Saturday, December 03, 2016

Catching up

Wednesday, I know cards were being played somewhere, pool was being played in the pool hall. Thursday, cribbage was being played in the library, more pool and other interesting things were taking place throughout the park. Friday we were preparing for the monthly garage sale. I was one of those participating. Butch and I gather our unwanted and unneeded items throughout the year. I have a large tub in one of the bins of the motorhome and when I run across an item that qualifies I put it in the tub in the bin. Then each December we participate in the monthly garage sale taking place in the park and pare down our belongings. The unsold items on my table at the end of the sale are donated to the craft ladies who sell off unwanted items on special tables with special (low) prices each and every month. It makes a win/win for both of us!
So I took a few pictures of the process on Friday.
Mary Knorr working on understanding her new phone.

 Susan VH is paring down her bear collection
 Karl Kapke is enjoying some quiet time after the initial set up.
 Carol Buzard is ready for customers.
 Edna N. and Mary B. are working on the craft tables
 Shirley B and Mary B still working.
 Pecan Bill and his wife Kay look to be having a serious discussion.
 Noreen E. and Lil D. catching up on park news.
 This looks like the worker bees. L to R- Ron P., Dave B, Ray D., Myron VH and Larry E.
PS-They are admiring a Christmas tree they had plugged in.

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