Saturday, November 02, 2013

In the park

Even though I am no longer required to be here by November one I left it up to the mister to say when we would head south and also when we would come further south to the Rio Grande Valley. Either he is a creature of habit and cannot change his ways or he just feels like it is time to be here. I do enjoy November in the valley even though it can be a bit too warm at times. The pace is slower, the traffic is lighter and the stores a bit emptier...depending on the time of day.
And as we walk around the park we ponder the ones who have passed in the past couple of years but then we also remember the ones still with us and look forward to when they will be back. It reminds me a bit of what they do at the end of the TV show Survivor, where they mention each participant and talk about their qualities. We sort of do the same thing on our first walk back as we pass the homes and spaces that past and present people have occupied or will be occupying. A time to remember and then look forward to more good times with good friends.
Hurry on down,Ya'all

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