Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pack that ugly sweater!!

 Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.  I think it is time to remind our fellow fun seekers in Magnolia not to forget their Christmas sweaters.
 I was thinking we could have several categories, (1)
ugly sweater,(2) prettiest,(3) most angelic(4) most original, etc.

So do not forget!! But if you do, you could run to your nearest Ropa and pick one up.

This could be the season for contests. One I have had in mind was a Baby picture contest. So you might also want to slip that baby picture in your suitcase.

Quick Tip for Canadians

I am sure most of our Canadian friends have found a work around for this but in case you haven't...


Tip for Canadians using U.S. gas pumps
Canadian Seann Fox has another take on how to get U.S. gas pumps to recognize Canada-issued charge cards: He's given his credit card companies a U.S. mailing address (one where he'll be at sometime in his travels), then uses that U.S. ZIP code at the pump. "Works 85 percent of the time," says Seann. Thanks for the zippy tip, Seann!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Tuffy called me today to tell me Char is home and has been for a month now. She has improved greatly but they are still working on the same issues that they have been. However they are cleared to go to Texas and will be leaving on Oct 26th.
It will be good to see everyone again.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


JACK R. OSWALD, 92 ROCKFORD - Jack R. Oswald, 92 passed away Aug. 29, 2014, lovingly surrounded by his family. He was born in Rockford on Oct. 5, 1921, to Charles and Iva Oswald. Jack, as a member of the Greatest Generation was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, serving in the South Pacific in WW2. He returned from the war and married Nellie Olson in 1945. He raised three children on the Rock River in "the house that Jack built". He is survived by Nellie; his children, Lynn (Cathy) Oswald, Gayle (Ellwyn) Englof, and Julie (Richard) Harvey; grandchildren, Jason (Missy) Oswald, David (Lindsey) Oswald, Ila (Marco Bernasconi) Englof, Carla Englof, Nicole Walton, and Dustin (Lauren) Fiepke; 6 great-grandchildren; and brother Gene (Mary) Oswald. At Grace Lutheran Church, Jack was a Scoutmaster of Troop 17, taught Sunday School, and was a member of church council. He worked at Alga Reece Sheet Metal for many years and in later years formed his own sheet metal business. Jack managed the local Sheet Metal Apprentice Program for 20 years and served as an instructor; served on the Harlem School Board for 12 years, president 2 years, and on the Regional Board of School Trustees. He loved to travel, to help people and to build things. Of all of his accomplishments, he was most proud of the fact that all of his children and grandchildren earned college degrees. Jack's life will be celebrated at Grace Lutheran Church, 343 Grand Ave., Loves Park, on Friday, Sept. 26. Visitation at 9 a.m. and service at 10 a.m., officiated by the Rev. Brent Dahlseng, and a lunch afterward.
 Memorials to Grace Lutheran Church or Wesley Willows - Kirk's Place. Arrangements by Anderson-Long-Klontz Funeral Home & Cremation Services LTD.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Gardening Tips

There are some great gardening tips here. And since you are in an area where you can garden year round I thought you might appreciate the info.

Friday, September 19, 2014


There will be a heavenly reward for those who pick up after their dog!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Living on the small

Most of us living in Magnolia Park especially the winter residents live in small spaces. Here are some helpful tips on saving space.

Ten ways to save space and weight in your RV

By Adrienne Kristine

For most RVers, storage space is very limited in their RV. In addition, all RVers are limited to carrying only so much weight. To overload is to ask for trouble. Here are some tips about how to both conserve space in your RV and limited the weight of your load.

1. Think square and rectangular. Your cabinets and drawers are square and rectangular so you want to take advantage of all the nooks and crannies.

2. Think plastic instead of aluminum, steel or glass. You can save weight by using square or rectangular plastic containers.

3. Think bags instead of boxes. A box of cereal has the notice “This package is processed by weight, not volume. Contents may have settled during shipment.” Open the box, pour the cereal into a quart- or gallon-size zipping plastic bag, remove the air and stack the bag on top of other items in your cabinet or drawer.

4. Think folding instead of hanging. Most items hanging in your closet can be folded and placed in stacking plastic tubs.

5. Think soft instead of rigid. Dirty laundry can be placed in a pillowcase with a shoelace threaded through the top as a drawstring.

6. Think individual instead of bulk packaging. Take the individual rolls of toilet paper or paper towels out of the package and stack them in available space.

7. Think multiple instead of single use. White vinegar can be used to clean windows, mirrors, chrome, counter tops, toilets, etc.

8. Think usage instead of volume. You don’t need more dishes, glasses, cups, flatware or placemats than you have space at your table.

9. Think filler instead of folded. Place extra washcloths and towels between and around glasses, cups or breakable items.

10. And finally, think dehydrated and freeze dried instead of liquid or canned. Many of the canned food items can be found dehydrated or freeze dried and just need water.

Monday, September 01, 2014

More on Jack Oswald

Jack died Friday evening.  Arrangements are being made at Anderson-Long-Klontz Funeral Home.  They mentioned in church this morning that a memorial service is being planned for later in September.  If anyone wants to send sympathy cards I am enclosing the address of one of his daughters.  Nellie is still at Wesley Willows, but as you know she is unaware of what it happening.  If mail is sent there it could get lost.
The address is:  Julie Harvey, 652 Catkins Dr., Machesney Park, Il 61115. 
The obituary was not in the paper this morning and with the holiday, I’m not sure about tomorrow.  The link is

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