up again in September....Of course he invited any and all to come to First Baptist Church in Donna where he is Pastor....We still have a few who will be leaving to go up NORTH for the summer so there will only be a few in Magnolia left....

The lesson today was a continuation of the lesson of resurrection with the theme of " The Power and the Glory of God"....When we read the scriptures if we think on them , not just read them we will find that God always has a plan for his children and is always teaching us how to be able to follow his ways if we will but listen, learn and believe on his word....When we believe and act on God's word, great things will happen on our lives....The verses that are emphasised here are from The Book of St. John, chapter 11, verses 25 and 26.....If we can but grasp these we will gain much....A great lesson for all....

Remember to continue to pray for the families of those that passed away and also for the ones that are sick and their families....If some one comes to mind, please pray for them as you never know just what they might be going through in this time of their lives.... Marilyn and I are going to visit our grandson for our great-granddaughter's first birthday next week end so we wouldn't be in Church at Magnolia, but will be back the next one.....God Bless All.....

Dale Flood Obituary

Dale passed away April 18, 2012, at the age 87. He was preceded in death by his Father and Mother, William Ely Flood and Vadie (Bailey) Flood, 4 brothers and 5 sisters and 2 grandsons.
He is survived by His wife of 43 years Marie, daughters Schyrlet (Rickie) Cameron and Kathryn (Roger) Brown, step children Leilani (William) Dinwiddie, Lee (Violet) Reddick, Michael (Patti) Reddick and Elizabeth Mason. Grandchildren, Kimberly Kellen, Michael, Barbara, and Mycha Reddick, Leilani, William, and Cherry Dinwiddie. 7 great grandchildren.
Dale served in World War II with the Navy. Most of his service was overseas. He worked in sawmills in Oregon most of his adult life.
Dale retired in 1986 and traveled the United States with 2 trips into Canada. He and his wife finally made their home in Donna, TX.

News about Don Louks

Darlene called to tell me that Don and Sally Louks stopped in Indianapolis to visit with kids and Don ended up admitted to the hospital. Don had not felt well throughout the winter months and he has now found out he has a couple of heart blockages and needs a pacemaker. So it seems their trip home will be held up until he gets patched up. The doctors assure him he will feel better than he has felt for quite some time. So Don's pool playing skills will be back to top-notch next season.  We wish him the very best and will be anxious to see the new and improved Don Louks next season.
Darlene also told me that they are continuing to have storms in the valley with hail and tornados basically in the same areas. McAllen and Raymondville. It seems that Magnolia Park is in a little pocket of tranquillity. We are ever so grateful for that.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dale Flood passed away

I received word that Dale Flood passed away on Wednesday April 18th. I will post more info when I receive it and have time and internet connection.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Connection Issues

I become spoiled each winter with our wonderful internet connection. (Time Warner Roadrunner) And then when I leave it can be a struggle with slow, cranky unreliable connections. It is fairly good where we are here in Llano TX but not as good as I am used to. So I want to apologize. If I do not get your messages on this site in a timely manner you can be pretty sure it is internet woes of some sort. Because if I become frustrated I walk away for a bit or wait until I am in a better location to take care of posting on the blog. So bear with me and we will persevere!

From Ambrose and Lili

Pictures from Ambrose and Lili's trip home.

#1  Magnolia beach 


  #2 entrance to The Natchez Trace

      #3, 4, 5  A red neck from Mississsippi that we met on the trace

#7- 8-9 are from Meriwether Lewis national park on Natchez Trace

#10    !8 cargos ready to move. Made me think of  Fred , Eugene or any  ex- driver from our pack.LOL. 

 Geese trying to beat us to the north

From Kay and Jim Voss

Hello to all

We made it home in good shape.  Glad to be off the road....we drove ahead of all the storms, which were chasing us.  We never got a drop of rain on us the whole to clean out the van and find a place to put it all! 
 Kay Voss

