Tuesday, November 05, 2013

First Tuesday Coffee Hour of November

Some might say it is a small number but it was nice to see all the familiar faces enjoying coffee and donuts and I thought it was a good size crowd for the number of folks we have in the park.
After coffee hour Butch and Jim Rader went golfing and I went for my first walk of the day. It is hot and humid now but the forecast for Thursday will have us shivering with a high of 66 degrees. I was glad I had not waited any longer before my walk. I snapped this shot of new arrivals Edy and Jon Larson. Getting settled in is always a chore and they were just beginning.
Chet Johnson had stopped to welcome them home.

This shot is from last Saturday when a garage sale was taking place throughout the park.
Sandy Williams and Edna Nelson were fighting the wind to keep the clothes racks in an upright position

The palm tree by Van Houwelings is bearing fruit. Yes-sirree we are in a tropical area! But may not feel like it come Thursday. Van Houwelings arrived yesterday.
This next week will see a bunch of new arrivals.

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