Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ray Droogsma's Christmas Present

Snipped from Facebook- Tim Droogsma posted this on Facebook and I thought it would interest Ray's Magnolia Family.

"As many of you know, my dad - Ray Droogsma - was a butcher by trade, who owned a slaughterhouse and meat processing plant. But many times over the years I heard him say that if he hadn't been a meat cutter he would have liked to run heavy equipment.
This year Ray and Lillian Droogsma left their winter home in Texas and came north to spend Christmas with family, and our gift to him was the chance to make his heavy equipment operator dream come true. Thanks to the great guys at Extreme Sandbox, south of Hastings, Ray was able to spend time today learning to run - and then operating - a large excavator. He figured it out right away and in 30 minutes he looked like an old pro. Merry Christmas, dad!"

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