Monday, April 16, 2012

History of Little Hall Microwaves

There have been 4...count them,4...microwaves stolen from the little hall over the past 3 years but this last one is a story in itself. After having 3 stolen we were on a quest for a solution to this problem. The first 2 were stolen in the summer months when there were not many people around but the 3rd one disappeared on Super Bowl Sunday sometime in the afternoon as near as we can tell.
 It was decided to place the new microwave on a cart and store it in a different location only bringing it out for use when needed. But then the bright idea surfaced to put a non-functioning microwave on the shelf where the others had been located to see if it disappeared. After all they would not check it to see if it functioned before stealing it. This was announced at a Tuesday morning coffee so people would not expect the "Microwave on the Shelf" to actually function. We thought this may also provide a clue as to whether it was an inside job or not.
Butch and I are on the road but yesterday I received a phone call from Peggy and she told me the   "Microwave on the Shelf" had indeed been stolen! That sure did not take long! So our newly purchased microwave is so far safe in its new location. So if you have a non-functioning microwave you would like to be rid of we can place it in the little hall on the shelf and in short order it will be gone. Poof! It's Magic!! Now I wonder how long this method of disposing of old microwaves will work. Stay tuned for further microwaving adventures...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Service at Magnolia

Today we had services in the little hall as many of the Magnolia family has gone to their summer homes up in NORTH country....I know that the grand kids are waiting for them to come and see them so I can't blame them for going, but it sure makes it a little lonely here in the valley without them.....Also the Church crowd isn't nearly as large as you can imagine, but the Word of God is still being taught here at Magnolia....

Pastor Stacey taught today from the Book of St. John, chapter 11 with the theme of " For Gods Glory"....We have all heard of the story of Lazarus at some time, but today Pastor Stacey brought out a great lesson and study of just how God has plans for each of our lives and how he can show us of his great love for us....A lot of the time we don't understand what great things God can and will do for us until we are shown with our own eyes....I know that people were astounded when Lazarus came out of the grave when Jesus commanded him to....This was a great lesson to study and realize of the great power of God in our lives....Remember to pray for those that are sick for the power of prayer is very powerful and a way for us to let God know that we care for each other....Also pray for those that are on the road that they may have safe journeys and come back to Magnolia and the Valley for next season for we miss them already.....God Bless All.....See you in Church next week.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Edith Bauer's address


Edie will be recuperating for awhile before she can return home. Here is her address:

Edith Bauer
Good Shepard Medical Center, Room 2236
700 East Marshal Avenue
Long View, Texas 75601

I am certain she would love to hear from all of us.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Bunny

When I do two blogs I sometimes get them mixed up. The Easter Bunny (Darlene) dropped by last Sunday with some sweet treats and her picture ended up on our personal blog .

Photo walk

Wild Parrot in a Palm

Blooming Cactus Tree

Close up of Parrot

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Today was Easter and we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus by being in the Church Services at Magnolia....We still had a nice group of people to hear the word of God being taught on this special day...It was still enough that services were needed to be held in the big hall for this week...Next week with  more of the family leaving for the NORTH we will have services in the little hall....

Pastor Stacey brought the word today from the Book of Mark, chapter 16, verses 1 Thu 8 with the theme of "Who will roll the stone away" for the lesson...In our lives most of us at times feel like we are trapped with different  trials and troubles that are placed before us....We need to remember that God has a plan for each of us and if we but ask him for guidance he will roll the "stone" or troubles away for us...We like the women that went to the tomb to anoint Jesus are afraid of things we don't understand....This was a great lesson for us to study on especially on this day....We need to thank God for the great sacrifice that Jesus did for us by dying on the cross and then rising on the third day.....We need to then go and tell others of what Jesus did for all of us....

Remember to continue to pray for all the sick that you know or hear of and for all the ones on the road...Keep each other in mind in the coming days....God Bless All.....See you in Church next week....

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Time for Photos

Volunteer Tomatoes at the Hahn Residence

Easter Lilies at the Culpepper residence

Lizard at the Ogden residence...and all of you regulars are saying, "Who are the Ogdens?" The Ogdens are staying on 474 for a short time while checking out the dentist situation in Nuevo Progreso. They are from Nebraska and have another place in South Dakota. They winter in Port Aransas. Too bad too because they would fit in our Magnolia family very well.

Word from Lloyd and Vi Sachs

Lloyd and Vi made it home in good shape. The weather was fine until they got to Des Moines and then they had off and on rain the rest of the way. Big difference in weather as it is 49 up there in Minnesota and in the 90's here in South Texas.

