Friday, December 09, 2016

Magnolia Village New Sign

Now that we are here I thought I'd take a photo of our new sign. We arrived Tuesday when the weather was still nice and warm. As I've walked around the park I do see a few changes. The old hedges have been removed and new bushes planted. Cherry Street has a new coating and along the fence are all new little bushes. It appears the leaf ants have stripped some of them of their leaves but it looks as though new leaves are coming out so hopefully they haven't killed them. Along the Business 83 fence, new bushes have also been planted. The trees have all been trimmed, I would imagine to keep dead branches from falling on mobiles and causing damage or interfering with some of the power lines. The Christmas Parade in the park is planned for December 15 with sub sandwiches following. There is still time for you to get here in time to participate. Unfortunately, the weather looks as though it will be cooler again but nothing like the last few days. As in all parks, as the occupants get older, some very nice homes come up for sale. If you are looking to buy something in Magnolia Village, contact Dottie in the office for more information. The card players are waiting, the pool hall has room for you to come and shoot pool, the craft people gather every Monday, the swimming pool is ready (when the weather warms back up) and remember, coffee and donuts on Tuesdays. Come on down!!

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