Saturday, April 27, 2019

A Stilson Update

So many of us have been wondering about Bill and Kay so...

I finally called Kay to find out how Bill was doing and got Bill! Kay gave him the cell phone so she could call him from their landline. I didn't have that number so Bill gave it to me. Bill is in rehab and they are keeping him busy! He sounded good and positive about going home next Friday. So then I talked to Kay and she said Bill was doing well. She has things all packed up and ready to go as soon as she gets her car back from the repair shop. On top of everything else, Kay had a fender bender a couple of weeks ago. The car has been a bigger delay than Bill's health. She has hopes to be home by the 2nd week in May. Their son Craig will be coming down to help them get home.
If Kay or anyone else start feeling overwhelmed on keeping everyone informed of a condition or situation feel free to send one email to Deon or me and we will post it. We do care about our Magnolia family no matter the miles between us.

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