From Al & May Gehman

 Left Magnolia Park March 29 & arrived home @ 5 p.m. April 2nd.  Good weather & good roads all the way.  We had an hour wait at the US/Canada border as many others who seek a warmer climate for the winter months were also returning home.  Kept in touch with the Park Blog news on the way home and were shocked to hear about our neighbor, Eddie Culpepper & will certainly miss him, along with others.  Some snow still in our yard at home but as long as it stays off the sidewalks & roads we can handle it.  Lots of people out for their last holiday weekend of skiing.  We are back to our busy life in our community, Al's coffee sessions with friends, driving bus for Nursing Home patient outings & community involved meetings for both of us.  Happy Easter to ALL & we look forward to returning to Magnolia Park in 2013.  Cheers! May & Al Gehman    

Friday, April 06, 2012

From Tom & Judy Lowary


We left Magnolia Park on Sunday morning and enjoyed the whole day on Monday at George H.W. Bush Library in College Station, TX. Well worth the time and effort, we found it very interesting. Although we lived thru all of his political events there were many more things about him and his family we did not know (or remember?.....;).... Tuesday when the storms went thru Dallas we were just a bit east and north of there. We ran in and out of several rain showers but didn't see any funnel clouds. Both of our daughters called and said "Where are YOU?" .....we were glad to hear from them as we didn't know how bad it really was. We arrived home on Thursday afternoon, and are now busy into our "other " life.

Safe travels as you leave south Texas.

....Judy & Tom

Walk Photos

Sometimes I like to take my camera with me when I go for my morning walk and see what I can find worthy of a picture. Yesterday was one of those days.
Donn and Peggy Gordon's yellow roses

Lloyd and Vi Sachs were loading up ready for take off when I happened by. They have sold their place and will not be returning next season. They will miss us and we will miss them.

This mushroom was in Marge Scott's front yard. It was an odd looking thing with a black bottom!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Eddie Roland Culpepper Obituary

Date Died: March 31, 2012

Denton ~ Eddie Roland Culpepper, 85, a retired model builder for General Dynamics, went to be with our Lord Saturday, March 31, 2012 at his home.
Memorial service is 2 p.m. Friday, April 6th at Hawkins Funeral Home Chapel. Family will receive friends one hour prior to service.
Rev. Gary Dimmitt will officiate.
Eddie was born on August 19, 1926 to James and Katie (Bailey) Culpepper in Paducah, Texas. He served his country in the U.S. Navy. Eddie was united in marriage to Doris Ann Crawley on February 14, 1948 in Paragould, Arkansas.
He was preceded in death by his parents and siblings, Weston, Pat, Joe, Bobby and Don Culpepper, and Doris Ann Beeson.
Those left behind to cherish his memory are his wife of 64 years, Doris Culpepper of Denton; his daughters, Kay Lee Matthis and husband Conrad of Granbury, Linda Powers and husband Doyle of Euless, Brenda Porter and husband Les of Denton, Sandra Juarez and husband John of Krum; his son, James Culpepper of Sunset; his grandchildren, Lori Henderson and husband Tucker, Apryl Carlton, Kim Trujillo and husband Stephen, Kelly Matthis, Amy Matthis, Aubrey Petty and husband Justin, J.J. Juarez and wife Mishi, Doug Matthis, Phillip Juarez and wife Heather, Ryan Culpepper, Katie Culpepper, and Jordan Culpepper; his great grandchildren, Cameron, Logan, Morgan, Jonah, Jada, and Jaxon; his sisters in law, Margaret, Judy, and Betty Culpepper, Betty Dolanchek and Ingrid Crawley; his brother in law, Richard Brown; numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, and a host of friends.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Hvam's

We arrived home Monday nite and had a good trip with only 1 problem Mark had with his trailer lights. Weyland was extremely tired and slept till noon today.
I just got my internet running and was very saddened to read the Magnolia news and to read of the deaths and illness. Seems these things always happen when least expected.
Sharon and Weyland

The Last 30 Days

We have lost 4 of our residents and former residents in the last month. It seems like a very unusual occurrence and  a trend we hope to see end very soon. I mention it only because it is so obvious to all our longtime readers. Most of you know we try to keep things upbeat on this site. But sometimes you just can't and this is one of those times. We will miss and remember all of them.

