Friday, November 08, 2013

Some people updates

Erma Cleaveland is unhappy with being bedridden and for anyone who knows her this should not be surprising. We hope her two bone fractures, one in shoulder and one in her leg, will heal quickly so she can get back to the busy active life she is used to enjoying.

Dick Cleaveland is having hip replacement surgery next week and we all wish him a quick recovery as well. I spotted this cartoon and sent it to him so he can discuss it with his surgeon. I know Dick will want to make sure he gets the right part.

Eula has been in touch with Kitti Toomire and  says she is doing well. Kitti also has two areas of injuries to get healed up, her neck and her ankle. It seems her neck is giving her the most discomfort at this time. Her spirits are good and she is looking forward to getting back on her feet in all aspects. And we all wish her the best too. Kitti's daughter, Susie has been able to stay with her and help her get situated so she can handle things on her own as soon as possible..

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