Friday, December 15, 2017

Another Cold Snap

Yes, we are enjoying another cold snap. For us that word snap is meaningful as they have been over in a snap. The long range picture is for a warmer than normal winter like the one we had last season. These little blips in our near perfect weather are a blessing, allowing a rest from our busy lives. We have many choices on how to weather the ocassion. We can have a "pajama day" and stay inside,watch movies and eat chili or we can venture out and meet up with friends to play cards, shoot pool and all the other indoor things we  usually do.
The weather held for our annual Christmas Parade. The pictures are a few posts down from this one on the blog. The mood was merry throughout the 1.2 mile parade and we then all gathered in Allen hall for a Subway supper served by the current officers and board members of the association.
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