Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Service at Magnolia

Well it was a little cool today in deep south Texas but  it was great to be able to go to church services at Magnolia....More of the Magnolia family has come down from up NORTH to spend the season here with the rest of the Magnolia family....Our attendance was up with 60 in to hear the message today from Pastor Stacey's sermon....It was great to see and talk to the ones just coming down and have them in the service....The message today comes from the Book of Philippians, chapter 2 starting from verse 12 with the theme of " Moving forward with Christ"....The lesson tells of how all of us have things  in our past that we aren't proud of so to speak and things that we have done that we have or should have ask forgiveness for, but when Christ forgives , he forgets the act and we should move forward in following how Christ would have us live....There is always those that live in the past and bring up the past to remind us of past happenings or sins, but when Christ forgives it is no longer held against us by him....Isn't God great??? How much more can the Lord love than to forgive us and offer salvation by accepting him....This is a great lesson for all to study...

Remember to continue to pray for any sick that you hear of and also for those still on the road.....We have seen many prayers answered so keep the faith and continue to pray....God Bless All.....See you in church next week.....

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Indiana Snow

Sharon Brewer sent pictures of Indiana Snow

More Arkansas Snow

From Bill Brooker: Some more ugly snow pictures, we set a record, 12" of snow, and it really torn up many of our bushes & trees!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Arkansas Snow from Arkansas Brookers

Christmas Day in Allen Hall


 Marlene and George are ready to serve those very delicious scalloped potatoes
Waiting for the food to be served
One short and 3 talls! Larry, Ray, Dick and Erv led us in a mini sing-a-long.
Ambrose was looking quite dapper on Christmas day
Larry C. waits for Irma to dish up his chosen dessert
Chairperson Jan Brom-Stinchfield checks on the salad table.
Herb and Pat Jones won first place in the Christmas decoration contest but were unable to attend the presentation on Christmas eve so their ribbon was presented on Christmas day. Larry E. seems to be shaking a finger at someone in the front row...wonder what that was about!

From Sharon Brewer

I just wanted to say thank you once again. I really enjoyed looking at the pics. and listening to the singers. I really miss everyone there. Please tell everyone I said hello & I wish you all a very Happy & blessed New Year. We are expecting a BLIZZARD here tonight, BRRRRRRRRR I sure do wish I was down there, Oh well I'm not, so no need to complain. Enjoy that nice weather tho.
Love & Prayers
Sharon & Beauty

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Decoration Winners 2012

This years winners were announced tonight at the Christmas eve celebration.
First place- Herb and Pat Jones
Second place-George Morgan and Phyllis Branstetter
Third Place- Dorral Guzman
Honorable mention- Jim and Deon Spangler ( They arrived Friday!)

Christmas Eve 2012

 Mary Bruun being the chairman of the Christmas eve celebration asked us to bring finger food for us to share. And she told us that pork and beans were not "finger food". Of course a few people decided to  prove her wrong. One of them being Jim Voss pictured here with Mary and his finger food contribution. In case you would like to know how to put together your own bean creation you start with a wiener sliced...

Marty gives Don's shoulders a quick massage.

Waiting for the festivities to begin

Peggy leads us in prayer

Don Tank , Marty Tank (hidden) and Joan Kent
And last but not least is a short Youtube video of White Christmas
 White Christmas

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Service

What a beautiful day in deep south Texas to go to church in Magnolia....This weather is super compared to what I am hearing up north so we are all glad to be here to enjoy it....Pastor Stacey brought a great message this morning from the Book of Luke, chapter 2, starting from verse 25 through verse 39.....The theme of the message was "Waiting on the Lord"......The lesson told of Simeon who was told by the Holy Ghost that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord's Christ....When he saw the baby Jesus in the temple he blessed God and as much as said he was ready to die in peace as he had seen the Son of God.....It told of the time that Simeon had to wait to be able to experience all this...It shows just how things are done in God's time and not ours....We ALL want things to happen right away or yesterday and God's time doesn't work that way most of the time....We need to be patient and wait on the Lords time for things to happen....Just keep praying for what we want to happen.....A great lesson for sure...Please study it for yourself....

