Monday, August 05, 2019

This and That

I have been in touch with some of our Magnolia residents and unfortunately Connie Dziuk is still fighting an infection in her leg. It seems as though she thinks it is gone and then it pops back. The last I knew she was once again on antibiotics. Let's hope it clears up completely and stays away this time.

The last I heard from Cindy Peterson she was doing very well with her shoulder and I'm hoping that is still the case.

Caroline Eichor had the misfortune to trip and fall on the sidewalk close to home and she hit her right cheek and fractured both wrists. This happened July 2 and on July 9 she had surgery at Iowa Ortho in Des Moines with a hand specialist.

She has now been fitted with velcro removable casts and says she is doing fine. Dale has been a great caretaker and those of us who know the two of them are not surprised by that.

Speaking of mishaps, we had our own little mishap here yesterday. We are trying to get a new landing done for our south facing French doors. This is eight feet off the ground so we were putting the new metal railing on it yesterday and had two electric drills out there along with a bunch of other tools. It started to rain and Jim gathered up the two drills and started to run to the garage out of the rain and got his feet entangled in the electric cords which were trailing along behind. He managed to land on his face and scraped the skin off one of his arms. His glasses took a hit as did his forehead and bridge of his nose. We visited urgent care, and they cleaned him up, wrapped up his arm which is the worst of the injuries and gave him a tetanus shot. He's having cataract surgery in two weeks so not sure if we'll get the glasses replaced or not although I think Walmart does have a year warranty replacement if they get broken so might as well take them up on that as it will be a while before he'd be ready for new glasses after both cataracts are gone.

Now, on to what I do and don't know about the park. I do know that the dumpster is being emptied on a regular basis, Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that is the good news. I also know that there are now two new signs by the pool and they read that the pool hours are from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM and the other one says the pool is for park residents only.

I have heard conflicting stories about the kids in the park. Some folks say there's a lot of screaming and yelling especially around the swimming pool and others says it's quiet and they don't hear the kids so take your pick - maybe it's a bit of both depending on the time of the day.

I also know that it would appear to be impossible to get Bea to answer the phone - EVER! I had decided I would start calling last Friday and I think I called three times Friday and then twice again today. That's a total of five times and it goes to voice mail each time. I had been told from several folks that she is in the office but doesn't come out and doesn't answer the phone and I guess I believe that. There were Winter Texans visiting the valley who drove through the park more than once and never did connect with Bea. It sounds to me as though they will be staying somewhere else this upcoming season but don't know that for sure yet.

I may as well mention that I have also heard that the park has purchased more units that will be brought in and I have heard figures ranging from 11 - 16. Keep in mind that you do need to take this with a huge grain of salt because it could very well just be a rumor. I normally don't put on rumors until I've confirmed them but I am sufficiently "steamed" that I can't get anyone live to answer the phone that I am just going to throw it out there for you. If I do find out that it is nothing more than a rumor I certainly will put that on. Our thoughts are that if they are in fact going to be bringing in more units, where are they going to put them and of course we are wondering if that's true would they be going where RVs are normally parked in the middle. Lots of questions - very few answers. Stay tuned and let's see what happens.

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