Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cold Front!!

A cold front went through this morning...right on schedule. The temps throughout the night were in the low 70's but mid morning the wind came up as did the rain and boom! the temps dropped down in the 50's. It didn't last long. Once again the temps inched up to comfy but nowhere near the triple digit temps we recorded yesterday. The sun will come out yer bottom dollar....

Friday, February 27, 2009

More about Pres. Don S

We thought he was out of the woods but it seems that is not the case. He is back in the hospital due to low blood oxygen levels and difficulty breathing. Keep the prayers going....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Worst Fear

I saw Don Soole

Don was outside yesterday taking in some sunshine. He looks good and hopes to be able to take back the reins of his presidency very soon. And I hope he can too. I would have liked to stop and visit with him but I have a cold and I know he doesn't need or want that so I waved and walked on by.
Tomorrow is the association board meeting and I have a feeling Don will be presiding over it. Yeah!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Place Winners

I finally caught up with the rest of the first place winners in the Senior Olympics. Pictured below are Keith Gilbertson and Myron Van Houweling who won first place in the 10 point Pitch card game.

Pictured below are Marty Harper and Bea Gilbertson who were first place winners in the 500 card game.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I stopped and visited with President Don yesterday and was pleased and gratified to see how well he looked. He has some healing ahead of him and he most certainly doesn't need to get exposed to any other hazards but all in all he is doing well and we may get to see him in Allen Hall in the not so distant future.

Cold Spell

A cold spell has descended on us! We had a low of 45 last night and that is almost unheard of by this time in the south Texas spring. It is accompanied by a brisk northwest wind. When Butch and I went for our walk this morning I started off with my Snow Mountain Ranch sweatshirt and found it lacking. We came back home and Butch picked up a windbreaker and I added my earmuffs and gloves. I told Butch if our northern friends could see us right now they would be laughing uproariously.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chico made a friend

The famous big boy cat Chico is fond of other animals. He's never met one he didn't like. He is pictured here with a new acquaintance and a good time was enjoyed by both. The parrots also landed at the same time and they were so close! I tried to get some pictures and they would have been great but the lighting was not good so ...maybe next time.


Don Soole is home from the hospital and we are very happy about that. He has a struggle ahead of him to regain his health but it is a step in the right direction. Even though he is now home we need to give him space and time to concentrate on the healing process. It seems miraculous that he is home after the ordeal he has been through. It may be a while before we see his smiling face in Allen Hall again but when that day gets here it will one of great celebration.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Olympic Winners!

Magnolia Park had an unprecedented 3 FIRST PLACE WINNERS in the valley wide senior Olympics. Pictured here are Char Wolfrom and Carol Kapke who took first place in women's pool. We are very proud of this talented and dedicated pair of pool players. The other first place winners were supposed to stick around for their photo shoot after yesterday's coffee hour but failed to do so. I will catch up with them at a later date.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last I heard...

Yesterday I heard that Don Soole had a better day and we are all very thankful for that. Keep the prayers coming because we all know they can do wonders.

Rain drops

I awoke to the sound of rain early this morning. It is the first rain we have had for months and it sounded good. It is also 70 degrees so for you folks up north think of those summer showers where it comes straight down for brief periods and it is a warm rain. That is our experience this early AM.
Today is supposed to be golf day but now there is a question mark about it. It is also Coffee social hour day and I will be in charge due to the illness of our great president Don Soole. I hope I can do half the job he does with it.
Till next time...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Don Soole

Don Soole, pictured here with his wife Marge, is in a fight for his life and not doing well. A month ago he was busy doing the things he does so well, cooking for us, presiding over meetings, taking care of all the things the President of the Magnolia Seniors Association takes care of and doing it very, very, well. Then he caught a cold or a sinus condition or whatever it might have been that started it off and he didn't get better. After waiting perhaps too long he went to the doctor but by then he was in dire straits. Pneumonia they said and put him in the hospital after a wait for a bed. His condition declined from there and he is now in ICU. His family has gathered.
He is very much in my thoughts and prayers and I am sure he is in yours too. Let's all pray for him and his family very, very hard.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Valentine/Anniversary Party

Herb & Pat Jones were one of 7 couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon and evening.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Friends visiting

We have friends visiting and that means we revisit all the old haunts we like to go to. This group is mostly Texans but somehow they have neglected what we think of as "The Perfect Place to Spend the Winter". They arrived on Wednesday and we went to eat at the El Dorado in Alamo. The service was borderline at best but the food made up for it.

On Thursday we went to South Padre and walked the beach with hopes of eating shrimp at Dirty Al's. Too,too busy so we ate at Pirates Landing in Port Isabel. Excellent as well.

We then stopped at the Atascosa Wildlife Refuge. Short of birds in my opinion but a few did show up for camera opportunities.

Yesterday we did the Ropa Usada experience. As most of you know you either love it or hate it but it was a hit this time and they plan to go again.
It is so sweet when your friends come to visit and like the same things you do.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

South Padre Beach

There are still signs of Hurricane damage to be found everywhere on South Padre but business is carrying on as usual and a walk on the beach was still a pleasure.

Kite Festival Pictures

Kite festival pictures

We went to the kite festival on Sunday and since it was also Super Bowl Sunday the crowd was light. The weather was as near to perfect as one can get.

Behinder I get!!

I have kept going in a minimal manner for a couple of weeks because of allergies. The tree pollen is high right now in sunny south Texas and I am apparently quite susceptible. I must mark it on the calendar for next year and go into the season better prepared. I went to the doctor yesterday so I am properly medicated and on the mend. Feeling much more like myself today. That other person I was feeling like was a miserable individual.

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