Continue to pray for all those that are sick and those that are on the road for their safety....God Bless All....See you in church next week...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Myron Van Houweling has surgery

Myron had an unexpected quadruple bypass Thursday.  Here is a quick note from Susan.

"Just a short note to tell you that Myron's surgery went well.
He had 4 bypasses.  He is still in recovery and I'm home.
He will be in the hospital for  5 days.  I would appreciate not having
any visitors until Monday as he needs his rest and quiet."

The note was written yesterday after his surgery.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Pool Hall has curtains

A few days ago I posted pictures of people who were involved
 in sewing curtains for the pool hall. The project has now been completed.
 Last year a nursing home in Wisconsin purchased new curtain and these were their old ones. Chet and Irma Johnson were lucky enough to come across this great find and brought them to Magnolia park. They had to be restructured to fit our windows in Allen Hall and the pool hall.
Here are pictures of the "new" curtains in the pool hall.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pecan Bill in Mexico


Bill and Kay went to Mexico yesterday to get medicine and Bill wanted a hair cut and to see about getting his dentures relined. Bill went into the dental office where he had obtained his dentures years ago and asked what it would cost to have them relined. He wasn't able to talk to his dentist directly but an office person told him $125. He went on down the line to another dentist and asked again. They said $75. So he is mulling this info over in his mind. After all that is quite a difference. Then he decided to get his hair cut. He bargained the barber down to a $4 haircut by the way and after he was done Bill asked him if he knew of a dentist. He said, "Of course, come right this way!" and led him to the rear of the shop where there was a complete dental office. This was some surprise to Bill as he had no idea it was there. It seemed clean so he sat and discussed getting his dentures relined. "No problem, $25 and 20 minutes!" That was so cheap that it scared him! We all are wondering what kind of job he would have obtained for $25 but Bill is not about to let his dentures be the test for us to get our curiosity satisfied. We think they may be using Play Doh or some such substance. If anyone would like to know more about the place I am sure Bill will tell you and if you have the nerve to follow through we will all be very curious about how you feel after the deed is done.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Heard from Sandi Greer

Many of you will remember Randy and Sandi and many of you will not but it was so good to hear from her.

Here is her letter:
I lost your Magnolia Newsletter information...and I felt truly lost.  Luckily my friend Lucy Schaeffer helped me out.
I just went through the last years information.  Sorry to lose so many good people but really happy to see a lot of smiling faces.  Randy & I are happily settled in Las Vegas.  Have been for almost 3 years, and I'm not budging!
We both ride motorcycles.  His is a gorgeous purple Harley & mine is a Suzuki painted red with flames.  We are fair weather riders.  I tease him and call us "drug store bikers"... if you remember drug store cowboys then you understand why.
Our oldest daughter Rene still lives in Arizona (she's the one who had a stroke when we liveddown there) (she's doing good but her paralysis is permanent).  Our youngest Brian (lives in Boise) he was diagnosed with kidney disease 3 years ago.  He has dialysis 3 days a week and is on the VA Kidney Transplant list.  So far they don't consider us viable donors.  Our middle daughter Roni lives in Meridian Idaho.  She's the Mom to our 2 grand daughters (Ashley 14 & Emily 10...who was born when we lived at Magnolia).  Roni is a hypnotist.  Kind of neat.  Living close to all of them (within a days drive) is really nice.
I love living here; especially in the hot summer with a great pool in our yard.  Any of you traveling in our area...give us a call so we can meet up.  Our home phone is 702 641-7517.  Las Vegas is still a fun city.
Living there at Magnolia is some of our fondest memories!!  We wish you all a Merry Christmas & our prayers are with you all.
Love, Sandi & Randy Greer

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cooklin's snow in Spirit Lake Iowa

Norma sent us a picture of their first snow. She knew we wouldn't want to miss it.

Monday, December 17, 2012

No Job Too Big or Too Small

Tuffy and Dick pin the curtains for the pool hall

I must admit they look pretty cute.

