Friday, January 10, 2014

Some things we learned...

Here is the up-to-date list of things we discovered about some members of our Magnolia Family. Since we have talked about this subject for a spell we may search for a new question for next week.
What can you tell us about yourself that might surprise people if they knew?

Mary Bruun: Mary said that for many years she was an assistant librarian. This might not be too surprising unless you also know that Mary is very outspoken and not at all quiet!

Peggy Gordon: Maiden name Margaret Anne McCaffrey, an Irish lass. Peg grew up in Brooklyn and did not learn to drive until she married Donn and moved to Iowa. I might add that Peggy is an excellent driver.

Susan Van Houweling: She shared with us that her first job lasted one day. Her boss was in an accident so the shop she opened was closed. End of job.

Carolle Shymanski shared with us that she was not easy to get close to as a friend but once you are established as a friend she is extremely loyal.

Kay Stilson: For many years Kay had a job as a manager selling advertising and was required to dress up for work. At her retirement party they gave her sweat pants and she has sworn to never wear high heels or hose the rest of her life.

So give this question some thought and if you care to share what might surprise us about you, please let me know and we will share it too thus getting to know each other better.

Erv Hagen: About 10 years ago Erv got a flying lesson going 60 MPH when his motorcycle hit a deer;

Janet Rader: While stationed in New Ulm Germany Janet was an OT Priority Clerk for Persian Nuclear missiles. She was classified.

Leroy Misfeldt was born on May 30th, 1934 in South Dakota and the temperature was 117 degrees! Read that one twice -117 degrees in South Dakota! And a record was set.

Phyllis Branstetter: Was a hairdresser

Elaine Misfeldt: was the only girl in her class for 12 years.
Don Louks: Used to have brown hair. He started balding at about 21

Chris Pearce: Used to be a truck stop waitress

Butch Brooker: Was a  fastpitch softball pitcher- and can still throw a ball underhanded hard enough to hurt.

Dorothy Wendt: Has two!
1.Worked for an accounts receivable company where she converted U. S. currency to foreign currency and vice versa.
2.While in 4-H she had a Grand Champion steer at the state fair.

Irma Johnson: Learned her stenography skills such as short hand while in high school and uses those skills even today. Particularly each month at our association meetings whereby she is taking her secretarial notes in shorthand.

Chet Johnson was the nail driving champion several years in a row at Wisconsin’s Clark County fair. The prize was a pair of Red Wing work shoes.

Del Wiese: In his earlier years Del used to race chuck wagons and Ben Hur type chariots.
Del gave me this info last Tuesday...and then on Saturday I talked to Larry Ergan!

Larry Ergan: He and Noreen were members of a saddle club. He made a chariot out of a 55 gallon barrel with wide tires but found out that was too much for the ponies  to pull them so they switched to 30 gallon barrels and used golf cart tires..
The only race he ever won was the beer race. They would ride to the other end, get out of the chariot, drink a short beer, get back in the chariot and return to the other end. He won because his ponies would stay put for him while he drank the beer. They entertained at half time shows during rodeo’s and they drew numbers to see who would take the spill.

Noreen Ergan: In the early 80’s  for St. Cloud Minn centennial celebration the saddle club re-enacted the pioneer days with real covered wagons outfitted as they would have been in pioneer days. They were on the road so to speak for 4 days and 3 nights. Noreen was not at all happy with the sleeping arrangements in the 3 foot wide covered wagon. A little too cozy for her liking.

Marty Harper: She worked for Rockwell International in Cedar Rapids Iowa  building instruments for the cockpits of Boeing Aircraft. As well as auto-landing instruments, the black boxes recovered after crashes, GPS’s for the army and space shuttle instruments. It was technical work and she was always proud of the work she did.

Don Harper: As a hobby he raced stock cars for many years. Rollovers always excited the crowds. Then he took up horse racing; raising, breaking and training quarter horses for many years. He was Iowa State quarter horse champion in 1986. He raced all over the midwest; Hastings NE, Paducah Kentucky, Shakopee, Minn, Canton Ohio. Springfield IL and various locations in Iowa. Their son Andy, who was much lighter in weight than he is now was a jockey for them. Don also proclaims to be a Professional Bull “Shooter”

Leo Tschetter: Leo had been a fan of Paul Harvey, a national radio personality, for many years.
On one of his broadcasts he told of a student somewhere in the south who had a perfect attendance record with only two months left of the school year. If he made it two more months he would have made it through grade school and high school never missing a day of school.
Leo wrote to Paul Harvey and told him that he also had a perfect attendance record for all his school years, although many years earlier.
In addition he went home for lunch every day because his school did not have a school lunch program. It was a 10 block walk across the tracks.

Later when he was attending a principal’s convention in Sioux Falls, Paul Harvey read his letter on his broadcast. He did not happen to hear it but several of his friends told him about it. The Sioux Falls Argus Leader also reported it.
Mr. Harvey sent him a transcript of the program.
Leo was blessed with good health never having mumps, measles, chicken pox, flu or any other childhood disease.

Blanche Tschetter: Blanche attended a one room rural school for grades 1-8. She also taught in a rural school for two years. One of Blanche’s students, Judy,  was physically handicapped and could not use her hands. Judy’s father made her a platform type desk with an easel, so she could use her toes to write. Judy also wore braces on both her legs so she could walk. The right brace had to be removed to enable her to write with her toes.
Judy was a brilliant child and won the Sioux Falls Argus Leaders spelling contest on two occasions.

Trivia: Back in the 1800s, composer Franz Liszt was worshiped like a rock star. In fact, he received so many requests for locks of his hair that he eventually bought a dog, only to snip off patches of its fur to send to his admirers.

Barb Brooker: She won $250 in S & H green stamps on a TV Game show called “You Don’t Say” in 1965. In 1965 $250 was a nice sum of money.

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