Friday, August 16, 2019

RV Restrooms - Now History

I received these photos today. They show the RV restrooms in the process of being demolished. As I understand it all that's left right now is the outside walls and I imagine they will be gone tomorrow. I did call Bea but as usual, she did not answer although I know she was at least in the vicinity of the office because I was also given a photo showing her car parked there. I left a message in the hopes that she would call me back but she did not. I wondered if perhaps they might be going to build us RVers nice brand-new restrooms where one doesn't have to share the shower with cockroaches or various assorted other bugs.

I suspect what it really means is that where the restrooms were is going to be turned over into new mobile lots and what I'm hearing is they will run the same way that George's did with two side by side between the streets. I don't know if that's just on the east side of Magnolia or if it is also going to happen on the west side of Magnolia. When I talked to Bea a bit more than a week ago she told me that our spot that we have reserved will still be ours. What she didn't tell me was that the RV section won't have restrooms/showers so I'm seriously hoping they are going to build new ones. I have a feeling I will be disappointed however.

I am becoming increasingly concerned over the RVs that were left there "in storage" which the owners are paying $35/month for (I think that is correct). Does the park intend to move them, will they work around them or what exactly is going to happen?? These are questions that I'm sure Bea could have answered. She does read the blog so perhaps we'll get some answers from her sooner or later.

I also understand there is a "park fairy" and I'm not sure if this is just one person or more than one person who has taken it upon themselves to clean up the enormous brush pile which has been by the dumpster. Slowly but surely it is disappearing. I know that right now it is terribly hot and humid down in Donna so I do hope that whoever this person is, or perhaps these people are, that they take care not to get to overheated in this endeavor. This is something the park maintenance people should have been doing but I do know that they are not and that it is a park resident or perhaps more than one resident who is doing the cleanup.

I do keep in touch with several of the Magnolia Park Association members who are full time residents of the park and they do a great job of telling me what is going on so that I can share it with you.

As always, if you have something you'd like to share or like me to put on the blog, please just let me know. It is amazing how time does fly by and here it is mid-August with the days getting shorter. I'm sure many Winter Texans' thoughts are thinking about the upcoming season and perhaps wondering what they will find when they get back down to the Rio Grande Valley.

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