Monday, November 18, 2013

Busyness going on despite heat and humidity

It seems as though the activities are in full force already. It seems a little early for that to be happening but the park is filling up nicely. It seems so strange to me that some years we think people are never going to get here and then this year it isn't that way at all. Cards are being played in all the usual places, shuffleboard is being played, crafts are in full speed and plenty of pool is being played in the blue hall. Butch and Barb can be seen walking around the park twice a day. Peggy G. is spotted regularly doing her rounds on her bike. The pool bobble heads are in the pool bobbling up and down.
We are having a good time here in the Rio Grande Valley so stop whatever you are doing up north and get down here ASAP.
See ya'all real soon!

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