Leslie, Char and Don also work on the pool hall curtains

Bill Brooker sent Turkey picture

This big boy lives in Arkansas.

Marv Cootway Obituary

 Marvin "Marv" A. Cootway, age 85, Post Lake, passed away peacefully on December 15, 2012 at the Langlade Hospital under the care of LeRoyer Hospice. He was born on December 30, 1926 in Manitowoc, WI the son of Frank and Hilda (Hirsch) Cootway. Marv graduated from Wrightstown High School in 1945. After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army; where he served in Germany as a service guard for the Nuremberg Trials. After his honorable discharge, he worked for Appleton Paper in Combined Locks for about 22 yrs. Marv married Theresa "Tess" Baeten on May 29, 1948 at St. Paul's Catholic Church, Wrightstown. Marv and Tess owned and operated Marv and Tess's Bar in Stephensville for 2 yrs. After selling the bar, he went to work for Miller Electric (ITW); where he retired after 20 years of service. Marv and Tess wintered in Texas for 20 years before his health kept them from going. He played the saxophone and sang for the "Bell Tones" old time band for 30 years. Marv enjoyed fishing, the Packers, Lawrence Welk, being a jokester and was a member of the American Legion for 63 years. He is survived by wife of 64 years, Theresa "Tess", daughter, Deb Berg (Bruce Pitts), Post Lake, son, Dennis (Therese) Cootway, Kaukauna, grandchildren, Julie and Scott (Maki) Van Asten, Johanna (John) McGeshick, Brian (Molly) Berg and Adam Berg, great-grandchildren, Lauren and Alex, niece, Carol Cootway and nephew, Gary (Bonnie) Cootway. Preceded in death by his parents, Hilda and Frank, sister, Ethel, brother, Clarence and son-in-law, Pat Berg. A gathering family and friends would be on Friday, December 21 from 10-11:00 a.m. at the Holy Family Catholic Church, Elcho. Memorial Mass will follow at 11:00 a.m. with Father Jerry Wormen officiating. Inurnment will be in the St. Paul Catholic Cemetery, Wrightstown. Weber-Hill Funeral Home is assisting the family. Online condolences at The family would like to thank Dr. L. Deep, Dr. Laura, the med/surg nurses and LeRoyer Hospice for the excellent care they gave Marv.

For our Canadian Friends and Family

This song is destined to become a new Classic Canadian Christmas Song. It celebrates the spirit of Christmas and also, the spirit of Canada. Santa has never been so well portrayed as a true "Hoser" from the Great White North! Click below

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Service

This was a beautiful day in deep south Texas...If you are still up NORTH and planing on coming down here for the winter...What's you waiting for???....All kidding aside it's a great day just to be able to attend Church at Magnolia and hear Pastor Stacey bring forth a message from the Bible( God's Word) for us....We are slowly growing in number as there were 48 in attendance today, but there is always room for many more....The message today was a continuation of the study of being in God's presence...Pastor Stacey taught  from the Book of Luke, chapter 1, starting from verse 5, with the theme of " In Gods Time".....This tells of Zacharias and his wife Elisabeth who were well in years, but were walking in all the commandments of God and were blameless before God....Elisabeth was barren of child, but wanted one...God said that she would have one and told Zacharias to name the child John....This is just an example of what God can do but it must be in "his time"....This is a great lesson as it also shows what prayer can do if we let God handle things in his time---Not our time...Please study for yourself the lesson and see for yourself the power of God...

Remember to continue to pray for the sick and any one that you may think of...We all need prayer some time in our lives.....God Bless All.....See you in church next week....

At the Voss residence

The first picture is papayas from our tree.....I really need to find some recipes as we are getting too many to eat! The next 2 are pictures of a celery bottom that I cut and put in a glass of water. It has grown roots and a top--ready to transplant into the ground! The last picture is in our park We have several "Swift Fox" here. Look up the name in google. Their top speed is 30 mph! They have taken care of the rabbits and opossoms in the park. Several of the full time people have told us that a pair had their babies under our mobile this summer! How cool is that! Kay

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