Friday, January 17, 2014

Full and Busy Days

If you sit and twiddle your thumbs in this park then you are either content to do so or you are not trying. There are so many events happening that you could find yourself far too busy far too easily if you are so inclined.
I want to thank Deon for keeping people informed. I appreciate the help. Things can slip through my fingers. I planned to defrost my fridge the other day before going to the store. Those two chores did get done but they were done out of order. Neighbor Peg loaned me a bit of room in her freezer to put my ice cream while the defrosting took place.

I just now looked out the window at the full and beautiful South Texas moon and it is a full one. No wonder I am feeling a bit off kilter.

Smileycons! Smileycons! Smileycons! Smileycons! Smileycons! Smileycons! Smileycons! Smileycons! Smileycons!

Pictures for the directory need to be taken ASAP if you want a new one or if you are new to the park. If we do not get  a new one we will use an old one or you will become stick people. Please get a new one. Stick people are very sad looking,

I will be in Allen Hall to take pictures next Tuesday before and after coffee hour and your last chance will be the night of the Steak Fry on Thursday January 23rd. 
See how deftly I slipped that double commercial in there!

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