Thursday, December 08, 2016

Left feet

A year or two ago I purchased a "pair" of shoes from a bargain table. I packed them to bring last year knowing I was going to need to break them out soon. So the time came, and I opened the box only to find I had two LEFT shoes!! What does a person do with 2 left shoes? Unable to find a woman who wears a size 8 shoe and missing a right foot, I decided to donate them to the craft ladies. Mary Bruun suggested I plant flowers in them but I gave up on those shoes a year ago and had no plans for getting them back. So fast-forward to this morning and this is what I found by my door! It was a pleasant surprise and I have a suspicion it was placed there by Mary B. Thanks, Mary!
The geranium was a volunteer I rescued the day before we left from my northern garden. It has "flowered" in its southern home. And now there is a left-foot with cactus keeping it company.

The second left foot appeared on Donn and Peggy's doorstep.

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