Tuesday, April 09, 2019


Chet and Irma are on their way home so my "informant" is no longer in the park to tell me what is happening. I do know that at least one more mobile was brought in last Friday and as of this morning when the Johnsons left, it had not yet been parked so I can't tell you where it is going. That makes a total of at least 13. I need to find someone else to keep me posted so that I can keep you posted. I also know that several of the older vacant units that are park owned have been rented and at least some of them have youngsters residing in them. I have no idea if the children are temporary or permanent residents of the park. Time will tell.

When talking to Irma this evening she said the Bluebonnets are still blooming so if you are heading north soon, keep a watch out for them as well as the other wildflowers that we saw on our journey. They really were spectacular. Even Jim who is quite color blind thought they were nice. For some reason he was able to pick out the blue and purple blooms that we saw sporadically as we headed north.

Up here in Wisconsin and also Minnesota and most likely at least part of Iowa we are getting ready to "hunker down" for the next winter storm that is on its way. I think here in central Wisconsin it will be a wintery mix as the weather people call it but they actually don't know for sure yet. Last night it shifted some so the heaviest stuff will be northwest of us which is just fine as far as we are concerned.

It's funny, when we are in Texas, even though this past season didn't have the best weather, it was hard to remember it really was winter. Now, it's not at all hard to remember that even though the calendar says Spring, today it felt more winter-like and that is just a taste of what's coming. Yesterday was beautiful, high was 71. Today it was in the upper 40's and then this afternoon the wind shifted to out of the north and it had a real bite to it as the temperature fell. For the next three days, mid 30's is all it's going to be.

We are going to think positive as this too will pass!

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