Saturday, August 31, 2019

Another Facebook Hoax

I should have put this on last night but didn't think about it. If you have gotten a message from a Facebook friend to not accept any friend requests from Andrea Wilson, please - just ignore it! It wants you to think you've been hacked but in fact it is a hoax that has been around for years. Maybe in the future if you get such a message just go to Snopes and check it out. All I did to make sure that it is still the same old hoax that I've already gotten twice before in the last few months I typed in Snopes Andrea Wilson and up it popped. You don't have to be too fussy about what you put in because most likely it's going to pop up. Go to Snopes and check it out just to make sure if you have any doubts. Everyone who passes this on means well, there is no doubt about it but before you do what it tells you to do, please do check it out. Sometimes it is a slightly different message but when it tells you to hold your finger down on some key and send it to all your Facebook friends it is most probably just another hoax. Don't get taken in!

Beautiful fall weather here in Central Wisconsin with a low of 47 degrees this morning. It's almost getting cool enough to turn the furnace on briefly to take the chill off in the early morning.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled Labor Day weekend and no one is in the path of the upcoming hurricane.

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