Friday, December 29, 2017

From Tuffy

 Char's mem. was today @ 11:00 AM, very cold, 4 degrees, She would have frozen to death. Our Minister was real personable, talked about Charlotte, her achievements, her desire to do well, and how particular she was about herself.
Her many friends in Magnolia Park, Her many years in park and how she was a part of  the park, and  how many things she did in the park, her pool,  Jam, held park association jobs, and was an ambitious person, worked in the garden, helped with the farm work, loved the cattle, the horses, doing chores, real partner in the activities.  We had some of the jammers from up here sing and played, they sang "Teddy Bear" and ended the service with "I'll Fly Away", had a luncheon at the church, served by the church ladies. It was very nice and I believe she would have approved of it, She is missed so much, it can't be said how much. 
Please pass this on to our Magnolia friends, and I want to thank all of them for the cards, prayers, and Hospice donations. As of tonight, we have $500.00 to donate to Hospice, which will be greatly appreciated.
I will send the funeral announcements.

Thanks Barb


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