Saturday, December 10, 2016

May interest RVers

On our way south we stopped in Carthage MO for a week and while there, parked at Coachlight RV Park where we visited with Alan, a friend we met at Coachlight way back in 2002. We always talk all stuff RV with Alan every time we meet up and this time was no exception. So we talked refrigerators. RV refrigerators are notoriously inefficient. They are fine for camping trips and other ventures but they are far from the same as a residential fridge. But over the years we have learned to get by. It is a given that things do not stay as cold and thus do not last as long. Ice cream may not be liquid but is close to it and you can dish it up straight from the freezer with an ordinary spoon. Milk must be used promptly as it will sour quicker. Over time you do get used to it. We purchased a small battery operated fan that takes two big ol' D batteries and lasts about a month. It was a moderately useful step. It circulated the air and increased the efficiency a tiny bit. We are on our second fridge in the RV because our first stopped working. We had made up our mind that if it happened again we were going to replace it with a residential one and that is still the plan.
But now we get to the good part. Alan told us about a fan he installed in his RV fridge that totally changed things. He said he turned the fridge down from 5 to 3 and everything kept colder longer. He didn't have to defrost it nearly as often and on and on about how good it was. We were impressed and decided if  all was true it would be worth doing. So we ordered one and we installed it last Wednesday. It is a bit of a deal to install and takes time, patience and a bit of study. But if a person is handy at all and Butch certainly is, it is a piece of cake. We had been running ours on 5 and we are down to 3 and may need to go lower if possible. Our temp is staying steady at 32 degrees but not freezing. Last night we had to use an ice cream scoop instead of a spoon to dish out ice cream. Whoo Hoo we are impressed!  is where we ordered it. They are based in Oklahoma. Very helpful if you call.

Before installation
After installation

Ours is a Norcold. Any questions, just ask.

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