Sunday, December 31, 2017

Weathering it

The weather isn't anything to write home about and it isn't very good for photography either. We were spoiled the last two seasons and as with all good things we knew it could change at any moment and it has. We are scheduled to have a day where it does not get out of the 30's for a daytime high. That will be next Tuesday. Fortunately, that is highly unusual.
If it were not highly unusual there would not be much point in driving the thousand plus miles to get here.
Next Tuesday is Jam day and a lunch is served and sold on that day and the menu is going to be a baked potato with chili. I cannot help but think it will be very popular. That is unless people hole up in their cozy little abodes and do not venture out into the cold. We have had enough of this kind of weather that we have hopes that cabin fever will drive them out the door.

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