Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Another Update

I called Magnolia again this afternoon and Bea did answer the phone and in fact we talked a long time. I found out a few things that I am going to share with you.

I asked Bea if it is true that more units are coming in and she said that's true. I asked her how many and she told me 20. I asked her where they are going to be parked and she told me that they have a survey crew working on finding the spots where they will fit. They are all going to be the same size, in other words, big, same as the ones that have been brought in up to now. She alluded to the RV spots and told me that those of us who have a deposit on a certain spot don't have to worry as that spot will be ours. We were concerned because as most of you know, we have a big 5th wheel and we do like our spot on the corner of Center and Magnolia. It sounded to me that if there wasn't a deposit on a RV spot that it is certainly possible that some of the new mobiles will be going on those lots. After all, from a business point of view, the owners would have a much better income having those spots rented year around as opposed to just a few months to RVers.

Bea told me that her office has been remodeled and she has gotten a new desk with a credenza and that it does look very nice. It most likely functions better than the old arrangement too.

I asked her if she was going to be living in the park and she told me that she and her husband are living in the park now. They are over on lot 339 which is on Willow and is where David Helton's unit was located, next to Pat and Barb Kent. I believe Bea opens and shuts the gate each day with it being opened when she comes to work and closed when she is done for the day. Right now the gate is not opened at all on the weekends and I don't know if that will be in effect when the Winter Texans get back or not. The one thing I thought of after we hung up was the garage sale once a month on Saturday morning but I didn't think of it when we were talking. Perhaps something can be worked out for those one/month sales. And the other thing I didn't think about was what about the mail delivery on Saturday if the gate is locked.

When we left in the spring we thought that the lot numbering would go back to the old map but that has changed and the lot numbers are going to stay the same as they have been the last few years on the map in the directory. That mostly pertains to the middle section of RV spots between Center and Pecos.

I asked her about the sewer system which as most of us know is somewhat fragile and with all of the new residents Jim and I were wondering how well it is working. Apparently thus far for the most part it is working. What will happen when the rest of us gets there remains to be seen. We all have to use some common sense when putting things down the drains that's for sure just as we would when we are back home.

I asked her about the RV rents and as far as that goes, the other rents too and she told me that as far as she knew they would stay the same which is good news for all of us, at least for the time being.

The new residents are allowed to purchase two clickers and if they have more than two vehicles they will have to figure something out. The back gate code was changed because some of the contractors who were working in the park and were given the code, gave it to some of the residents. This has no effect on the clicker code whatsoever so our clickers will still work just as they did last spring.

Bea gave the glass topped table which was by the pool to another park and I for one think that was a good idea. That was purchased a few years ago by one of the managers who was in the park for a very short time about the same time that all of those street lights were put in when Christopher and Bob were at the helm. Bea thought it could be very dangerous to have a big table with a glass top by the swimming pool where there is always water and slippery spots around. Plus, people were using it as a picnic table and had food there which isn't a good idea around a pool either. The Association did not own that and she was perfectly within her rights to give it to a different park.

We talked a long time and I think I've told you everything that we discussed. As always, if you have news to share or questions please feel free to contact me. I try to keep you all informed and most of the time if I hear something that can be confirmed, I will post it on this blog. The one exception to that comment is when it concerns someone's health and if they don't want that posted on the blog I don't, period.

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