Saturday, December 17, 2016

Parade watchers

Last Thursday we enjoyed our annual Christmas Parade.
Willow Street watchers Dick and Leslie Cleaveland

Karl and Carol Kapke, Char Nigh and Darlene Jansen

Rose street Watchers-Naoma and Eugene Pratt

Max and Mary Pierce

Pecos Street Watchers- Jim and Jan Rader, Mike Jackson, Jackie Dobson, Micky Buckles and Genevia Jackson

Char and Tuffy Wolfrom

Bob Pridy

Randy & Jo Hinkle

Don and Marty Harper, Sharon Hvam, Chris Pearce, Doris Nelson, Joe LaPointe

Elaine and Ron (Spike) Wingert

Karen and Dennis

Deon, Jim and George

A spot of color

Dave Greening, Lloyd Linn, Sue Greening and Lavon Linn

Kay and Bill Stilson, Butch, Donn Gordon, George and Shirley Meirhoff.
Linda Kraft

Jim and Kay Voss sweet potato vine. Jim better heal fast so he can get it cut back before it takes over!

Mary Knorr

New people on Lime Street

Andy Harper

Ron Daigle, Carmen Friesen, Dewayne Friesen, Cynthia Daigle

Pat, Mike and Susan

Chet, Shirley and Irma

Decor on Magnolia Street

Margaret and Don Schwartz

George and Shirley

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