Gene Ruppert passed

Eugene RuppertEugene Ruppert
(April 20, 1930 - March 20, 2012)
Eugene “Gene” Ruppert, 81, of Bowman, ND passed away on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at Southwest Healthcare Long Term Care in Bowman. Funeral Services for Gene will be Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at St. Charles Catholic Church. Father David Morman will officiate with burial to follow in Bowman Cemetery. There will be a Rosary and Scripture Service on Friday, March 23 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Krebsbach/Kulseth Funeral Home Chapel, Bowman.Gene was born April 20, 1930 at Bowman, ND, the son of Emmett “Pat” and Mary (Musil) Ruppert. He was raised on the Ruppert family farm south of Bowman where he started his love for horses, livestock and the outdoors. Gene graduated from Bowman High School in 1948 and then went on to college at NDSU getting his degree in Animal Husbandry. He then went into the army and was stationed in Japan.
Gene returned home and on September 22, 1955 married Marlene Anderson in Bowman. They made their home on the ranch where they raised two children, Scott and Marilyn. They farmed and ranched south of Bowman where they raised Charolais cattle, and later commercial heifers. He loved hunting, fishing, camping, cards, horses, and teasing his grandkids. He passed these things on to his kids and grandkids.
Gene was a member of the American Legion, North Dakota Charolais Association, School Board, Fair Board, Farmers Union, St. Charles Church, and a Youth Hunting instructor. He enjoyed traveling, with one trip being to Alaska pulling the camper, and winters in Donna, Texas, where he had many good friends. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather and friend. His smile and sense of humor and love will be missed deeply by his family and friends.
He is preceded in death by his wife Marlene; his parents; two sisters, Kathleen and Janice; one grandson; and his brother-in-law, Bruce. Gene is survived by his son and daughter-in-law: Scott and Denise Ruppert, Bowman; daughter and son-in-law: Marilyn and Jeff Noreen, Bowman; five grandchildren: Jessica and Adam Grinsteinner, St. Paul, MN; Brock Ruppert, Dickinson, ND; Megan Ruppert, Fargo, ND; Lindsey Noreen, Saratoga, WY; and Reed Noreen, Bismarck, ND; one sister: JoAnn McConnell, Kent, WA; his special friend: Arlone Sallee, Bowman; three sisters-in-law: Marva, Carol (Jim), and Jackie; and two great-grandchildren: Emme and Piper.
Krebsbach/Kulseth Funeral Service.

Lester's Obituary

Lester's Obituary is posted now with his picture.

Edie Bauer update

Edie is in a regular hospital room now. She is able to speak but has some paralysis on her left side. She is now working on the recovery process. Yeah for Edie!! She is in the Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview Texas.
We are all pulling for you, Edie.

Our Magnolia Family returns home

Three of our Magnolia family members have sent word of their safe arrival at their homes.
Hi, just a quick note to let you know we made it home.  We met up with our son from Austin, TX, and he came home with us for a few days to see everyone.  Mom was out of the hospital by the time we got home, but she's having a few problems, nothing serious but enough to keep me on the go.  So sorry to hear the sad news about our Texas Family.  Everyone drive safely.  Dorothy

Thanks so much for the pictures of my quilt.  I have shoiwn them all
over the place.  The general consensus was "Judy, we didn't think you
could do stuff like this!"  Oh how little they know.
We arrived home safely on Wednesday afternoon.  Tom did very well with
his driving but we have slept a lot after we got the truck and trailer
unpacked.  Our kids are thankful we are back in town where they can
phone and check on us regularly.
So very sorry to hear about Eddie passing.  Poor Doris will really
miss him, they were like Tom and I, joined at the hip.
Please pass on our safe trip to the rest of the park for us.  Thanks
again  Judy Hunt , Canadian at large.

Well had good trip, the strong wind in south all three days.So took advantage of it.
Dale said best gas mi ever.  Got to Lincoln to see Zachary at 3:30 went out to eat with him,vary hot 93 temp
got to Omaha 6:00 pm Mon, got up this morning to cold weather!!! looks like will stay cold. 57   high and 39 low
Its OK will get used to it.
Dale and Norma

Lester Alt Passed

Lester F. Alt

Lena- Lester F. Alt, 90, of Lena passed away on Monday, April 2, 2012 at St. Joseph Provena Nursing Center in Freeport following a short illness. Lester was born on July 6, 1921 in Pearl City, Illinois, the son of Albert and Anna (Luettmann) Alt. Lester attended Mills Grove School in Pearl City and on November 21, 1948.

He was married to Helen Fluechtling at the Salem Evangelical and Reformed Church near Lena. Lester farmed for many years for Sheffey Farms of Pearl City.  In 1965 he moved to Lena and then owned and operated his own semi for many years. Lester retired in 1984.
He was a member of the Salem United Church of Christ near Lena. He and Helen enjoyed camping and fishing. They retired in the winter months to Donna, Texas.

Survivors include his wife; Helen of Lena, 3 sons; Gavin (Karen) Alt of Freeport, Larry (Jenny) Alt of Lena, Lyle (Jean) Alt of Streamwood, IL. Grandchildren; Albert (Tonya) Alt of Freeport, Nicklaus and friend (Ruthi Dake) of Lansing, MI, Kevin (Em) Alt of Princeton, IL. Bridgette (Steve) Leonard of Mesa, AZ,  Robert (Kandice) Alt of Phoenix, AZ, Stephanie (Scott) Mac Donald of Mesa, AZ and Heather and Katherine of Streamwood, IL. and 8 great-grandchildren.

He was preceded in death by his parents, 2 sisters; Doris Sweitzer and Clara Knorr and 1 great-granddaughter.

Visitation will be held on Friday, April 6, 2012 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Leamon Funeral Home in Lena, IL.

Graveside services will be held on Saturday, April 7, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. at Chapel Hill Memorial gardens in Freeport, IL.

A celebration of life service will be held on Saturday, April 7, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. at Salem United Church of Christ with a luncheon to follow in the church hall.

Pastor Randy Nicholas will officiate.
A memorial has been established in his name.
Friends may send condolences to the family at

Monday, April 02, 2012

News about Edie Bauer

Just in case you haven't heard about Edith. She and Don were about 10 hours from the park and stopped to eat when they were coming out of the restaurant she had a stroke. She's in intensive care at Longview TX.

I will post more as we know it...

Riverside Sunday

Met Donn and Peggy at Riverside today. It was a quiet day on the Rio Grande. At least it was at this location. This turtle was enjoying the lunch provided by one of the diners.

Turtle collage

They have a really big fan in the dance hall.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sunday Service

We had a smaller group this morning for Church Services as many of our Magnolia Family have gone up NORTH for the summer, but we still had 31 for a count....I know that in the coming days more will be leaving so we need to expect to have a smaller crowd each week for a while....We know that the weather is nice and warm here and hope that the ones that left for the summer will have warm weather when they get home....We wish them well in the coming days of summer....

To day Pastor Stacey continued the study of the Book of Jonah with the 4th Chapter as the text....The theme of the study for the day was "Anger"....Pastor read the Scriptures of how Jonah  grew angry at God because of not destroying the people and city of Nineveh when they turned from their wicked ways and begin to worship and serve God....Pastor ask the congregation if at any time we have become angry at God for something.....The question was something to think about and question ourselves......We need to be ready to ask for forgiveness and our eyes on just what God wants for us to do....We serve an awesome God and most of us really don't realise just how much God loves each and everyone of us...There is much to study and think on in the Book of Jonah if we but study and think on it....Remember to continue to pray for all those that are sick and the ones on the road....We all need prayer at some time or other, so pray for each other when you think of them.....God Bless All....See you in Church next week.....

Memorial Ceremony for 2012

People who have passed in the last year who were associated with  Magnolia Park
                                                         Date of death
Marvin Lee .................................March 6, 2011                              
Dale Moen..................................June 24, 2011
Harold Shelden............................August 25th, 2011
Bill Campion ................................February 26th, 2011
Annabell Campion........................February 4th, 2012
Bill Moritz....................................February 20th, 2012
Raymond Brewer.........................January 25th, 2012
Milton Friesen..............................August 25th, 2011
Wes Comstock............................October 17th, 2011
Kathy Chokely.............................February ?, 2012

Eddie Culpepper Passed

Eddie Culpepper passed away in Denton Texas on March 30th, 2012. Eddie had been battling with an unknown illness the past month.

Eddie was always a very active participant in Magnolia park. He wore many hats over the years. I will post more information as it is available.

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